45+ Travel Niche Ideas For Content Creators

Want to be a travel focused content creator but not sure how to break through the noise? Niching down with one of these travel niche ideas will help you stand out in the saturated travel niche

Want to start a YouTube channel or grow a travel niche website? You’ll definitely want to create focused content around a travel niche to start.

Travel Niche Ideas For Content Creators

Not sure which travel niche to choose? Keep reading for a list of ideas.

Travel Niche Ideas

Below are some ways you can niche down your travel content dreams. Travel is a wide industry so many of these travel blog niches have lots of opportunities for content, sponsorships, products, and more.

These niche ideas can help you get started:

Active Travel Niches

  • Extreme Sports Tourism – traveling to mountains or other areas to complete
  • Hiking – travel to find the best hikes in mountains and other remote areas
  • Highpointing – hiking, climbing, or driving to the highest elevation point of a state, country or continent
  • Kayaking & Canoeing – spending time exploring rivers, lakes, and oceans
  • Sports Tourism – visiting a place to either to play a sport like golf or also to watch a sport like soccer

Cultural Travel Niches

  • Cultural Tourism – traveling for the purpose of exploring various culture, and cultural & world heritage sites 
  • Music (and Music Festivals) Tourism – visiting cities to attend concerts or music festivals
  • Religious Pilgrimages – traveling to religious & spiritual sites
  • Archaeology & History Tourism – traveling to ancient ruins, archeological sites, and historical places, with an organization or alone

Food Travel

  • Wine Tourism – traveling to taste different wines from different regions
  • Beer Tourism – traveling to regions to visit breweries and drink beer from that area
  • Shopping Tourism – traveling exclusively to shop in different cities at stores you can’t normally access
  • Bookstores & Literary Tourism – visiting cool bookstores and sites related to books or authors
  • Film & TV Tourism – traveling to visit sites where film and TV series were filmed, like New Zealand for Lord of the Rings
  • Restaurant & Street Food – visiting cities to try restaurants and street food specific to that area

Adventure Travel Niches

  • Shark Tourism – underwater thrills and shark encounters across the globe
  • Adventure Travel – travel seeking out adventure, thrills, and unique encounters, it’s a growing travel niche
  • Backpacking

Health Travel Niches

  • Medical, Dental, & Fertility Tourism – traveling for medical purposes to get procedures done
  • Wellness Tourism – traveling to seek tranquility, healing, meditation, also includes nature retreats or health retreats
  • Volunteer Travel – traveling & volunteering to work on non-profit charity projects, often health related

Party Travel Niches

  • Nightlife and Party Tourism – traveling to various party destinations to enjoy nightlife in different cities
  • Group Travel – traveling with large groups and how to do it
  • Family Travel – how to travel as a family and do it well
  • Traveling With Kids – showing places to travel with kids and how to make it fun

Unique Travel Niches

  • Ghost, UFO, & Haunted Tourism – traveling to haunted places and UFO sites
  • Genealogy Tourism – tracing or returning to the places your ancestors lived
  • Space Tourism – exploring the outer atmosphere, earth from above, and outer space
  • Tolkien Tourism – exploration of Tolkien’s middle earth and LOTR related sites in NZ
  • Astronomy Tourism – visiting sites that provide excellent views of the night sky, or to spaces where you can take amazing photos (astrophotography)
  • Theme Parks – exploring, rating, and giving tips on theme parks you visit

Destination Travel Niches

  • Nature and Wildlife Tourism – another trend which will continue to grow
  • Jungle Tourism – traveling and camping in the deep and remote jungles 
  • Underwater Tourism – exploring the ocean through scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Rural and Village Tourism – visiting countryside locations to learn or relax
  • Inner City Tourism – exploring your own city or others in great detail
  • National Parks – traveling to and exploring all of the national parks in the USA

Travel Type Niches

  • Weekend Tourism – traveling every weekend (mostly nearby attractions)
  • Roadtripping – traveling by car with a group of friends 
  • Off-the-Grid Travel – traveling to and living off the grid in a minimalistic way
  • Scenic Train Travel – touristy scenic train rides with focus on dining & wining
  • Work Travel – traveling for work and how to make it sustainable
  • RV Travel – tips for traveling full time in an RV or even just as a weekend user
  • Camping Travel – traveling to camp in different locations both campsites or remote areas
  • Airline Travel – tips and ways to save on traveling by airplane
  • Cruise Travel – cruise tips and ideas for people who travel by cruise

Why Niche Down?

Who wouldn’t want to travel and make money from it? Travel is a great affiliate niche and has high earning potential with advertising too. It’s truly a dream content niche!

Unfortunately, many people share this dream of creating travel content full time.

With the growth of the creator economy came the saturation of many niches online including travel. There are thousands of travel bloggers and video creators sharing travel stories and tips.

Niching down on a small topic within the travel community gives you a better chance to gain an audience among so many creators.

With a more focused topic you’ll find an audience that’s looking for that particular perspective. You can use a tool like Keysearch to find keywords and topics to use within that more narrow niche to create popular content that actually gets seen.

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Choosing Your Niche

These travel niche ideas should give you a starting point to tailor your travel content to a more specific audience.

You can even combine two or more of these travel niche ideas, such as traveling in an RV with traveling with kids. That gives you more content ideas but still keeps your content niched down to appeal to a more narrow audience.

Choosing a travel blog niche needs to be something you are familiar with and plan to partake in for the near future. Creating written or video content in the travel niche can be difficult since you need to be planning or taking trips on a regular basis.

When choosing your travel niche, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this a topic that I have knowledge about?
  • Have I personally experienced this type of travel?
  • Is this a travel topic that other people are interested in?
  • Is this a topic I can create content about long-term?

These questions and your answers will help determine if a niche is right for you or not.

More Content Ideas

Need some content ideas to help spark your work inside the travel niche you selected?

Check out these video idea lists for inspiration:

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