Making money on YouTube without showing your face is definitely possible in 2021! In this video I’m sharing video ideas and EXAMPLES of money making YouTube video ideas that don’t show your face 2021 for your YouTube channel!

If you’ve been waiting to start a YouTube channel because you were worried you have to be an on camera personality then this video is for you!

These video ideas that don’t show your face are great options for those wanting to start on YouTube without showing their face or being public on the platform. Some of these video ideas don’t even require your voice if you prefer to create content completely detached from yourself.

Here are the 6 video ideas covered in the video that you can make for YouTube without showing your face.

How To Videos

YouTube is first and foremost a search engine. It’s the second most widely used search engine after Google. People use it every day to search how to do something.

This means how to videos are very popular and serve a huge audience who is constantly searching for them. You can make how to videos on a number of different topics without showing your face.

My favorite and most successful in this category is software how to videos. These are where I show someone how to use a certain program to achieve an outcome. These videos usually walk someone through a process of doing something.

How to videos are definitely saturated on YouTube for most topics. You can look for underserved markets where how to questions are not answered and make videos for those people to achieve long term success.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are similar to how to videos because they are teaching your audience something. They are very commonly search focused because people search for tutorials on how to make or do a certain task.

Tutorials often walk someone through the steps of a project or task one by one. My favorite in this type of video are craft tutorials since that’s what I make and like to watch. These craft tutorial videos can teach someone what they need and how to create a project from start to finish.

Slideshow Videos

Slideshow videos are incredibly easy to create. They are at the very basic level just a slideshow. You can create the slideshow and then overlay either your voice reading or just music to create a vibe.

Slideshows by definition are about the content of the slides. This means they are a great type of video to make if you don’t want to show your face. I love making slideshows of photos combined with music around a certain topic or niche.

Compilation Videos

Compilation style videos come in many forms but they are simply adding up multiple clips into one bigger video. These videos have made certain channels huge on YouTube and there are whole business models around compilation videos that use user generated content. A few examples include fail video compilations or funny pet video compilations.

You can make compilation videos featuring other people’s content or your own content if you have it. Either way you can create videos without your face that are likely to get massive views.

Unboxing Videos

This style of video is another good option for anyone not showing their face on YouTube. Unboxing videos focus on the item being unboxed so naturally a face is not necessary. You can create a great unboxing video with just your hands.

The only downside here is that you may run out of things to unbox if this is your only type of content. It’s likely that unboxing videos would be one of multiple types of videos you would want to try making without showing your face.

Haul Videos

Haul videos tend to revolve around personality centered channels but they can also be done without showing your face. The key on these haul videos is to focus on the products in the haul.

The most successful haul videos without someone’s face will be very niche specific and focused instead of broad. You’ll want to share lots of detail about the products and good close ups of the items. Since it’s less about you and more about the items the focus will be on them, allowing you to not have to show your face on camera.

No Face Video Ideas

You can do all of these YouTube video ideas on your own and the examples I’ve included show you others who are making videos without ever showing their face.

This list of no face video ideas is not comprehensive but I will be creating a much longer list of ideas so subscribe for more!

Can you make money on YouTube without showing your face?

If you’re considering starting a channel and want it to be profitable then you probably are wondering if you can in face make money without ever showing your face. The answer is yes!

In fact, the channel I started to make videos without showing my face actually now makes more money than my first “primary” channel. Below is a screenshot of my earnings for my faceless videos last month. I made over $1,800 from videos on YouTube without ever showing my face in them!

That is a significant amount of money to earn just from ads without ever showing your face. And that is not even counting affiliate marketing income or sponsored videos on this channel!

The type of video you make and the ability to connect with or educate your audience matters more than if you are on camera. You make money on YouTube by providing content that helps people in one way or another and having your face in the video is not necessary to accomplish that goal.

Be careful though – YouTube is not quick money. It often takes months or even years of hard work in order to get to a place where the income is sustainable and enough to replace a creator’s full-time job.

In fact, making money on YouTube is hard. It’s hard work. It’s hard to compete. It’s hard to constantly be creative. And if you are new it’s hard to even get monetized and make ad revenue. In order to be part of the YouTube partner program and earn money from advertising you have to hit a number of requirements.

Before you can make any money from ads you have to first:

  • Have more than 1,000 subscribers
  • Have more than 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months

Those are hefty requirements that usually take new creators a while t achieve. This keeps the platform in better conditions for advertisers and viewers alike so it’s a great requirement even if it is a higher hurdle for most new creators.

All this means is that when you start making videos for YouTube you need to be realistic about the amount of money that you may be able to make. At first you won’t make anything and this phase can last a long time. You might be creating content and not earning anything for months or years. I made videos for at least 6 months without earning a dime. It’s important to remember that YouTube is a long game for income.

Growing Your YouTube Channel

If you want to make more money from your small Youtube channel then the best way to do it is to grow your channel. The more people that find you the more money you will make.

I’ve written a few times about the ways I’ve grown my channels on YouTube. Here are a few of those tips:

  • Use YouTube growth tools like TubeBuddy
  • Learn about and implement SEO
  • Build a community around your channel
  • Make quality content with good videos
  • Provide unique value in your videos
  • Experiment with ideas on your channel
  • Find ways to be more efficient in your processes
  • Take a course like course Mastering YouTube for the Busy Professional
  • Keep growing and learning because YouTube changes!

You can read more in my post How To Grow A YouTube Channel.