Ways To Support

I create A LOT of free content to help people manage their money and make more money.

Sometimes I’ll get requests from my community about how they can help support this content creation. If you want to help support me or the overall Pennies Not Perfection community, here are a few ways to do it!

Buy A Product

Instead of selling education online like many people do, I’ve chosen to educate freely and sell products and tools instead. This method won’t earn me as much money as gatekeeping knowledge but it’s the path I’m happier to pursue.

If you’d like to support my free content, please purchase a product. You can browse my shop here.

You can also search Pennies Not Perfection on Etsy and find most of the same products.

You can purchase a variety of printables in my shop. I put a lot of time and thought into the products I create and appreciate every purchase.

Buy Me A Coffee

I use Buy Me A Coffee as a platform for tips. I love the one time tip system so people can tip me based on a single good experience or piece of content.

You can buy me a coffee here.

All tips and membership income go toward my monthly mortgage payoff goal.

Become A Member

I offer several different membership style ways to participate in the community.

All tips and membership income go toward my monthly mortgage payoff goal and providing cash & gift card blessings for members as well.

Send A Tip

Maybe you don’t want to sign up for a new platform but still want to send a tip for a piece of content that really helped you.

Feel free to send any tips to me via these apps:

  • Venmo: @marypennies
  • Cash App: $marypennies

I’m happy to accept tips for my content if you feel led to do so. All tips and membership income go toward my monthly mortgage payoff goal.

Use My Referral Links

When you use my referral links or affiliate links I make a commission for you signing up at no additional cost to you. This is one of my favorite ways to make money online because I get to share the things I love to use and get paid for doing so.

If there is a financial app or software system you want to use that you learned about from me, please use my link. It’s a free way to help support Pennies Not Perfection.

Share A Video Or Blog Post

Sharing my content helps more than you know! If you want to help support me and the community please share content with your friends and family.

You could share a helpful tutorial or one of the Transfer Tuesday videos. You could pin one of my guides on this website or share it on social media. Anything helps!

Share Your Experience

If you have used my printables or learned something from my videos, please share it! Share on social media and tag my account. I’m on most major social media platforms as penniesnotperfection.

You can also send me these posts to [email protected].

Even beyond monetary support these are the things that fulfill me the most and keep me going. I love to help people and seeing your posts is the best support I could ever receive.