• 5 Easy Savings Challenges

    Financial Goals For 2022

    Do you want to save more money this year? Saving money can be hard but these easy savings challenges make it easier and more fun. Savings challenges can make saving money easier and more fun. It’s one of the best way to hit all your savings goals and actually achieve the amount of money you […]

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  • Cash Cow Channel Ideas For YouTube


    Making money from YouTube every single month without showing your face is a dream of many people. Cash cow channels help make that dream possible. In this guide we will look at multiple easy cash cow channel ideas that can create income. Cash cow channels on YouTube are one way to generate passive income online […]

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  • Things To Stop Buying to Save Money

    no spend challenge rules to save money

    There are plenty of ways to save money but one of the most effective is simply no longer buying items. Many of us buy things out of habit and convenience but letting these expenses go can save a lot of money. Here are some things to stop buying to save money and get ahead financially. […]

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  • Make Money With Canva (10 Ways)

    10 Ways To Make Money With Canva (Make $100 Per Day Or MORE)

    Canva is an amazing design tool with free and paid plans that allow users to create a variety of design work. There are many ways to easily make money with Canva through this work. If you are wanting to make money with Canva keep reading to find the right side hustle option for you. Canva […]

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  • Budget Categories List

    Are you a budgeting beginner? Trying to revamp your budget after time off? This budget categories list can help give your budget a refresh! Sometimes it helps to see a list of expenses and budgeting categories to help find all the expenses you might have in a month. The following is a long list of […]

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  • 13 Free Self Care Ideas


    Unfortunately we’ve been sold the idea that self care must cost money. Self care is shown as luxurious items, spa days, and things that often don’t fit in the budget. But honestly there are many free self care ideas that make more of an impact on your mental health than any luxurious purchase. If you […]

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