30+ YouTube Video Ideas For Kids

Since I became a full time YouTube creator my 4 year old daughter wants to be a YouTuber too. I’m waiting until she is a little bit older but I’ve mapped out lots of YouTube video ideas for kids that she can eventually make.

Does your child want to create YouTube videos too? If so this list might help you!

YouTube Video Ideas For Kids

YouTube Video Ideas For Kids

The following list of video ideas are all videos kids can create for YouTube. There are lots of ideas so there is something for all types of kids!

1. Introduction Video

Your first video on YouTube might be an introduction video. You can introduce yourself or your channel and let people learn a little bit about you.

2. Family Vlog

Let your kids show off a day in the life of your family. Or you can focus the vlog around an event or special ritual your family has like pancakes on Saturdays or hiking the trails near your house.

3. Toy Reviews

Kids love to watch other kids play with and review toys. You can start making these toy review videos with toys your child already owns and then move on to toys companies will send you for free.

4. Toy Unboxings

Not only are toy reviews popular but so are simple unboxing videos. Next time your child gets a toy you can film the unboxing of it to show other kids what comes with that toy and how it looks upon first open.

5. Art Videos

Kids that love arts and crafts can make videos for YouTube showing off their skills. Record the crafts you create showing step-by-step instructions or record timelapses of painting to set to music for videos.

6. Travel Vlogs

Trips are a great way to create videos for kids. Traveling allows kids to experience something new and share that experience via video and their thoughts about the trip. Record lots of video b-roll from your trip to put it together in a vlog format.

7. Place Reviews

Similar to travel vlogs, kids can review places they visits for YouTube. This could be a review of local parks, theme parks, or attractions as big as Disney World.

8. Entertainment Reviews

Have you ever listened to a 5 year old explain the superhero movie they just watched? This could be a YouTube video! Kids can share plots and reviews of the movies and TV shows they love.

9. App Reviews

Lots of kids love and use apps on their phone or tablet. Reviewing the app or a list of apps can make a useful video for other kids and parents as well.

10. Prank Videos

This video style for kids needs to be monitored and approved by an adult but it can be super fun to do for kids. Planning and executing pranks that are safe and age appropriate can be fun on and off camera.

11. Routine Videos

Did you know routine videos are not just for adults? Routines are great for kids and letting them share things like their morning routine can help them take ownership of it and create a fun video.

12. Comedy Videos

Is your child hilarious? Do they like to act? Make comedy sketches to put on Youtube as videos. Talk these video ideas over with your child first to make sure they keep it clean and safe.

13. Life Hacks For Kids

Life hack videos are great YouTube content whether it’s for kids or adults. Your kiddo can create videos showcasing kid friendly life hacks that make things easier.

14. Hairstyles For Kids

Do you love to do hair? Does your child do their own hair? These videos can be excellent to show off different hairstyles kids can do for themselves. You can also share hair care techniques and products.

15. Beauty & Fashion Tips

Similar to the hairstyle videos, you can make beauty tip videos for kids. Sharing off what products and fashion you like as a kid will appeal to other kids your age.

16. Slime Videos

Slime is a category of it’s own on YouTube and kids love to make slime videos. You can create videos making unique slime and showing it off.

17. Gaming Videos

Chances are your child already plays some type of game like Minecraft. If they are already spending hours per week on the game they can also create videos about playing the game.

18. Reaction Videos

Kids reacting to things is a whole genre and these videos can do quite well with expressive kids. You can let kids react to videos on YouTube or react to things in real life like seeing things they’ve never encountered before.

19. Workout Videos

Kids can be fit! You can make videos showcasing your workouts or sports skills. My daughter’s friend started a YouTube channel sharing videos of his exercises at home and it inspired her to be more active too.

20. Dance Videos

TikTok helped make dancing videos popular and now most kids want to make and share them online. Why not let your kid show off their skills in either long form or short form videos?

21. Pet Videos

If your child doesn’t want to be the focus of videos on YouTube they may want to make videos about their pet. These videos could be about the pet, how to take care of their pet, products their pet uses, etc.

22. Timelapse Videos

What project is your kid working on that will take an extended time period? You can create a timelapse showing the progress for a YouTube video. This could be things like recording plant growth, long projects, or anything they find interesting.

23. Cooking Videos

Kids can show off their skills in the kitchen with cooking YouTube videos. You can record making your favorite recipe or how you learned certain skills like using a knife safely.

24. Food Reviews

Kids can be super picky so reviewing unique foods could be a great video option. Kids can review foods and share their thoughts on taste, texture, whether it’s worth eating or not.

25. Food Challenges

Similar to food reviews, kids can do food related challenges where they eat something on camera. Parents need to monitor and approve food challenges so kids stay safe, but it can make for great videos.

26. Decor Videos

Unique rooms and decor can be popular on YouTube and give your child something to showcase. Let your kid film their decor and any home DIY projects they work on for the home.

27. Home Tour

Seeing homes from the kids perspective can be interesting because it’s often different than the adult version. Create a video showing off your house and your favorite things in it. Let an adult review the video before posting to keep any sensitive information offline.

28. How To Make Money Videos

Do you have a kid friendly way to make money? Share it in a video! These videos can be very popular on YouTube because the topic is widely searched by teens and even kids. People love to know how to make income as a student.

29. Skits

Is your child always making up characters and acting out scenes? Record it for a skit video for YouTube!

30. Interviews

Kids participating in interviews can be hilarious and great YouTube content. Let your kid ask questions of a friend or family member or you can interview them for unique and funny answers.

YouTube For Kids Summary

In conclusion, there are lots of options for kids who want to make YouTube videos! Hopefully these ideas help you find the right option for videos your kid can make and share with others.

My daughter, her friends, her cousins, and most kids I know love YouTube. They watch cartoons, skits, unboxings, coloring and all sorts of great videos. It’s both entertainment and education for kids.

Remember that while most kids love YouTube it also needs to be something a parent monitors. Make sure the videos watched and created are age appropriate and safe for kids.

As long as you keep an eye on it YouTube can be a fantastic place for kids!

I hope these YouTube video ideas for kids help you start and grow your channel!

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