How To Get Sales On Etsy

After teaching new Etsy sellers how to create an Etsy shop their next question is always some variation of how to get sales on Etsy. If you’ve landed on this guide you probably want to know the secrets too.

How do you get more sales on Etsy? How do you increase the number of sales each month?

How To Get Sales On Etsy

Etsy sellers always want to know how to get sales on Etsy so in this guide I’ll cover all the tips and tricks you can implement to get more sales on Etsy.

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Tips On How To Get Sales On Etsy

Etsy is an amazing platform for online sellers. You can sell physical and digital products with ease to a marketplace of millions of buyers. It’s made people rich and it’s provided a fantastic side hustle income for many others.

If you just want a quick list of tips for getting more sales, check out all the topics we will cover in more detail:

  1. Send Etsy traffic from social media
  2. Add more product listings to your Etsy Shop
  3. Take better photos
  4. Create an abandoned cart discount code
  5. Improve your SEO (search engine optimization)
  6. Include better search keywords on listings
  7. Craft product descriptions that sell
  8. Study the best Etsy sellers
  9. Treat your Etsy shop like a business
  10. Develop an actual brand
  11. Keep improving your Etsy shop

Now let’s get into the actual tips and how you can get sales to your Etsy shop.

These are all simple but actionable things you can do to get and increase sales. You don’t need to do them all at once but you can pick one and implement it then return and do others. Save this post or pin it to Pinterest to come back and keep working through the list!

Send Etsy Traffic From Social Media

Etsy can give your shop traffic through their search engine, ads, and other tools. However, the first way for you to get sales is to actually send Etsy some traffic.

You can generate traffic to your shop in a few different ways but one of the most common and successful is by using social media.

In recent years many Etsy sellers have learned how to get sales on Etsy by developing a social media presence and sending traffic to their shop. This has been explosive on sites like TikTok that encourage buying and can sell your entire store inventory with one viral post.

If you are not currently building out social media, try some of these sites:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Start building a following on any of those sites and include your Etsy link in your bio and on posts. Sending traffic from your social media can help you get sales since those customers are already aware of and interested in your products.

Add More Product Listings To Your Etsy Shop

You might only have a few items in your shop right now and that could be hurting you. If you aren’t bringing in traffic and sales you might want to try adding more products to your shop.

Etsy loves new items. Every time you add new items to your shop it notifies potential buyers and past customers that you’ve added a new item.

Like many algorithms online Etsy loves new content and fresh updated ideas. Adding more products is one of the best ways to do this. More products also gives you more chances to be seen in the Etsy search results.

Many Etsy coaches and “gurus” suggest adding at least 100 product listings to get more sales on Etsy.

Once you hit 100 Etsy listings you’ll see your number of sales pick up. This is especially true with digital product listings and it is something I’ve seen in my own experience with my shops.

There are a few benefits to having 100 or more listings:

  • you’ll have more opportunities to show up in the search results
  • you will see what actually sells and doesn’t from your ideas and can double down on the successes
  • you can earn more money with listings that bundle multiple items

If you are trying to get more sales on Etsy you can start by adding new products and trying to get to 100 listings.

Take Better Photos

Etsy is a very visual platform and your photos are competing against others for customers. This means you need take better photos so your products will stand out.

Photos are incredibly important!

Your customers can’t physically touch your items so your listing photos are the most information they can get. You need to make sure your photos show your products in the best way possible.

Customers should be able to see what the product looks like, the colors, the size in comparison to another item, etc. Photos should be both descriptive and eye-catching. They need to serve as marketing to get customers to click on your listing and they also need to be descriptive so customers understand the product and don’t feel tricked after buying it.

Good photos will help you make more sales on Etsy because they are so critical to your shop. If your photos are dark or busy then you should take time to improving your photos.

You also need to take photos of different angles and different settings. You should use up all the slots for photos so your customers have as many good photos of your products as possible.

Create An Abandoned Cart Discount

One of my favorite features on Etsy is the ability to create discount codes for certain things like an abandoned cart.

Creating this discount code can be very effective in getting sales. The person already liked your product enough to add it to their cart but they didn’t follow through with the purchase.

Want to get that sale? Send them a discount code to push them on to finish the purchase.

How to Create Abandoned Cart Discount Codes On Etsy

You can create an abandoned cart discount code by going to your Shop Manager > Marketing > Sales and coupons > Abandoned cart.

Depending on your margins you can set this up for any amount to try and encourage the buyer to finish checking out. These coupons can be very effective to get sales but make sure you are still making your desired profit per sale.

Improve Your SEO

One huge problem with most Etsy newbies is a lack of understanding and implementing good SEO.

SEO is search engine optimization which means you are helping Etsy understand your product to show it to the right customers in the search results. SEO helps get your product in front of buyers who are searching for things to buy.

How do you do this? Finding the right keywords requires you do keyword research. This helps you understand how many people are typing in certain words per month into the search bar. This process is done through using an Etsy keyword research tool like Sale Samurai.

Find Etsy Keywords With Sale Samurai

With Sale Samurai you can research different keywords and find out how many people are using that keyword. This is one of the best keyword research tools I’ve found for Etsy. It’s affordable, easy to use, and gives you all the data necessary to make sure you create SEO optimized Etsy listings.

For a 20% discount on Sale Samurai use my code penniesnotperfection.

There are many things you can do to improve your SEO. Here are a few you can try to improve in your shop:

  • use keyword phrases that describe the product and who it is for and when it is for
  • fill up the title space with keyword phrases separated by commas
  • use all of the 13 tag spaces to fill in with those keyword phrases
  • follow the trends and change up your listings if phrases change

Depending on how much you are already doing for SEO will determine how much you can improve here. If you improve a lot you will show up in more searches and get more sales.

The more you are seen by buyers who are searching to buy the more likely you will make sales.

Include Better Search Keywords On Listings

Since Etsy is a huge search engine you need to be including the best keywords possible. Your keywords are a big part of what determines your SEO success.

You’ll want to make sure your listings are built around descriptive keywords that people are actually searching for daily. If you describe something with a name you made up then no one will ever be able to find it. You have to describe it with words people use to search.

Etsy is also a huge gift destination so you’ll need to think beyond describing your product and also include search keywords that include gift phrases.

Each of your listings should include a combination of descriptive keywords and gift keywords that will be searched by potential buyers on Etsy.

An easy way to find keywords people are searching without special software is to just start typing in the Etsy search bar. It will auto-populate ideas that are keywords people are using to search. Copy these phrases and use them in your listing title, description, and tags.

Craft Product Descriptions That Sell

Your product description space is very important and often neglected by Etsy sellers. I see many shops asking why they don’t have sales but they have products with very little in the product descriptions.

With the product description you can craft a store that resonates with buyers and helps sell your product. This can be difficult but you will benefit greatly by learning how to improve your copywriting.

Product descriptions that tap into what buyers actually need is how to increase your conversions and get more sales.

Learning how to write a good product description that is both descriptive and unique will help you get more sales.

Look at your favorite websites and see how they describe their products. Good listings will include descriptive items like size, dimensions, etc., and they will also have a bit of copy that make you aspire to own the item. This is the kind of product descriptions you need to be aiming for with your products.

Run An Etsy Sale To Get More Sales

Running Etsy sales and creating discount codes is a great way to get more sales on Etsy.

How To Run Etsy Sales

With the built in Etsy marketing tools you can do a lot of different sales:

  • run a sale offering a percentage off the whole store
  • create a coupon code you give users on a certain platform
  • send a coupon code to people who favorite your items
  • give a discount code as a thank you after purchases

And more! There are many ways to do automated sales or create manual sales every month.

You can often get more sales from running a sale or giving a coupon even if you haven’t lost anything in profits. You should always adjust prices to make sure any sales you run still leave you with enough profit.

Learn more: How To Run A Sale On Etsy

Study The Best Etsy Sellers

One way to get more sales is to study what the people getting sales do. What are the top Etsy sellers doing? What are the shops with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of sales doing?

While it’s great to learn from online educators, it’s even better to learn from the people actually succeeding.

Find a popular shop with lots of sales that is similar to you or in a niche that you can learn from.

Look at what they are doing with their shop. Do they have lots of listings? Do they use certain keyword phrases for SEO in their listings? Are their listing photos bright and eye-catching?

Make a list of all the things you see successful best-selling Etsy shops doing. Use this list to compare with your shop and find the areas where you are doing the wrong things. Don’t copy the other shop but use it as a benchmark to improve.

Treat Your Etsy Shop Like A Business

Many Etsy sellers start as a hobby or side hustle and unfortunately not enough move to the phase of considering their shop as an actual business.

But this business mindset is definitely needed in order to get sales and continue to increase your sales.

Mindset is one of those things that you don’t realize the importance of until you reach the other side. Once you are running a shop with hundreds of thousands of sales you realize that mindset was 100% necessary to get there.

While it’s important to be personable and create an Etsy shop that people feel comfortable buying from, you still need to consider your shop a true business.

When you start treating your shop like a business you will start earning money like a business. This will also be crucial in learning about marketing, increasing conversions, and all the things you will need to get to the next level.

Develop An Actual Brand

Many Etsy sellers want to anonymously sell as a cash grab, but the most successful shops are actually building a brand.

Building a brand around your shop including your story will help you better connect with customers. They will be more likely to remember your name than just “an Etsy shop”.

Build your brand with elements like:

  • your shop name
  • the about page for you and your shop
  • shop descriptions
  • listing photos and colors

If you aren’t sure how to build a cohesive brand then do some research online about brand building. Putting in the effort to be memorable and build a brand will pay off in the long run. You’ll be a more sustainable shop and increase sales as people remember your shop brand and come back again and again.

Keep Improving Your Etsy Shop

Too often I see Etsy sellers start and quit discouraged within a month because they haven’t achieved success quickly.

This is a mistake! For most Etsy sellers you need to put in more work and improve your shop through multiple methods over a longer period in order to succeed.

To get more sales on Etsy you need to keep improving your Etsy shop. You’ll never stop truly because even the best shops continue to evolve and improve over time.

Keep the mindset of always improving your Etsy shop and you’ll get continue to grow and get more sales!

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