How To Use Frames In Canva (Step By Step)

Do you want to learn how to use frames in Canva?

Canva frames allow you to crop images and videos in seconds. It’s easy, fast, and works perfectly every time.

The frames that exist in Canva offer lots of options to add shapes, colors, effects, and change up the style of a photo or graphic.

You can use frames in Canva to create digital products, make mockup designs, and many other designs.

How To Use Frames In Canva

How To Use Frames In Canva (Video Tutorial)

In this video tutorial and step by step guide we cover:

  • where to find frames in Canva
  • how to add a frame to your design in Canva
  • adding a photo to the frame in your design
  • changing the photo in your frame in Canva
  • how to delete the frame from your design
  • how to add a graphic to frames in Canva
  • ways to use Canva frames for product mockups

Let’s look at each of these more in depth.

Finding Frames In Canva

Here’s how to find frames in Canva:

  • Click on Elements in the left menu
  • Scroll down to find Frames in the list and click “See All”
  • Use the search bar to enter “Frames”
  • Frames will load in the left side bar

Adding A Frame To Your Design

Here’s how to add a frame to your design:

  • Find the frame you want using the instructions above
  • Click on the frame you want to use
  • It will automatically show up on your design
  • Click on the frame to show the edges you can drag for sizing changes

Adding A Photo To Your Frame

Here’s how to add a photo to the frame in your design:

  • On the editor left menu, click Photos or Uploads
  • You can also search for the photo you want to find
  • Find the photo (or some graphics) that you want to use
  • Click on the photo and drag it over the frame
  • Let go once it’s over the frame and it will automatically be added to the frame
  • Double click the photo to adjust size and drag to fit your frame

Changing & Deleting Photos In Frames

Heres how to delete and change the photo:

  • Click on the photo already in the frame, hit the delete key
  • Or you can also click on the photo, then click the trash can icon then click “Delete Image”
  • Once the frame is empty, select a new photo using the instructions above
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Popular Frames In Canva

There are many different frames but the most popular ones are simple ones.

The simple shapes used most often are:

Additonally, you can create product mockups easily in Canva.

Popular mockup frames include:

You may end up using these five frames often if you are creating often. They are the most used frame shapes I use for my digital product business!

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Enjoy creating with Canva!

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