• How To Create Affiliate Links On Impact

    How To Create Affiliate Links On Impact (Affiliate Marketing Tutorial)

    Many creators use affiliate marketing to supplement ad revenue for good reason: it’s an amazing income stream! Impact.com is one of the best affiliate marketing networks for creators and this tutorial shows how to create affiliate links on Impact.com. Have you signed up for Impact to earn affiliate commissions yet? Join for free and see […]

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  • 30+ YouTube Video Ideas For Kids

    Since I became a full time YouTube creator my 4 year old daughter wants to be a YouTuber too. I’m waiting until she is a little bit older but I’ve mapped out lots of YouTube video ideas for kids that she can eventually make. Does your child want to create YouTube videos too? If so […]

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  • How To Set Up A Pinterest Business Account

    How To Set Up A Pinterest Business Account

    Setting up a Pinterest account for my business was one of the first things I did when I started working full time on my online business. I learned how to set up a Pinterest business account, outsourced my pin creation, and starting building traffic. Pinterest can drive massive amounts of traffic to your business so […]

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  • Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas (With Examples)

    Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas (NO VOICE TOO!) With EXAMPLES

    Want to start a YouTube channel without showing your face? These faceless YouTube channel ideas can get you started. Even better? Most require no voice either! Being a YouTube star can be a dream for many people, but a nightmare for others because not everyone wants to be recognized. Since YouTube can create massive income […]

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  • Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing (How To Choose)

    Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing (How To Choose)

    Selecting the best niche for affiliate marketing is critical to your online business success. If you choose a niche that is not profitable, you will quickly become frustrated and give up. On the other hand, if you select a niche that’s too competitive, you may find it challenging to get ahead. So how do you […]

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  • 45+ Money Affirmations That Work For Financial Abundance

    Money Affirmations That Work For Financial Abundance

    Need a little boost in your financial journey? Sometimes you just need to work on your mindset. These positive money affirmations can help you improve your mindset and bring about financial abundance in your life. In this post we look at the money affirmations that work for building positive money mindsets. They can help you […]

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  • Passive Income Ideas for Students

    Passive Income Ideas for Students

    As a student, you’re probably looking for ways to make some extra money. And if you’re like most people, you want to find a way that doesn’t require too much work. Why else would you be searching for passive income ideas for students? Passive income is a great way to make money without putting in […]

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  • Best Cash Back Apps To Save Money

    best cash back apps to save money

    Getting money back for things you already plan to buy is one of the most satisfying things in the world. It’s an easy way to automate every day savings. Here I’m sharing the best cash back apps I personally use to save money. Using cash back apps has been the best way I save money […]

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  • Dave Ramsey Budget Percentages (2022)

    Dave Ramsey Budget Percentages

    When I first started budgeting, I followed the Dave Ramsey approach. Years later I still think the Dave Ramsey budget percentages and debt payoff advice is worth using. If you’re new to budgeting and feel overwhelmed, consider starting with a plan like Dave Ramsey’s. There are many personal finance and budgeting opinions out there but […]

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