Dave Ramsey Budget Percentages (2022)

Dave Ramsey Budget Percentages

When I first started budgeting, I followed the Dave Ramsey approach. Years later I still think the Dave Ramsey budget percentages and debt payoff advice is worth using. If you’re new to budgeting and feel overwhelmed, consider starting with a plan like Dave Ramsey’s. There are many personal finance and budgeting opinions out there but … Read more

Lifestyle YouTube Video Ideas

Lifestyle YouTube Video Ideas

Stuck on what video to make next? You’re in luck! In this article, I’m going to show you some great ideas for lifestyle YouTube video ideas you can use to create more YouTube content. These videos will share your life, entertain your audience, and grow your channel. They can also be a lot of fun … Read more

Best Bank Account For YouTubers

Top Business Bank Accounts For YouTubers

Are you trying to stay legit with earning income on YouTube? Then you need to open up a business bank account! In this guide to the best bank account for YouTubers we look at my top pick, how to choose the right bank account, and options for YouTube content creators. Short on time? Let’s look … Read more

7 Things To Consider Besides Salary

7 Things To Consider Besides Salary Before Accepting A Job Offer

Money is obviously the most important thing to consider when accepting a new job off. But what else matters? After changing jobs many times I’ve learned these are the 7 things to consider besides salary when accepting a job offer. Things To Consider Besides Salary Here are the things to consider with a job offer … Read more

22 Cheap Ways To Have Fun

Cheap Ways To Have Fun

I drastically cut back my spending when I was paying off debt. I realized I had to cut back to make any major progress on my financial goals. Because I still wanted a social life that just meant I needed to find cheap ways to have fun. The biggest hurdle I had to overcome was … Read more

What To Do When Your Friends Make More Money Than You


I’m blessed to have many hardworking, intelligent friends and family who make more money than I do. All of my friends went to school for longer than I did and many have graduate degrees. They have all made great career choices which are now paying off. My best friend makes 3 times what I normally … Read more