DIY White Dresser Before & After


I originally completed this project in 2015 and it is still in use 7 years later as my dresser! This DIY white dresser was my first time painting furniture white but the before and after shows it can be done by a beginner. Black & Decker Electric Hand Sander Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer Rust-Oleum … Read more

How To File A Copyright Claim On YouTube

how to file a copyright claim youtube to remove a video

If you create YouTube videos, someone is going to steal them and try to pass them off as their own. It’s an unfortunate part of the platform but luckily YouTube gives you a way to stop that theft. This tutorial shows you how to file a copyright claim on YouTube to remove a video you … Read more

Make Money Blogging: Is It Possible?

earning money online income report pennies not perfection

Can you make a living blogging in 2022 and beyond? There are plenty of gurus selling courses that say you can, but is that reality? Let’s look at how to make money blogging and if it’s still a valid path. Steps To Make Money Blogging Blogging is one of those “passive” income sources that takes … Read more

YouTube Growth Tips From Erika Kullberg

Advice from Erika Kullberg on how to grow on YouTube

Erika Kullberg became one of the largest female finance YouTubers in a relatively short time and has shared number YouTube growth tips online. In this post we share some of Erika Kullberg’s tips for gaining subscribers and earning a six figure income on YouTube. Who Is Erika Kullberg? Erika Kullberg is an attorney who founded … Read more

Best Bank Account For Your Etsy Business

best bank account for etsy business

Are you trying to stay legit with your Etsy business? Then you need to open up a business bank account! In this guide to the best bank account for Etsy businesses we look at my top pick, how to choose the right bank account, and options for Etsy sellers. Short on time? Let’s look at … Read more

How To Add Text In Canva Tutorial For Beginners

How to add and edit text in canva tutorial for beginners

Adding text boxes and editing text is an important part of creating designs. With the user friendly design tool Canva this process is simple. Let’s look at how to add text in Canva along with how to edit it with various effects. How To Add & Edit Text In Canva The video tutorial on Canva … Read more