Hello and welcome to my explanation of how I make money online! I have this page both for transparency for people who follow me and inspiration for other content creators who also want to earn an income either from their blog, YouTube or Etsy shop.

I’ve been playing around with blogs since 2008 and Pennies Not Perfection is my most recent blog inspired by the YouTube channel I started on a whim to share Alaska cruise videos that grew into a personal finance channel.

I currently make money from various sources and aim to eventually pay off my student loan debt and eventually my mortgage. My online income almost entirely goes toward these two goals.

Here are the ways I make money online:

YouTube Channel Advertising

I currently run two YouTube channels where I make money from advertising shown on those videos.

Pennies Not Perfection is my main YouTube channel where I talk about budgeting, debt payoff, saving, earning more money, real estate, investing and more. I talk about all things money and how it affects our lives both good and bad. My motto is consistency over perfection. The small things count and add up and eventually build lives of freedom for us and our families.

Create With Pennies Not Perfection is my second channel where I get to be creative and share projects but also geek out about building an online business. I share the things I’ve learned along with the tools I use and recommend. It’s all about creating projects, creating an income, and creating the life I love.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way I make money online is through affiliate marketing. This is when I recommend a product I use or love and get paid a commision when someone in my audience clicks my unique link and makes a purchase.

I love affiliate marketing because it lets me connect my audience with products and services that will help them overcome and obstacle or improve their life. I only get paid when I’m right and it doesn’t cost anything extra for the customer. I love acting as a connector of people and things so affiliate marketing fulfills that need for me online.

Selling Printables Etsy Shop

I started selling printables on Etsy after making my first budgeting printable for personal use back in June 2019. I slowly added to the shop and now it’s grown to over 70 printables listed for sell!

Creating budgeting printables has been an amazing creative outlet for me and my style is truly not like anything else out there right now. I love being able to share clean, easy to use budgeting printables and earn an income from doing so.

Selling Digital Products

Selling digital products is actually my favorite way to make money online. I sell digital products that make me hundreds of dollars every month and sometimes even thousands in passive income. I love making products once that I can then sell thousands of times.  

I started selling digital printables on Etsy but soon branched out to my own website. I still sell those printables and also occasionally offer other products and plan to sell courses in the future.


I started a Patreon in April 2020 in order to create a membership of sorts of people who wanted to support my work but also wanted a good deal. I include a big chunk of my printables for my patrons and create new printable resources for them every month including a new themed monthly budgeting printable.

Patreon is currently a small amount of my monthly revenue but I hope to continue providing value there so it grows and people know that the money not only supports my dreams but also gives them something in return.