Welcome to another monthly online income report! 

You might be here because you wondering, “how much money do youtubers make” or, “how I make money on YouTube”, which is what I love telling people about!

I’m calling it a online income report since it not only incorporates this blog’s eventual income but also YouTube earnings and all sorts of outlets. Having several sources of online income growing at the same time makes sense to me in case one ever disappears.

Motivation to rebuild my online income is at an all time high after going back to working full time hours. Funny how working more at work makes me want to work more with my Youtube channel.

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Why Share An Online Income Report

A couple months ago I decided to take my online presence seriously after years of just being a hobby blogger and then not interacting online at all for several years.

During that time of blogging on and off I watched other bloggers like Pinch of Yum, Busy Budgeter, Just A Girl And Her Blog, post monthly blog income reports where they grew from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars a month. I realized if they could do it, why couldn’t I? Even if I only made it to a couple of thousand dollars a month, how would that change our lives?

Currently I’m nowhere near a full time income. I started tracking my income with a rough monthly range of $300-$500 per month and hope to grow that amount to better help support my family.

This is a process for me as I reorganize, refocus, and build from a place where my blogging was abandoned for a couple years. If nothing else, I want to see what I can do and how working with video is different than the blogging model.

I don’t know how long I’ll be doing these, but I’d at least like to chronicle the experience while I’m focused on earning enough extra income to pay for new expenses like daycare!

Previous Income Reports

If you’re interested in past income reports, you can see my last few here:

Online Income Reports – Pennies Not Perfection

I like sharing these numbers to show small YouTubers what is possible with a channel that isn’t huge or growing by hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a year. While that would be amazing, it is possible to still earn income as a small channel.

Seeing these numbers in this format helps me to see the growth I’ve already had and inspires me to keep growing.

I plan to grow a blog/website around my channel as well and hopefully these income report numbers inspire anyone looking to grow from humble beginnings online.

September Online Income 

Here’s my earnings broken down by type with the sources listed below:

  • Affiliate Marketing: $219.53
  • Advertising: $89.96

Total Income: $309.49

I started these reports with the money I received in my account for the month but I realized that’s not very helpful as an earning report mainly because every source of income pays at a different time. Some pay earnings two weeks later, some pay the next month, and others are delayed 90 days.

It makes the most sense to me to actually track what I earned in a month regardless of when the company would actually pay me. I’ve decided to do that instead so I’m able to see what I’m earning month to month and make changes quickly based on what is working and growing.

Goals For October

What I’m planning for October:

  • Continue to add content
  • Continue making YouTube videos which are a source of revenue, source of traffic, and just interesting to do!
  • Focus on adding and improving images in posts for Pinterest to grow traffic from Pinterest.
  • Produce 1-2 blog posts per week. This seems to be a sustainable pace considering my limited free time with full time work and baby duties.

Eventually I’d like to work ahead and get posts ready to publish weeks or months in advance but currently I’m working mainly on fixing and improving what already exists.

What Didn’t Work Well 

In September my Amazon earnings dropped to their lowest amount in many years. Unfortunately that is one of the downsides of affiliate earnings – when the program makes changes or your site’s traffic changes then so do your earnings.

I’m not abandoning Amazon affiliate income since I personally buy almost everything on Amazon and find it a valuable resource for pointing out where to buy things. But I do plan to find other affiliate programs for products I love and support and promote those more.

Time management is going to be key and is not something I handled well in September. I’m learning how limited my time really is with full time work and a baby and a social life so I’m having to work on this project in the margins. I’m kicking myself for not working on things in the past when I had all the free time in the world!

What Worked Well

Content creation has gone well despite limited time! I managed to create YouTube videos every week. Creating videos in limited time frames can be very difficult but I’m happy to say I squeezed in content creation where I could.

I also want to share some of the content that performed well.

Popular YouTube videos on my channel last month:

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