How To Edit Etsy Shop Titles


Your Etsy shop title is the small bit of text where you can briefly describe your shop. It’s useful for the customer experience and SEO so this tutorial shows you how to edit Etsy shop titles so you can take advantage. How To Edit Etsy Shop Titles Editing your Etsy shop title is actually quite … Read more

Sale Samurai Review

Sale Samurai Review - Etsy Keyword Research Tool

Sale Samurai is a data analytics and keyword research tool for Etsy sellers. It helps you to skyrocket your Etsy sales with useful data and tools. In this Sale Samurai review we look at what it is, what it does, and who should use it. What Is Sale Samurai? Sale Samurai is a data analytics … Read more

How To Edit & Add Etsy Shop Sections


In this Etsy tutorial we look at how to edit and add Etsy shop sections along with the benefits of using them. Shop Sections 101 What are Etsy shop sections? Why are they important to your shop’s success? With shop sections, you can organize your Etsy products into groups so shoppers can easily explore your … Read more

Etsy SEO Tips

Etsy SEO Tips from Pennies Not Perfection

After creating tons of Etsy seller videos and hanging out in Etsy seller groups to share Etsy SEO tips, I’ve realized many sellers do not understand Etsy SEO. I see variations of the question “what is SEO on Etsy” way too often. This means many sellers are missing out on the most powerful sales tool … Read more

Cash Cow Channel Ideas For YouTube


Making money from YouTube every single month without showing your face is a dream of many people. Cash cow channels help make that dream possible. In this guide we will look at multiple easy cash cow channel ideas that can create income. Cash cow channels on YouTube are one way to generate passive income online … Read more