Every month I earn $1,500 to $2,000 on a YouTube channel without showing my face. I make useful and entertaining faceless videos that earn money every single day. I love to help others do the same which is why I’m sharing this list of faceless YouTube video ideas.

Income from faceless YouTube videos is possible!
YouTube Video Ideas That Don’t Show Your Face

Making money on YouTube without showing your face is more possible than ever. While most YouTubers are famous for being personalities, there is a huge market for faceless video content.

If you’ve been waiting to start a YouTube channel because you were worried you have to be an on camera personality then this list is for you!

Faceless YouTube Video Ideas

Below are some faceless video ideas you can make for YouTube:

  1. Product reviews
  2. Unboxing videos
  3. Compilation videos
  4. Gaming clips
  5. Gameplay videos
  6. Gaming best of videos
  7. How to gaming videos
  8. Best of video compilations
  9. Top 5 list videos
  10. Luxury example videos
  11. Life hack videos
  12. Screen-recorded tutorials
  13. Whiteboard videos
  14. Podcasts
  15. Cooking videos
  16. Crafting videos
  17. Building videos
  18. Restoration videos
  19. Meditation videos
  20. Timelapse videos
  21. Ambient point of view videos
  22. Extreme sports point of view videos
  23. Animated content
  24. Drawing content
  25. Painting timelapse
  26. Nail art how to videos
  27. Cash stuffing videos
  28. Budgeting videos
  29. Planner videos
  30. Commentary videos
  31. Meme recaps
  32. Reddit post commentary
  33. Motivational content
  34. Scary stories
  35. True crime stories
  36. Homework help videos
  37. Celebrity news
  38. Movie reviews
  39. Voice dubbing (ex: bad lip reading)
  40. Vtubers (digital avatar instead of your face)

Those are just a few of the videos you can create without having your face on camera. There are many more and new types of videos popping up all the time!

No Face No Voice YouTube Channel Ideas

Organizing Your Faceless YouTube Video Ideas

Once you start researching ideas for your videos you will be able to create a list and develop a content plan.

I created a video ideas planner based on my own experience planning my YouTube videos. I grew multiple YouTube channels using this process and was able to quit my job to do YouTube full time in 2021.

YouTube Video Ideas Planner | Video Series Planner & Checklist Printable | Video Content Ideas Planner 10
YouTube Video Ideas Planner | Video Series Planner, Organizer, Checklist Printable

The video planner walks you through multiple useful steps:

  • planning your video title, description, keywords
  • the content strategy for what your video will achieve
  • organizing your videos into useful playlists for viewers
  • a checklist for creating and promoting videos
  • video ideas to inspire your content

The planner is in PDF format and available to be used digitally or as a printable you print and use at home.

This video ideas planner is part of a larger planner that helps walk you through everything you need to have a successful YouTube channel.

YouTube Success Planner | Printable Guide To YouTube Content & Channel Success

This YouTube planner includes everything in the video planner and goes more in depth on how to grow your channel, how to monetize your videos, and how to track your success.

Finding More Faceless YouTube Video Ideas

You can do all of these YouTube video ideas on your own and the examples I’ve included show you others who are making videos without ever showing their face.

This list of no face video ideas is not comprehensive. There are many, many ways to do faceless videos on Youtube.

To find more video ideas you can do without your face showing, I recommend signing up for TubeBuddy for research.

TubeBuddy is a FREE browser extension & mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel with ease.

You can use TubeBuddy to research different niches and keyword ideas. IOnce you make a few faceless videos you can see what takes off and then use that information to start the basis of your research on TubeBuddy. Making related faceless videos is a great way to grow your channel with repeat views from subscribers.

You can also use TubeBuddy to do competitive research. When you check out other faceless YouTube channels you can see their stats when you are signed into TubeBuddy. You can learn if they are getting views or not from their faceless videos.

How To Find Stock Images & Video For Faceless Videos

There are many different types of videos you can make but some will require you pull together stock images and video. If you aren’t filming your hands or screen recording you will need to find stock footage for your videos.

Free Stock Photos & Video

Here are some places to get free stock photos and videos:

Paid Stock Photos & Videos

Here are some places where you can pay for stock photos and video:

Can you make money on YouTube without showing your face?

If you want to make money on YouTube with faceless videos then you probably are wondering if you can make it profitable. The answer is yes!

How Much Money I Made With Faceless Videos

In fact, the channel I started to make videos without showing my face actually now makes more money than my first channel. Below is a screenshot of my earnings for my faceless videos.. I made over $1,800 from videos on YouTube without ever showing my face in them! This is an average amount I earn on this channel each month.

Making Money On YouTube Without Showing Your Face

In fact, in the last year I made $23,000 just from ads on faceless videos.

That is a significant amount of money to earn just from ads without ever showing your face! Even better? That income does not even count affiliate marketing income or sponsored videos!

How To Monetize Faceless Videos

There are many ways to monetize a YouTube channel:

  • ads
  • affiliate marketing
  • digital products
  • merch / physical products
  • memberships
  • super chats
  • sponsored videos

The type of video you make and the ability to connect with or educate your audience matters much more than being on camera. I polled my audience and the majority of them said they did not care if someone was on camera or not – the content mattered the most.

You will make money on YouTube by providing content that helps people. You do not have to show your face in the video to accomplish that goal.

It is important to remember that YouTube is not quick money. It often takes months or even years of hard work in order to get to a place where the income is sustainable and enough to replace a creator’s full-time job.

The Truth About Making Money On YouTube

Making money on YouTube is hard.

It is hard work. It’s hard to compete. It’s hard to constantly be creative.

If you are new it is hard to even get monetized and make minimal ad revenue. Even just hitting the minimum requirements to earn money is so hard many channels never make it.

In order to be part of the YouTube partner program and earn money from advertising you have to hit a number of requirements.

YouTube Monetization Requirements

Before you can make any money from ads you have to first:

  • Have more than 1,000 subscribers
  • Have more than 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months

Those are hefty requirements that usually take new creators a while t achieve. This keeps the platform in better conditions for advertisers and viewers alike so it’s a great requirement even if it is a higher hurdle for most new creators.

All this means is that when you start making videos for YouTube you need to be realistic about the amount of money that you may be able to make. At first you won’t make anything and this phase can last a long time. You might be creating content and not earning anything for months or years. I made videos for at least 6 months without earning a dime. It’s important to remember that YouTube is a long game for income.

Growing Your YouTube Channel

If you want to make more money from your small Youtube channel then the best way to do it is to grow your channel.

Growing on YouTube requires work but it will pay off in revenue down the road. The more people that find you the more money you will make.

I’ve written a few times about the ways I’ve grown my channels on YouTube.

Here are a few tips for growing on YouTube:

  • Use YouTube growth tools like TubeBuddy
  • Learn about and implement SEO
  • Build a community around your YouTube channel
  • Make quality content with good videos
  • Provide unique value in your YouTube videos
  • Experiment with ideas on your channel
  • Find ways to be more efficient in your processes
  • Take a course like course Mastering YouTube for the Busy Professional
  • Keep growing and learning because YouTube changes all the time!

You can read more in my post How To Grow A YouTube Channel.