I’m a couple months late, but I’m finally sharing my March 2020 monthly online income report! I’m diving into how I make money online selling digital products and making videos about our personal finances on my YouTube channel.

I share monthly income reports here on the blog and on YouTube. I share what I earned from online endeavors like this personal finance blogmy YouTube channel, and my Etsy shop because I like to be transparent and reading income reports inspire me to start my own online endeavors. I like sharing real numbers to inspire myself and others and I value transparency which this report allows me to give you.

I’ve been slowly building online income over the last two years while working on my blog and YouTube channel part time during my off hours after working a full time job. Sometimes I work on this income and sometimes I don’t, but I usually spend 5-10 hours a week on it.

Reasons why I’m trying to make online income:

It’s been a lot of work in terms of a side hustle but I’ve enjoyed both earning income and helping people by sharing what we’ve done financially.

Why Share An Online Income Report

I’m sharing my online income reports as a YouTuber and blogger to show people that it is possible to make money online in a non-sleazy way that helps people.

Lots of people want to know how much small youtubers make and if you can make money from a small audience online. Fellow YouTubers want to know how I make money with affiliate marketing and digital products not just ad revenue.

Income reports allow me to share what I’m doing while building my online income so other creators can benefit and it lets me be fully transparent with my audience about how much I am making.

While I’m not earning a full time income online currently, I am happy to show that I’ve grown my income to hit that original online income goal and I’ve been able to help a lot of people along the way. It’s amazing that we can earn money creating and sharing content online.

Previous Online Income Reports

If you’re interested in past income reports, you can see all of them here:

As you can see from past income reports, my online income in 2019 has been trending much higher than my income last year. The growth is not viral or explosive but it has moved up and is consistently over $1,500 each month.

I’m consistently earning $1,000 a month now when I was only earning $300-500 last year when I started tracking my online income. That might not seem huge since it’s small numbers but that means I have doubled my monthly online income!

I like sharing these numbers to show small YouTubers what is possible with a channel that isn’t huge or growing by hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a year. While that would be amazing, it is possible to still earn income as a small channel and blog.

Seeing these numbers in this format helps me to see the growth I’ve already had and inspires me to keep growing.

Mary 2020 Online Income Report

Here are the main income sources broken down by what I earned for the month of February. I’ve included referral links to each if you want to join too!

Advertising Income – $923.20

  • YouTube Advertising Channel 1 – $809.31
  • YouTube Advertising Channel 2 – $102.32
  • Adsense & Sponsored – $11.57

Affiliate Marketing Income – $162.50

  • Amazon – $101.76
  • Awin – $43.71
  • Impact Radius – $0.00
  • Shareasale – $0.70
  • Rakuten – $0.00
  • Capital One – $0.00
  • Robinhood – $16.33

Product Sales Income – $397.94

  • Etsy Products – $397.94

Total Income: $1,483.64

This is the amount earned in March 2020 before any fees, expenses, or taxes.

That means this amount is what I earned but not what I keep. I will only keep 70% of this income after taxes and expenses.

There are multiple expenses I’m now paying for each month:

Another thing to note is that this is not what I received for the month of March but instead what I “earned” through my efforts. This means depending on the income source, I’ll get this money anywhere from the day I earn it to 90 days later. Most pay out a few weeks or the next month.

However, I must say with much excitement I am thrilled at my continued income earned each month! I am hovering around the $1,500 mark each month now and that feels quite sustainable and very exciting for our family.

This is very exciting because this has been a very consistent amount for the last few months.

I keep hitting the goals I set and I’m incredibly excited about it! When I originally started YouTube I wanted to earn $600 to pay for our daycare costs. Then I hit that amount and thought, maybe I could earn $1,000 a month. Then I decided to aim higher and try to aim for $2,000 a month or $24,000 a year. It’s a big goal but I’m sure that I can hit it since I’m continuing to hit every goal!

What I Worked On In March 2020

March was a very strange month because it started out like a normal month and then turned into anxiety city like coronavirus. Personally this cause me to struggle

I did still create a few videos in March that went well. Here are a couple of the March videos that performed well and I’m very proud of producing!

I didn’t do much on my blog but I was pretty happy to product multiple videos in the month of March!

More Popular YouTube videos on my channel:

Mary is the founder of Pennies Not Perfection where she teaches how to make online income to build wealth and gain freedom. She quit her day job in 2021 after she doubled her salary.

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