15 Christmas Digital Product Ideas To Sell

Wanting to cash in on Etsy Christmas sales with digital products? Here are some Christmas digital product ideas you can create and add to your shop now for sales during the holiday season.

The fourth quarter sales on Etsy and other e-commerce platforms can make your entire year as a seller. The spike in sales during this time can earn shops thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Not sure what to sell during the holiday season? Check out this list of holiday products you can create and sell.

Holiday Digital Product Ideas Video

Christmas Digital Product Ideas To Sell Online

This list of Christmas digital product ideas ideas and trends should help you shortcut your process. With this list you can create products faster and take advantage of the spike in sales for Q4.

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Invitation templates

You can create printable Christmas party invitations. You can do all sorts of holiday party templates with different themes like elves, Santa, red and green, etc.

Phone invitation templates

Similar to the printable invitation templates you can create templates for people to send out phone invitations to holiday parties.

digital Christmas invitation templates digital product idea

Holiday wall art printables

Printable wall art is a huge category of digital products on Etsy. You can narrow it down to creating Christmas themed art with things like reindeer, gifts, snow, etc.

Christmas quote printables

Similar to the art design printables you can design them with Christmas themed quotes. Make sure you check copyright and trademark information first!

Gift tag printables

Printable gift tags can be a great digital product to add to your shop especially if you also have related products.

Gif tag templates

Similar to printable gift tags you can create templates that customers can edit on their own with a template editor.

research for Christmas gift tag templates digital product idea

Cut files for stocking tags

Stocking tags are very popular so if you can create cut files this is a great digital product idea to add.

Laser cutter ornament cut files

Similar to stocking tags, you can create cut files for ornaments to sell on Etsy.

Christmas planners

People need to get organized for Christmas so you can create planners to help them get organized for the holidays.

Digital Christmas stickers

Many planners now plan digitally which means they want digital Christmas stickers to use in their planners. You can create packs of these with themes like vintage, plaid, modern, etc.

Digital Christmas stickers to sell on Etsy

Christma theme digital papers

Along with stickers, you can create Christmas themed digital papers for digital planners and scrapbookers.

Earring design cut files

Cut files for earrings are a great gift idea for DIY customers who want to make gifts for their loved ones.

Door hanger cut files

Door hangers are popular during the Christmas season. You can create various cut files in different styles and sell these to people looking to create their own.

Christmas mockups

Etsy sellers always need mockups for product listings and new, fresh mockups definitely help them stand out. You can create the mockups for Christmas products that other sellers use for things like print on demand designs.

Holiday t-shirt SVG files

Christmas themed t-shirt SVG files can be incredibly popular especially for people looking to make group t-shirts for parties and family gatherings.

These ideas should get you started if you want to add digital products to your shop that will sell this season!

Using research tools like Sale Samurai and lists like this you can create digital products that will sell during the holiday season.

How To Find Etsy Digital Product Ideas

Want to find more digital product ideas? Let’s look at how to find product ideas you can create.

First, you’re going to want to use an Etsy keyword tool like Sale Samurai. With SaleSamurai you are able to discover new ideas, find keywords, and track your competition.

With this tool you’ll start your research with the Christmas niche by examining these things:

  1. what sold last year in the Christmas niche
  2. what’s currently trending right now (items that are “popular” right now)
  3. what gift ideas are selling on Etsy (very popular during Christmas season)
  4. evaluate estimated sales on products to see what actually sold
  5. examine shops with lots of sales to see what Christmas items they sell
  6. check those big shops for items with lots of “in cart” notices

Those are a few things you can look at while researching to find ideas that are popular, already making sales, and you can make similar or complementary items.

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More Digital Products Ideas

Want more digital product ideas to add to your shop? Check out these ideas:

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