Side Hustle Ideas For Moms

As a mom you may need to bring in more money to your family. Luckily there are tons of side hustle ideas for moms who need to earn extra money.

Even if you don’t know how to earn money you can find a way to get started.

There’s a variety of skill levels and types of work represented and this is just a small list of side hustles ideas. Once you get creative the ways to make money are endless.

Caring Side Hustles

Many moms immediately start side hustles related to taking care of others because it’s a natural fit.

Here are a few caretaking related side hustles you can try:

  • Watch other people’s kids during the day. In home daycares are popular for parents because they don’t cost as much, but when you are providing the care it’s a great side hustle and gives you the ability to be with your own child. In our state you could have 3 children besides your 1 child and if each child is paying $200 a week then the side hustle can offset not having a traditional job.
  • Host parent’s night out nights. Charge $30 per kid for a couple hours of babysitting. Add in several kids and you’ll have a nice side hustle on a weekend night especially. You can advertise on sites like Next-door or and you’ll grow a lot by word of mouth.
  • Dog walk and dog sit. This is something you can do with your little ones. There are plenty of people who work during the day or have to travel but need their dogs taken care of while out of the house. Fill that need. You can use sites like and your local Next-door of Facebook groups. You can offer dog walking, dog sitting, drop-in visits, overnight stays, etc. Even better? You can also accept and decline jobs as you have time and availability. For an animal lover this one is perfect!
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Creative Side Hustles

If you are naturally creative then you could start a creative side hustle.

Here are a few side hustles you might want to try as a creative.

  • Photo Booth operator at weddings. Photobooths at weddings are very easy to run and most owners don’t want to work every wedding – or they can’t when double booked. For this hustle you drive the Photo Booth to the venue, set up, stay on site to help or leave depending on the style and contract, and then breakdown and take the booth back. You can reach out to the photo booth owners or photographers in your city to find ones that need help. You can work 5-6 hours working a wedding Photo Booth as a side hustle or for more money, buy and operate one yourself as a side business! 
  • Create a cute setup for photographs and offer sessions using it. You can charge up to $20 for 15 minutes of time using a beautiful setup in your yard or home for people to take family photos or Christmas photos. People bring their own cameras and you just provide the space! You could also work with a professional photographer to loan them the space for a flat fee like $100 for the day and have them do mini sessions there where they earn more but don’t have to worry about setup.
  • Bake and sell cookies, cupcakes, or cakes. Multiple people I know in real life have done this and one made it into her full time job. If you can make cute cookies with designs or pretty cupcakes that taste good, then you can definitely do this as a side hustle. Once people know you are doing this and taste your treats then word and business spreads.
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Physical Side Hustles

If you want to double your side hustle with exercise then these physical side hustles might help.

Officiate sports leagues as a referee.

If your kids are playing sports then you likely already know plenty about the sport, especially if you also played it. You can sign up to referee games in the same league or others to earn money while your kids are playing as well. This is usually a weekend or weeknight activity which can work well if your partner can watch the kids if they aren’t also playing.

Clean houses.

My mom was a stay at home mom but I remember going with her to clean people’s houses. She’d clean large houses for country music stars and smaller houses in nice suburbs and it gave her enough money to stay at home with all of us. People love to pay for a clean house since most of us hate cleaning. If you love it or are good at it – offer up your services! One day a week of cleaning houses can bring in a couple hundred dollars. 

At Home Side Hustles

Maybe your kids are little and you just can’t leave your home. Are there side hustles you can do at home? Of course!

Here are a few at home side hustles to try out:

Plan other people’s trips and vacations.

Travel agent from home is an option where you can plan trips for others and get paid for it. There are agencies that offer these jobs or you could also sell your services and promote yourself like a business. People who specialize in certain areas like planning Disney trips seem to do well with this as they become known as an expert.

Teach English online or tutor kids on a specific subject.

There are plenty of people making $1,000 of more teaching English online to kids in China with services like VIPKids. For more money per hour you can tutor children in your own area on a specific subject you excel at. Even better can be SAT or ACT prep tutoring which pays well per hour due to the payoff for the student at the end. You can advertise your services on local sites and once you get one client word of mouth can spread your skills.

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Sales Side Hustles

Sales is a skill but many moms find their ability to sale or resale a great side hustle.

These sales related side hustles might be right for you:

Sell old stuff.

It’s a great option to sell stuff you have instead of donating it. You can sell stuff on Ebay, Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, Poshmark and Mercari. You can decide which site to use based on what you are selling and whether you want to meet up in person or not. With this side hustle you can also use garage sales and thrift shops to find items to sell. There are tons of cool Youtube channels where people do this for a living and you can learn a lot from them.

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Resell items you find at yard sales or clearance sections.

Reselling can be super lucrative once you figure out the things that will sell well for you. There is definitely a learning curve but there are many resources out there to assist your learning. You can buy things cheaper at yard sales or in clearance sections and then resell on sites like Ebay or even locally on Facebook marketplace.

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Sell items from home with direct sales companies.

Don’t be annoying but direct sales opportunities are an option for side income. Don’t be super salesy on your friends and family in a way that puts them off, but be available if anyone is interested in your product.

Other Side Hustles

None of the side hustles above working for you? Check out these additional ideas:

Driving delivery gigs.

Similar to Uber and Lyft, you can drive for Postmates, Uber Eats, Instacart, Doordash and any meal delivery service that pays drivers and you collect tips for running errands for people. This is great because you can do it when you want and close it off when you aren’t interested or are busy. 

Mystery shop for stores.

This won’t be super consistent or huge income but you can sign up with mystery shopping companies that give you assignments to check our stores or restaurants. You go and buy something and fill out paperwork in order to get paid per shop. It’s easy to do around your kids schedule.

Work side jobs opposite shift of your partner.

If your partner works during the day, look for jobs that have night time hours like waitressing or bartending. Even just a few hours a week can help your income situation if things are tight and you won’t be missing time with your child. Sometimes this can have an added benefit of giving you a social outlet you need too!

These are a few side hustle ideas for moms who want to earn extra money without sacrificing family time.

Online Side Hustles

I’ve personally always chosen to do online businesses and side hustles like dropshipping, creating videos, and more. I shared my online income reports from the time I made around $500 in a month until I was making about $10,000 a month and the side hustles became my full time job.

If you’re interested in any online side hustles, I have lots of content on about how to make money online. It’s not quick or easy but with persistence it does work!

Here are some online side hustles you can do:

The list could go on and on! That is just a short list of ways I’ve personally earned money and ways I’ve paid people to work for my business as well.

And here are a few articles to help you get started with online side hustles:

You can learn how to create income online thanks to other content creators sharing their journey.

To help others I’ve organized a lot of my tutorials into category pages:

Hopefully these side hustle ideas and tutorials get you started on your next income stream to help support your family!

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