How To Use Fetch Rewards Tutorial & Review

My mom recently signed up for a Fetch Rewards app to scan grocery receipts. I’ve been using it for years and she finally joined me, but she had a lot of questions about how to use the app. To help her out I made some tutorial videos that I’ve also shared on YouTube to help … Read more

How to Make & Sell Coloring Pages on Etsy

How to Make & Sell Coloring Pages on Etsy

Coloring makes kids happy and soothes stressed-out adults. But did you know selling coloring pages on Etsy can also make a great side income? This Etsy niche has helped many artistic people sell creative printables. I’ve earned over $10,000 per year selling printables on Etsy and think it’s one of the best side hustles. If … Read more

How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster (THE TRUTH)

How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster In 5 to 7 Years THE TRUTH About Velocity Banking For Mortgage

Do you want to pay off your mortgage faster? It’s possible! But it’s also NOT EASY. In this video I share 7 strategies to help you pay off your mortgage faster. Here’s some ways to pay off your mortgage faster: Let’s look at each of these in depth so you can learn how to pay … Read more

Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas (29+ Examples)

Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas (NO VOICE TOO!) With EXAMPLES

Want to start a YouTube channel without showing your face? These faceless YouTube channel ideas can get you started. Even better? Most require no voice either! Being a YouTube star can be a dream for many people, but a nightmare for others because not everyone wants to be recognized. Since YouTube can create massive income … Read more

Roth IRA Mistakes You Must Avoid

9 Roth IRA Mistakes That Cost You Money (AVOID THESE MISTAKES)

Roth IRAs can be a powerful way to invest money for your future leaving you with millions of tax free money. But there are some common Roth IRA mistakes that happen with these accounts. Let’s look at those common mistakes and how you can avoid them. What are Roth IRAs? Roth IRAs are self-directed accounts … Read more