• Referral Codes For Free Stuff

    how to enter a referral code into fetch rewards

    Many apps offer sign up bonuses if you use a referral code or referral link from a friend when you sign up. However, you might not always have a friend using the app before you which means you don’t get the free bonus money. If that’s your situation – don’t worry because I’m here to […]

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  • How To Use Fetch Rewards Tutorial & Review

    My mom recently signed up for a Fetch Rewards app to scan grocery receipts. I’ve been using it for years and she finally joined me, but she had a lot of questions about how to use the app. To help her out I made some tutorial videos that I’ve also shared on YouTube to help […]

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  • New Mortgage Payoff Plan + Mortgage Payoff Update Q1 2021

    mortgage payoff update paying off our home mortgage

    Welcome to my first official mortgage payoff update! I’ve definitely shared about paying off our mortgage before and even done infrequent mortgage payoff updates just to show how a biweekly schedule pays off your mortgage faster. But this is the first official update where I’m starting with a clear goal: paying off the mortgage much […]

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  • Make Money With Your Brand (Expert Tips!)

    Make Money With Your Brand (Expert Tips!)

    Are you looking to make money with a personal brand? It’s possible to build a brand online that earns you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. These experts hosted a panel Q&A session to share the best tips for earning money with a brand online. Keep reading to see what they shared and how […]

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  • How To Leave Robinhood App For Investing

    There are a lot of reasons to leave Robinhood and move to another investing platform. In the last week or two the reasons have increased and more and more people are abandoning Robinhood for good reasons. Reasons To Leave Robinhood When I previously posted about starting a dividend portfolio on Robinhood, I was very excited […]

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  • How To Run A Sale On Etsy

    how to run an etsy sale with coupons

    Using Etsy sales and coupons can help you make more sales and earn more money on Etsy. Learning how to run a sale on Etsy could increase your shop profits instantly. In this tutorial I’m going over all the things you need to know about sales and coupons on Etsy so you can start running […]

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  • Do You Need A Business License For Etsy?

    do i need a business license to sell on etsy

    Etsy is a fantastic platform where you can sell a number of different things and even make a full time living. Many people starting an Etsy shop want to know the answer to this question: Do you need a business license to sell on Etsy? What do you need business wise to get started? Do […]

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