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  • Review – A Free Kajabi Alternative?

    Action over perfection is the key to starting and growing an online business. In this review we look at how this incredible software tool helps people take action building an online business. Review | Create Marketing Funnels In Minutes

    After several years of working with people who want to build income online I’ve learned the the ones who succeed are the ones who take action rather than worrying about things like software.

    The best way to start an online business is to do it quickly and keep things focused on a single idea. Picking one potential profitable idea and building out your business to test that idea is the best way to find out if it’s worth pursuing. Allowing yourself to get distracted by multiple ideas and multiple tools is the reason why many quit before they ever start. review

    To start quickly and validate your ideas you’ll want to avoid the pitfalls of fiddling with software and getting distracted by multiple tools. offers an opportunity to do this with their simple, affordable, and intuitive online business building tool. provides entrepreneurs with everything they need to launch and grow their businesses totally for free. They make it easy to get started for 0 dollars while also building a foundation that can grow as you scale your business.

    In this review we will look at what is, who it can help, and why it might be the perfect all-in-one business software for you.

    Curious if this is the all-in-one solution you’ve been looking for? Keep reading this review!

    The Entrepreneur Software Problem

    Software is a necessary part of building any business and it is crucial for building an online business.

    However, many people get so caught up in the dozens of separate software tools that they never get their business off the ground. It’s too complex and drags down potential entrepreneurs. was created to solve this problem by combining all the tools you need for a successful online business into one software.

    It eliminates the need for complex integrations, confusing links between platforms, and multiple expensive subscriptions each month.

    Like many online business owners, the founder of used separate software for everything in his business. For each task he had to use a different software and realized the time he used for each of these added up to a huge commitment.

    Building his email list, creating sales funnels, sending emails, managing affiliates – it all required different software that then required complicated integrations between them.

    He started to scale his business and realized the variety of cobbled together software made it difficult to focus on growth. This sparked the idea to create one software tool with all the needed features under one roof that was also easy-to-use and affordable. was born as the solution to this problem.

    Best Features provides online entrepreneurs with everything needed to launch and grow a businesses totally for free. All of the powerful marketing tools you would purchase from other companies are included in this one tool.

    With, you can build sales funnels, send automated emails, create and manage online courses, run affiliate programs, set up a website, and automate almost every aspect of your business. review

    While you will eventually want to build out all of these, you are able to get up and running with and your first funnel in under 20 minutes.

    Here are some examples of things you can do with

    • Create opt-in/squeeze pages, websites, and sales funnels with the easy-to-use visual editor
    • Build email lists and send unlimited emails, using the integrated automated emailing tool
    • Add 1-click upsells and order bumps with the payment page editor
    • Create and manage your own affiliate program to increase sales
    • Host membership sites with unlimited members for recurring revenue
    • Build and sell your own online courses
    • Manage subscriptions and installment payments
    • Have all your invoices automatically generated advertises as an “all-in-one” tool and it is clear from the features and tools included that they have tried to include everything you need to begin and run your online business.

    They consider their software a Swiss army knife for entrepreneurs – you’ll be able to do everything you need to do with just one item.

    Need to do any of these things for your business? Try the free plan to start building your business.

    Who Should Use is perfect for anyone wanting to run an online business without learning and paying for multiple different tools. It’s ideal for someone who wants to get started immediately testing out their online business ideas. is perfect in these situations:

    • when you want an all in one online business and marketing tool
    • when you want to get up and running quickly
    • if you don’t have much money to get started
    • if you aren’t technical and don’t want to fiddle with complicated systems

    It’s great for all different types of people:

    • bloggers
    • video creators
    • marketers
    • entrepreneurs
    • coaches
    • service providers
    • digital product sellers
    • physical product sellers
    • beginners who want to create a business

    It’s a great tool that can be used by dreamers or by seasoned professionals in multiple industries. For my review I looked at the tool mainly from the lens of someone who is currently a content creator but is new to building funnels and creating the business behind the content. Review | Create Marketing Funnels In Minutes Review: Pros & Cons

    I like to always include a very balanced review of products I use in videos and here on the blog. I’m a firm believer that there is no perfect tool and everything will have some flaws. However, with I realized that it got very close to perfect for someone wanting a free all-in-one online business builder. Advantages:

    • All in one tool that keeps all your work in one place without switching between platforms.
    • Easy to use for non technical people.
    • Lots of tutorials and videos on how to use from the team.
    • Helps entrepreneurs focus on what works with proven templates and effective design and marketing techniques.
    • Removes tech headaches that often come from having to use multiple platforms and get them to interact with each other properly.
    • No need to know code or how to edit things beyond a simple click and drag and drop system.
    • has a very active facebook group, lots of posts and people getting questions answered and people discussing how to use the tools in the best way possible. Disadvantages:

    • The free plan doesn’t include your own domain, so you won’t have the strong branding from the jump… but this does allow you to get started quickly and you can upgrade the domain if things start to work
    • It was a bit overwhelming when I first logged in after signing up. There is so much you can do with your account that it can be too overwhelming without a guide unless you take time to watch the training tutorials.
    • Design ability is limited to the templates they already have. You can customize those but it’s still a limited selection.
    • There is no integration with external tools and services. If you are already using any tools that you love it will be hard to integrate that into your workflow. It’s truly designed to be an all in one solution.
    • Beginners will need to spend time going through all the features and tinkering with them in order to get the most out of the tool. While it is easy to use there will be a time commitment to learning how to effectively set things up. Review: Pricing

    I’ve mentioned the free plan several times in this review, but it is worth looking at the other pricing plans as well.

    The lowest tier plan starts at $27 per month and the highest tier plan is $97 per month.

    This is an absolute steal in terms of what is offered with the software. Many of the features included cost this much from single service provider tools.

    Competitors like Kajabi charge a minimum of $119 per month for their basic plans. Free Kajabi alternatives have been unheard of which makes the free plan at an amazing opportunity.

    The main selling point for from other plans is definitely the cost. They are by far the most affordable of this type of software options with the lowest paid plan being just $27 per month. The fact that they have a free plan at all blows their competition out of the water in this aspect.

    It gives people the lowest possible barrier to entry with the free forever plan and a lower priced tier plan.

    Most people starting a business are short on time and money. If this is the situation you are in then you should definitely try out

    How to Get Started With

    Let’s look at how to get started with using this awesome free tool.

    Step #1: Sign up for an account

    You can start with any plan level at, including the free plan.

    To sign up for an account just click the “Get Started For Free” button at the top of the website. In the popup you’ll enter your email address and click the button to continue.

    You will receive and email with a confirmation link. Click that link and create a password when prompted. That’s all you need to set up a new account for free!

    You’ll land in your new dashboard and now you are ready to set up funnels, create email campaigns, build your website, sell products, offer coupons, run a/b tests and more.

    Step #2: Create a funnel

    Everything in is build around the power of creating funnels. It connects all the other parts – the pages, products, membership sites, automations. It all comes back to the funnel! This is what guides your customer journey and the thing that you’ll build your business on.

    So let’s look at how easy it is to actually create a funnel with this software.

    I’m admittedly a funnel beginner as I’ve mainly built a business around other strategies. In this case creating a funnel as a beginner is a great way to test this tool.

    To create a funnel you click the funnels tab and the the new button.

    Step #3: Choose a template

    The next step is choosing a template for your funnel. The template you choose for your funnel will depend entirely on your goal. makes it very easy to choose the right template based on goals. They have created designs specifically for certain goals so you’ll automatically see certain templates based on what type of funnel you are creating.

    Once you choose a template, will automatically create all the funnel pages you need.

    That’s right, it’s so easy they create the whole funnel for you and you just have to tweak it!

    The number of funnel pages created will depend on the goal you are trying to accomplish. It will include things like the sales pages, thank you pages, and any other funnel pages needed.

    Step #4: Design your page

    After creating your funnel, it is time to design and customize it. In this step you’ll adjust the design and add your own content to the template.

    The designs are somewhat limited which is great to keep you focused on what matters: the content and the customer journey.

    There is plenty of flexibility with the design so you can customize it to allow your brand and unique message to come through when someone visits.

    Step #5: Create the follow-up steps

    After designing and customizing the funnel pages you will then need to decide what happens after someone takes action in your funnel.

    This step will depend on the type of funnel you created. If they signed up for a free download and you captured their email then you could add a tag and trigger for an email campaign to automatically send the download link.

    This is where you will think through and focus on the customer journey they will be taking with your content. What would they expect to happen next? What. would benefit them the most? Focus on your customer journey and creating the experience that will connect them to your brand.

    Go through the process and test to make everything works. Then do it again with the eyes of the customer and ask yourself – does their experience represent our brand?

    Step #6: Go live with your funnel

    The final step in this process is to launch the funnel and start sharing it with potential customers.

    Once your funnel is live your customers will interact with it and then automatically be added to your backend.

    Now all you have to do is promote your funnel! You can do that by sharing on social media, creating blog content, running ads or more. Your goal should be to bring as many potential customers as possible to your funnels.

    Step #7: Keep on building

    Bringing traffic to your funnel is the final step but it’s also one that is ongoing.

    You’ll want to constantly bring people over and see how they interact with the funnel. What works? What doesn’t? Is the offer enticing? Do they sign up or not? Then you can make changes to improve the funnel and the customer experience based on this feedback.

    As you grow your experience and comfort level with the software you’ll be able to build out more funnels with more complexity. You’ll also add in other items like SEO blog content, and email campaigns.

    Sounds good? Try our for free and start building your business. Review Final Thoughts

    I like to always include a very balanced review of products I use in videos and here on the blog. In this review I tried to include both the positives and negatives I saw with this software tool. While I found it pretty powerful and a great solution to certain problems, there were also limitations.

    I’m a firm believer that there is no perfect tool and everything will have some flaws. However, with I realized that it got very close to perfect for someone wanting a free all-in-one online business builder. is a simple, affordable, and intuitive online business building tool for anyone who is looking to grow their online business

    I’d recommend it highly to anyone starting from scratch that wants to save money while building a business using online tools.

    Remember that there is no perfect software out there. You can read reviews and watch tutorials forever and never find it. The best tool is the one you pick and stick with. The one you learn to use. The best tool is the one that makes you take action. After creating this review I realize that this tool helps people take action, which makes it a winner.

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  • YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face And Voice

    Being a YouTube star can be a dream for many people, but a nightmare for others. Since YouTube can create massive income it is still a great platform to create content even if you are camera shy. With that in mind here are some of the best YouTube channel ideas without showing your face and voice.

    You might not want to be YouTube famous but you can still create an amazing side hustle income with this method!

    No Face No Voice YouTube Channel Ideas For Making Money

    Best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face & Voice

    Here are some of the best YouTube channel ideas you can create while still staying anonymous and not showing your face or sharing your voice:

    Compilation YouTube Channels

    Compilations are ideal for someone who wants to make YouTube videos without showing their face or using their voice. It’s great because you will be using other people’s content to make compilation videos on certain topics. These channels can be very successful and get a ton of watch time but be careful about the legalities of using someone else’s content. There are copyright issues to watch out for with this style.

    DIY YouTube Channels

    You can create DIY videos showing the project with a focus on your hands. With these videos you can add text instructions or leave out the instructions so people have to watch the video. You can also add over music to make the videos more appealing.

    Meditation YouTube Channels

    Mediation and relaxation channels are a fantastic option for anyone who wants to make YouTube videos with no faces or voices involved. These channels are all about videos that create relaxation with calming music over top of beautiful videos. You can get both of these from royalty free commercial free sites or pay to get the music and video footage as well.

    Review YouTube Channels

    Review channels are popular and great for search traffic. Since you are reviewing a product the focus should be on the product – not you or your face. This makes these videos ideal for not showing your face. You can pay for a voiceover, use automated voice tools, or use text and music.

    Software Tutorial YouTube Channels

    Learning how to use software can be difficult and is often best learned via video. This make a software tutorial YouTube channel a great option for someone who wants to make a successful and profitable channel without being on camera. You can guide users through how to use software using a screen sharing program.

    Top Ten Video YouTube Channels

    Top ten videos are a great way to create faceless content on YouTube. These videos can be set to music or have a narrator doing voiceover explaining the items. You can hire a voice actor to do narrations if you don’t want to do it yourself. These channels can earn you a lot of money if you do them in

    Tutorial YouTube Channels

    Similar to teaching your audience how to use software you can create tutorials on just about anything. Because tutorials are about how to accomplish something it does not matter what you look like or what voice is used to explain.

    Want more ideas? Get inspired by this list of 40 Faceless YouTube Video Ideas.

    No Face Video Ideas

    How To Create A YouTube Channel Without Showing Your Face And Voice

    Creating a channel around videos that don’t show your face or voice is possible but can be challenging. The best YouTube channel ideas without showing your face and voice will require more work to create than a sit down talking head style video.

    Here are some steps to planning this type of channel:

    1. Write a list of potential video ideas you could do.
    2. Find the themes in these video ideas to determine your niche.
    3. Decide where you will get the video footage you will use – will it be something you gather or create?
    4. Decide if your videos will need to use someone else’s voice or just need music.
    5. Pull together your footage and voiceovers or music to edit together videos.
    6. Sign up for Tubebuddy to research keywords and create compelling video descriptions.
    7. Publish your videos and start promoting your channel.

    YouTube Channel Growth Resources

    If you are serious about creating, growing, and scaling a YouTube channel without your face or voice you need to invest in tools and systems. This is a business for many of the people creating similar channels and you have the best chance of success if you do the same.

    Here are some resources that you can use to create these videos and grow your channel:

    hire freelancers to make videos for the best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face & Voice
    Hire Freelancers For Creating Videos Without Your Face and Voice

    Fiverr – Hire freelancers to help edit your videos, create voiceovers, film footage, and more. You can create an entire channel using Fiverr freelancers and several specialize in creating these types of faceless, voiceless channels.

    Pexels – This site gives your royalty free, copyright free photos and videos you can use to put together videos. If you want to do a faceless YouTube channel where you are not creating the video footage yourself this can be golden.

    use Tubebuddy to make videos for the best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face & Voice
    Research Video Topics With Tubebuddy

    TubeBuddy – TubeBuddy is an all around tool helpful especially for SEO research and creating optimized videos that rank in search. It’s the ideal tool to use for video channels that will be faceless and not rely on a personality to build them.

    Plan your videos to make the best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face & Voice
    YouTube Success Planner | Printable Guide To YouTube Content & Channel Success

    YouTube Success Planner – This YouTube planner includes everything in the video planner and goes more in depth on how to grow your channel, how to monetize your videos, and how to track your success.

    Hopefully this helps you grow a cash creating YouTube channel without showing your face or voice!

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  • How To Change Your Etsy Shop Name

    If you want to know how to change your Etsy shop name then this is the post for you.

    It’s actually a very easy process you can do in under two minutes and Etsy takes care of all the backend work when you change your Etsy shop name (THANK GOODNESS).

    Change Etsy Shop Name Video Tutorial

    How To Change Your Etsy Shop Name

    Changing your shop name on Etsy is easy.

    Follow these steps to change your name:

    1. On, click Shop Manager
    2. Click Settings
    3. Select and click Info & Appearance
    4. Click Change next to Shop name
    5. Enter your new shop name
    6. Click Save

    Here are some things to know about your Etsy shop name:

    • Shop names can be up to 20 characters long
    • Shop names can’t have spaces or punctuation
    • You can capitalize letters in your shop name to distinguish separate words
    • Your shop name becomes part of your shop URL which will look like &

    Reasons To Change Your Etsy Shop Name

    There are a number of reasons why you would want to change your Etsy shop name:

    • you picked a temporary Etsy shop name when you started
    • your business or brand name is changing
    • you want to include a keyword for better SEO
    • you want a more memorable shop name – and more!

    There are many reasons why you might want to change Etsy shop names.

    Things To Know About Changing Names

    When you change your the name for your shop you’ll need to know a few things:

    There are name change limits.

    Once your shop is open you can change your name up to five times. After that you can’t use this process and you’ll need to contact Etsy support. If you need another change you can use the same form to submit a name change request that will go to Etsy Support who will review the request.

    Try to spend time on your Etsy shop name before the change so you don’t have to do the process multiple times.

    Shop names can’t be used twice.

    Because Etsy updates URLs and has a complicated system, once a shop name has been used on a shop then it can’t be used again. Shop names can be connected to closed shops or shops that have changed names. Once a shop name is used it is used for good.

    You won’t be able to use a shop name on another account of yours even if you closed that account and shop. The only way to re-use a shop name is to reopen your shop.

    You have options to get your legal name.

    If you are trying to open your shop with your business name but it is already taken you have some options. If you hold the intellectual property rights for your chosen shop name via a trademark then you can take action.

    The first step is to contact the user that has your shop name. You can also file a notice of intellectual property infringement. You will have to contact Etsy support about the name after this since a notice does not free up the name for use on its own.

    Keep Learning About Etsy

    Selling on Etsy can be life-changing. It has created steady passive income for me each month that pays for multiple bills. The potential of selling on Etsy is truly amazing.

    You can learn more about selling on Etsy with these tips and tutorials:

    changing your etsy shop name

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  • How To Make A Coupon Code On Etsy

    Using Etsy sales and coupons can help you make more sales and earn more money on Etsy. In order to do this we will look at how to make a coupon code on Etsy.

    Etsy Sales Tutorial

    This video tutorial shares how to make a coupon code on Etsy.

    It also covers multiple ways to run Etsy sales:

    • the different sales and coupons you can create on Etsy
    • the targeted offers you can use to make more sales on Etsy
    • how to create a coupon code for more sales on Etsy

    In my Etsy shop for digital products I often run a sale for a percentage off sales each month. I also love creating Etsy coupon codes for specific groups like my YouTube channel audience.

    How To Make Coupon Codes On Etsy

    Are you ready to make a coupon code for your Etsy shop? Let’s get started with these step by step instructions.

    Here’s how to make a coupon code on Etsy:

    1. Sign in to Etsy and click the Your Account icon.
    2. Click Shop Manager and go to your shop backend.
    3. Click the Marketing link in the left side menu.
    4. Select the Sales and Coupons link that pops up in the secondary menu.
    5. Click the Create coupon button in the pop up screen.
    6. Select the coupon type you’d like to offer shoppers: free standard shipping, percentage off, or fixed amount off.
    7. For percentage off you can offer any percentage off the price of items in your shop.
    8. To do a fixed amount off you can offer a fixed dollar amount off the price of items in your shop.
    9. For free standard shipping, you can offer free shipping so the buyer won’t pay a shipping fee. This type of coupon is shop wide automatically but you can choose to offer it only on domestic orders.
    10. Choose minimum order to qualify – select whether there is a minimum number of items to buy (quantity), a minimum amount to spend (order total) or no minimum to qualify for the sale.
    11. Select whether the coupon will be sent as a thank you to existing buyers or not once orders are complete.
    12. Choose duration – you can select the duration of the coupon code beginning with the start date and this type of sale does not require an end date.
    13. Customize your coupon code – give your coupon code a name that shoppers can use to enter to get the discount. You’ll also get a URL with this code name included that you can share to automatically apply the discount.

    When you create a coupon for your Etsy shop you can share it with specific shoppers or with your email list or social media accounts to drive sales.

    Reasons To Use Etsy Coupon Codes

    Now that you know how to make coupon codes on Etsy, why should you create them? What are the benefits?

    Let’s look at some reasons why you might want to use a coupon code for your Etsy shop:

    • Buyer love deals. Etsy shoppers love good deals and they often buy the best deal they can find when shopping. Offering a coupon code to potential buyers will make your shop more attractive.
    • Builds customer loyalty. Giving a coupon code to previous buyers creates customer loyalty and brings them back to your shop again.
    • Track social media success. Creating different coupon codes for your various social media platforms will help you better understand your sales. A code “Instagram10” when sent to your Instagram audience will let you know if those followers actually convert to sales.

    Those are just a few of the reasons why you might want to make and use coupon codes on Etsy!

    How To Start An Etsy Shop

    If you’re not on Etsy yet, it’s a great platform to start on and learn how to sell digital products.

    If you want to start an Etsy shop in order to earn part time or full time income then this tutorial for beginners will help you get started! I know a lot of people who have never sold online before can feel intimidated which is why I created this tutorial on how to set up an Etsy shop step by step. It is very easy and seeing someone else do it makes it feel much easier!

    Step By Step Etsy Shop Tutorial

    You can start your shop with this link for 40 free listings to jumpstart your shop without having to waste money on those first listings.

    Keep Learning About Etsy

    Selling on Etsy can change your life and create a full time income for you. I know several people who make much more money selling on Etsy than they ever did in a 9 to 5 job. The potential is truly amazing.

    You can learn more about selling on Etsy with these tips and tutorials:

    how to run an etsy sale via coupon code

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  • How To Create An Etsy Digital Product Listing

    How do you create a new digital product listing on Etsy? Watch me walk through creating an Etsy listing step by step as I make a new listing on my shop for a new digital product.

    Creating an Etsy listing isn’t hard but you want to focus on using keywords people will search for and giving Etsy as much information about your listing as possible!

    How To Create An Etsy Digital Product Listing Tutorial

    Let’s look at how to create a digital product listing on Etsy in this video tutorial.

    Etsy Listing Tutorial

    Covered in the Etsy digital listing video tutorial:

    • Etsy listing details
    • Etsy listing description
    • Phots and Videos for your Etsy listing
    • Etsy listing tags
    • Etsy listing seo
    • Keywords to use on your Etsy listing
    • Etsy listing price

    You can see this actual listing in my Etsy shop here: Digital Goal Setting Planner Printable

    In the video tutorial I mentioned using mockups in your thumbnails for digital products. My favorite place to get these is Creative Market which does free items each week too!

    Digital Product File Delivery

    A huge part of creating a digital product listing on Etsy is setting up the digital file section. Let’s look at the details and most frequently asked questions about delivering digital download files to Etsy buyers.

    Etsy File Types

    Digital files can be created in multiple file types.

    The most common will be:

    • PDF
    • JPG
    • PNG
    • SVG

    For selling printables I always recommend PDF since they are easier to print and will be the highest quality option for someone printing. You can always include multiple file types for your customer.

    If you are selling Canva templates you will handle them differently but will also upload a PDF file to your listing. You can learn more about that in this post: How To Share Canva Templates

    Naming Your Files

    Naming your digital download files doesn’t need to be complicated but it should be useful. It should also make sense to your customers.

    The best way to accomplish this with your digital product files is to name them clearly as you save them. Make sure you name them in a way that is easily identifiable so your customers can find them quickly once downloaded.

    That means you will want to change things to make it more clear to buyers and for your own organization.

    Change from:

    • IMG_2021_06_05.PDF

    To a more clear name like:

    • Spending_Tracker_Pennies_Not_Perfection.PDF

    Always include a descriptive title along with your shop’s brand name.

    This is a simple thing to do when you are creating your printables and it will help keep you and your customer organized.

    Adding Files To Your Etsy Listing

    When setting up your listing you will be able to upload 5 files with your listing. You can see how this looks on the Etsy admin side in this photo below.

    You should upload the printable files but you can also include instructions or bonuses here as well. For templates or links to bundles you can upload a file with the link and instructions.

    Customer Downloads

    When someone purchases your digital product from Etsy the files are automatically available for them to download inside their account.

    You don’t have to send any files to the customer or interact with them unless they send you a message with questions.

    After a purchase your customer will be be able to go to “Purchases and Reviews” under “Your Account”. Here they will see all the files they purchased from you.

    Then they can click the black “Download Files” button which takes them to a screen where they can download each file individually. by clicking each “Download” button.

    For a customer resource you can send them to read frequently asked questions on this post: How To Download A Digital Product On Etsy or the video below:

    Etsy Digital Item Download Instructions

    Including Download Instructions

    Even with a clear cut process of downloading digital files you will still have customers with questions. I highly recommend you create instructions for how to access and open your printables.

    Providing detailed information about how to find and download your files will help you save time and provide additional value to your customers. You can share this information in as many places as possible so they know what to expect and how to proceed with your files.

    Things you can include for your customer’s education:

    • This is a printable that is a digital file – nothing will be shipped
    • File types and size of the files
    • Ideal printing methods and information
    • Where to access files in their account
    • How to download digital files in their account
    • Any other disclaimers that are important for your shop like refund policy, commercial use policy, and color discrepancy issues

    It works best with customers to spell out as much information as possible. Then if they don’t read it and still ask questions you can quickly refer back to the original instructions.

    You can include all of this in your notes to digital buyers section and also as a downloadable pdf file that you can label either “Read First” or “Instructions”. This is an additional opportunity to include elements to reinforce your brand and build a relationship with the customer by being helpful.

    Want to keep learning?

    Selling digital products can change your life and create a full time income for you. It’s a fantastic way to monetize any online business which is why I love talking about it.

    You can learn more about selling digital products on Etsy with these tips and tutorials:

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  • How To Share Canva Templates

    One common question I get from new Canva designers creating digital products is how do you share Canva templates with customers?

    Sharing Canva templates is an easy process in your Canva pro account. These templates are a very popular digital product that sells well. With this easy process you can create templates once that can be shared and sold to many customers creating passive income for you.

    Sharing Canva Templates
    Sharing Canva Templates

    How To Make & Share Canva Templates

    In this video and post I’ll share how to create a Canva template and share the template link with your buyers.

    Canva Templates Tutorial

    Creating Canva templates is incredibly easy. You can watch the video above or follow the step by step instruction below.

    Create Canva Templates

    1. First sign up for a Canva Pro account
    2. Now open up Canva and choose the design size. (In the video example I used Instagram posts, which is a popular digital product idea for Canva templates that sell.)
    3. You can design templates at any size and in this example I chose 1080 x 1080 px for an Instagram post template
    4. Create your design from scratch using elements, text, and photo frames people can fill in when using your Canva template
    5. Change the name of your design to describe what it is for your customers and for your own organization

    Share Canva Templates

    1. Click the three dots button in the top right corner
    2. In the search bar type “Template”
    3. Select the Template icon that pops up under the search bar
    4. Click the dropdown to add a template to a folder
    5. Select the folder you want to keep this template in
    6. Or click the “+Create new” link at the bottom to create a new folder inside Canva to organize your templates for sale – I named mine “Etsy Templates For Sale” in the example
    7. Then click “Add to new folder” purple button
    8. Once the folder is selected then click the “Publish template” purple button
    9. This will publish your design as a template! Now you can either view your Canva template, continue editing, or share the template.
    10. To sell your Canva template you’ll need to share it and grab the link for your future customers
    11. You can view your template by going to the folder you created and to share you can click on the design to get the share link
    12. Or to share the template you can go to edit the original design and then click the “Share” button in the top menu
    13. In the Share dropdown you will go to the bottom drop down that says “Share a link to edit” click this and select the “Share a link to use as a template” option
    14. This will automatically create a link to the right. Click “Copy link” to copy for sharing
    15. You can then paste the link wherever you need to share it for your customers – in a pdf, in a message, on a thank you page!

    That is all you need to do in order to create, share, and sell Canva templates as a digital product.

    Sharing Canva Templates On Etsy

    Since many Canva template sellers use Etsy to sell their digital products, I’ve included the current best practices for sharing Canva templates on Etsy.

    Here’s how to share Canva templates on Etsy:

    1. Get the shareable Canva link with the instructions above
    2. Create a PDF file that contains the shareable link and instructions on how to use a Canva template
    3. Upload this PDF instruction file to Etsy as your digital product file

    This is the current process more Etsy digital product sellers use so customers will be most comfortable with it. Having the link combined with instructions helps cut down on customer service questions making the process more passive.

    If your customers need help downloading the PDF you can refer them to instructions on how to download a digital product on Etsy.

    You can use a similar process on other e-commerce websites but they generally have more flexibility in sending a link to customers directly whereas Etsy requires the roundabout method of uploading an instructions file with the Canva template link.

    Where Can You Sell Canva Templates?

    There are many places to sell Canva templates. The most popular is Etsy or on your own website.

    There are multiple places you can sell Canva templates:

    You can use one of these or list your templates in multiple places to take advantage of existing traffic on a site like Etsy.

    Want to learn more? Check out How To Sell Canva Templates

    Want to keep learning?

    Creating digital products you can sell is a wonderful online business and I enjoy sharing how to do the very same thing I’ve done to create a full time income!

    The tips and tutorials linked below will help you create digital products worth selling.

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