4 Lessons From One Debt Free Year

lessons from living a debt free lifestyle

Over a year ago I paid off all my debt and embarked on living life without debt. After living a debt free lifestyle for the last year I’ve learned several lessons I want to share with you. Debt Free Lifestyle Lessons After the past year I’ve learned a few lessons about living with zero debt. … Read more

Personal and Financial Goals for 2023

money goals counting money to pay for big goals

Every year I like to set a few personal and financial goals in order to set a guide for the year. Some years I’ve hit all my goals. Other years? I’ve missed the mark on the majority. Here’s how the goals for 2023 break down: Personal Goals I decided to set three personal goals this … Read more

Top Things to Know Before Opening a Roth IRA

Top Things to Know Before Opening a Roth IRA

Are you considering opening a Roth IRA? These powerful retirement accounts can help you save for retirement and become tax-free millionaires, but there are a few things you should know before opening an account. A few things you need to consider: Not in the mood to watch the Roth IRA video? Keep reading for the … Read more

Christmas Shopping On A Budget (You CAN Do It!)

Christmas spending derails many budgets but with you can have a debt free and stress free Christmas this year. Christmas shopping on a budget is possible with some planning and organization. I love Christmas and I love gift giving. It’s my love language. But it also created massive bills and post-holiday anxiety in the past. … Read more