How To Create Affiliate Links On Impact

Many creators use affiliate marketing to supplement ad revenue for good reason: it’s an amazing income stream! is one of the best affiliate marketing networks for creators and this tutorial shows how to create affiliate links on

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How To Create Affiliate Links On

There are multiple fast ways to create affiliate links inside the Impact portal. The video tutorial below covers several ways you can create these links.

How To Create Affiliate Links Video Tutorial

Creating an affiliate link is very easy inside

This tutorial uses several different methods. You can find affiliate links for any program you’ve joined on Impact in several different places in the portal.

Quickest Way To Create Links On Impact

Here is how to quickly create an affiliate link in Impact:

  1. Login to Impact
  2. Navigate to the dashboard (homepage)
  3. Locate the widget on the right side of the page
  4. Select the correct affiliate program from the drop-down menu
  5. A custom referral link to the homepage will be displayed by default
  6. Enter the landing page that you want your referral link to go to (optional)
  7. Click Advanced and enter the Sub IDs (optional)
create quick affiliate links on

You can also do this by clicking the link icon on the left menu which will pop up the same link creation. widget.

That’s it! It is very simple to create an affiliate link inside this affiliate marketing network. They’ve made it so simple for people to promote the products since many major brands use this platform.

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Other Ways To Create Affiliate Links

There are other ways to create and use affiliate links on Impact.

Assets Page

You can access all of the affiliate links created for a specific program under the assets area.

create affiliate links under brand assets on

Here’s how to find these affiliate links:

  1. Login to Impact
  2. Select “Content” from the top menu
  3. Choose “Assets” from the drop down menu under content
  4. Click the check box next to the brand you want to get links for
  5. Click on the link you want from the list that appeared for the brand
  6. Select the “Get tracking link” button
  7. Click the blue “copy tracking link” button to select and copy

Then share the links! There will be many different links created by the brand under this assets area. If you are looking for specific promotions for a brand it will likely be in this area.

Vanity Links Page

Inside your Impact dashboard there is a section where you will have one main link for each program you’ve joined.

These “vanity links” are an easy way to get your affiliate link for each program inside the network quickly.

copy vanity links on

Here’s how to access this page with all your affiliate links:

  1. Login to Impact
  2. Select “Content” from the top menu
  3. Choose “Vanity Links” from the drop down menu under content
  4. Find the brand you want and click the blue “Copy vanity link” button on the right side

Then you can share your links as needed!

Managing Your Affiliate Links

If you are creating a lot of affiliate links within you will likely want to use an affiliate management tool. These tools create pretty links using your URL so links are cloaked and also look better for users. It also allows you to have one place to update affiliate links you’ve previously used.

For affiliate link management I recommend using a plugin that bases the links off your website. This is easy if you have a wordpress blog since you can use Pretty Links or Lasso.

Personally I use and love Lasso for my affiliate link management. In fact, the display below was created with Lasso!

Lasso: The All-In-One Affiliate Marketing Plugin

Increase affiliate revenue by 30% with Lasso. Fix broken links, find new affiliate opportunities, and create product displays that convert to commissions.

I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Affiliate Marketing Success Tips

You can earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing even with a small focused audience. It does take work to learn affiliate marketing best practices, but there are lots of free and paid resources that can help.

To learn affiliate marketingI invested in the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course to educate myself, but there are plenty of free ways to learn as well.

I’ve shared many free affiliate marketing tutorials and tips here on

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Here are some general affiliate marketing tips to help you earn more:

  • Explain the benefits of the product you are promoting.
  • Share personal experiences about using the product or service.
  • Show proof of success or that the product actually worked or improved your life.
  • Be honest about your reviews when talking about products you are promoting.
  • Don’t over do it or be too salesy as that turns off many people.
  • Include a call to action so people know what to do in order to purchase the product.
  • Offer an incentive and give something extra to anyone that uses your link.
  • Always disclose that you use affiliate links to stay in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Keep Improving Your Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a fantastic income stream online, but finding what works best with your audience will involve some trial and error.

Taking the time to learn about affiliate marketing best practices, tools, and how to promote products will lead to more success.

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