Welcome! Today I’m sharing my second official online income report!

I’m going to share my August online “extra” income details: how much it was and where it came from! I also want to talk about why I love reading online income reports and how they’ve inspired me to get this far in building an online side hustle.

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Why I’m Sharing About Extra Online Income

This is the second month I’m sharing the income I’m making from this blog and the related YouTube channel. I wanted to share these reports for a few reasons.

First, accountability. I’d like to have somewhere to talk about what I’m doing and how I’m using my very limited spare time now to increase my online income. I’d like to share these because it’s a nice way to look back and learn from my mistakes and successes. I started blogging years ago as a way to do the same thing in other areas of life so I’d like to do the same with online income.

Sharing my online income reports is sort of like having my own little mastermind since I haven’t been invited to one ever. I get to share my wins and losses and think through strategy. And if I get enough awesome followers on them they can help guide in the decisions along with the accountability.

Second, education. I’m sharing how much extra income I’m making online each month in an attempt to chronicle it and to grow it. Having extra income would help our family achieve so many goals and I’ve watched other bloggers grow their income and I’d like to do it too. I’d also like to educate others on how you can earn extra money online (or even just on the side in “real life”). Earning extra money is possible and I want to show people it is possible.

Lastly, I love reading side/blog/online income reports. They aren’t for everyone but I’ve always loved reading blogger’s income reports. It’s inspiring to see what can be created from nothing.

I don’t know how long I’ll be doing these, but I’d at least like to chronicle the experience while I’m focused on earning enough extra income to pay for new expenses like daycare!

July was a good starting month for tracking my online income, so it was a great place to begin this new endeavor of tracking my online income and building a little lifestyle business online.

Now, let’s move on to August! Here’s my income source breakdown:

Total Income: $353.44

This is the amount earned in August 2018, before any fees, expenses, or taxes. That means I don’t keep all of it it and at least 30% will be gone before it hits my bank account.

I listed the various affiliate marketing programs I participate in above. Those referral links will take you to sign up if you are a publisher or youtuber or influencer. Those are some of the top companies that offer affiliate marketing programs for places like Kohl’s and Wayfair and Erin Condren and thousands of others.

Extra Income Thoughts

It’s a bit disheartening this month that I didn’t make my goal of $500 earned. That number has been the benchmark for me for a while now and not hitting it means the lack of focus and effort is finally catching up. What you don’t tend to will eventually wither.

This month is a great reminder to me that I’m earning extra income online on the side to help with our financial goals and to help me spend more time with my family in the long run! It’s something that gets pushed to the back burner but really needs more attention because the WHY behind it is so important.

It’s also a nice reminder that affiliate marketing is pretty awesome. I love the fact that I can recommend products I actually use and get paid for it without it costing people anything extra. Sure affiliate marketing gets a bad rep and many people use it in scummy ways, but at it’s core it’s a positive experience on both ends. I try to be upfront about my links, explain how they work, and people reward that by buying.

I’ve added my top / favorite affiliate marketing opportunities to the list so you can see where my income comes from and join them as well if you are interested in earning more income from your online activities.

Blog News 

Last month I spoke a bit about how blog traffic had gone down on my health blog after not blogging regularly for 2 (or maybe 3) years regularly. Traffic is pretty flat still but it’s also something I haven’t worked on at all!

I did some major overdue housekeeping last month by getting my site in line with Google webmaster tools where there was a manual action against my site. I’m hoping that helps improve traffic as does the new focus of my content. While I don’t plan to actively blog there, I will be keeping the site for the very small residual income.

I’m still wading through the permalinks change that created a lot of problems with 404 errors and dead links. I’m trying to fix them as I go but I realize I probably went about the change in the wrong way. Live and learn! I’m updating the old content and hoping for the best.

I’ve also started a new personal finance blog penniesnotperfection.com where I’ll be sharing these online income reports and blogging more about personal finance, side hustles, budgeting, and debt payoff. You know, all of the things I talk about on YouTube!

I’m thrilled to have a new blog where I can start from scratch and build a site with the focus and information that I’m truly passionate about. I think the reason my first blog was never the success I wanted was because I was trying to force it. To be truly successful I think you have to be authentic and that’s what I plan to be here.

My YouTube channel has experienced decent growth in the last couple months and I finally hit the mark for monetization! My channel is still under review but I should be back to earning income from ad revenue on Youtube soon. Having another income source on these income reports will be fantastic!

Popular YouTube videos on my channel last month:

Thanks for reading this online income report!

Mary is the founder of Pennies Not Perfection where she shares her journey to build wealth through online income. She quit her day job in 2021 after she paid off her debt and doubled her 9-5 salary.

Mary's favorite free financial tool is Personal Capital. She uses their free tools to track net worth and work toward to financial freedom.

Her favorite investment platform is M1 Finance, where she built a custom portfolio for free with no fees. She shares her portfolio growth and savings progress every month on YouTube.