• 10 Tips To Pay Off Debt

    im debt free after paying off my student loans

    I value being debt free and have paid off a lot of debt over the years as I’ve improved my financial situation. My experience paying off debt was grueling which is why I love to share tips to pay off debt. Making debt payoff easier and less complicated is one of the goals with this […]

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  • How To Leave A Review On Etsy

    How To Leave A Review On Etsy - PenniesNotPerfection.com

    Did you purchase a product on Etsy and want to leave a review? This tutorial will show you how to leave a review on Etsy to share your experience with the seller and other customers. How To Leave A Review On Etsy After you purchase a product Etsy gives you multiple chances to write a […]

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  • Etsy Vacation Mode: When & How To Use It

    how to put your etsy shop on vacation mode - penniesnotperfection.com

    Etsy’s “vacation mode” is a way to pause your shop sales in case you need to step away from fulfilling orders for customers. Some Etsy sellers love to use it and others refuse to take advantage of this feature for fear it will negatively affect their shop. There are many legitimate reasons to use vacation […]

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  • Amazon Affiliate Links On YouTube


    The Amazon affiliate program is a fantastic way to earn money only. It’s a great way for beginners to get started with affiliate marketing on YouTube. In this affiliate marketing guide we will look at how to use Amazon affiliate links on YouTube. Amazon affiliate links are a great way to make money with affiliate […]

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  • How To Earn Money On Cash App

    how to earn money with cash app

    Cash app is the mobile app that allows users to send money, invest money, bank, and even do your taxes… all for FREE. It’s a fantastic app run by a tech company changing the way finance works. In this guide we will share how to earn money on Cash App to make it even better. […]

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