YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face And Voice

Being a YouTube star can be a dream for many people, but a nightmare for others. Since YouTube can create massive income it is still a great platform to create content even if you are camera shy. With that in mind here are some of the best YouTube channel ideas without showing your face and voice.

You might not want to be YouTube famous but you can still create an amazing side hustle income with this method!

No Face No Voice YouTube Channel Ideas For Making Money

Best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face & Voice

Here are some of the best YouTube channel ideas you can create while still staying anonymous and not showing your face or sharing your voice:

Compilation YouTube Channels

Compilations are ideal for someone who wants to make YouTube videos without showing their face or using their voice. It’s great because you will be using other people’s content to make compilation videos on certain topics. These channels can be very successful and get a ton of watch time but be careful about the legalities of using someone else’s content. There are copyright issues to watch out for with this style.

DIY YouTube Channels

You can create DIY videos showing the project with a focus on your hands. With these videos you can add text instructions or leave out the instructions so people have to watch the video. You can also add over music to make the videos more appealing.

Meditation YouTube Channels

Mediation and relaxation channels are a fantastic option for anyone who wants to make YouTube videos with no faces or voices involved. These channels are all about videos that create relaxation with calming music over top of beautiful videos. You can get both of these from royalty free commercial free sites or pay to get the music and video footage as well.

Review YouTube Channels

Review channels are popular and great for search traffic. Since you are reviewing a product the focus should be on the product – not you or your face. This makes these videos ideal for not showing your face. You can pay for a voiceover, use automated voice tools, or use text and music.

Software Tutorial YouTube Channels

Learning how to use software can be difficult and is often best learned via video. This make a software tutorial YouTube channel a great option for someone who wants to make a successful and profitable channel without being on camera. You can guide users through how to use software using a screen sharing program.

Top Ten Video YouTube Channels

Top ten videos are a great way to create faceless content on YouTube. These videos can be set to music or have a narrator doing voiceover explaining the items. You can hire a voice actor to do narrations if you don’t want to do it yourself. These channels can earn you a lot of money if you do them in

Tutorial YouTube Channels

Similar to teaching your audience how to use software you can create tutorials on just about anything. Because tutorials are about how to accomplish something it does not matter what you look like or what voice is used to explain.

Want more ideas? Get inspired by this list of 40 Faceless YouTube Video Ideas.

No Face Video Ideas

How To Create A YouTube Channel Without Showing Your Face And Voice

Creating a channel around videos that don’t show your face or voice is possible but can be challenging. The best YouTube channel ideas without showing your face and voice will require more work to create than a sit down talking head style video.

Here are some steps to planning this type of channel:

  1. Write a list of potential video ideas you could do.
  2. Find the themes in these video ideas to determine your niche.
  3. Decide where you will get the video footage you will use – will it be something you gather or create?
  4. Decide if your videos will need to use someone else’s voice or just need music.
  5. Pull together your footage and voiceovers or music to edit together videos.
  6. Sign up for Tubebuddy to research keywords and create compelling video descriptions.
  7. Publish your videos and start promoting your channel.

YouTube Channel Growth Resources

If you are serious about creating, growing, and scaling a YouTube channel without your face or voice you need to invest in tools and systems. This is a business for many of the people creating similar channels and you have the best chance of success if you do the same.

Here are some resources that you can use to create these videos and grow your channel:

hire freelancers to make videos for the best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face & Voice
Hire Freelancers For Creating Videos Without Your Face and Voice

Fiverr – Hire freelancers to help edit your videos, create voiceovers, film footage, and more. You can create an entire channel using Fiverr freelancers and several specialize in creating these types of faceless, voiceless channels.

Pexels – This site gives your royalty free, copyright free photos and videos you can use to put together videos. If you want to do a faceless YouTube channel where you are not creating the video footage yourself this can be golden.

use Tubebuddy to make videos for the best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face & Voice
Research Video Topics With Tubebuddy

TubeBuddy – TubeBuddy is an all around tool helpful especially for SEO research and creating optimized videos that rank in search. It’s the ideal tool to use for video channels that will be faceless and not rely on a personality to build them.

Plan your videos to make the best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face & Voice
YouTube Success Planner | Printable Guide To YouTube Content & Channel Success

YouTube Success Planner – This YouTube planner includes everything in the video planner and goes more in depth on how to grow your channel, how to monetize your videos, and how to track your success.

Hopefully this helps you grow a cash creating YouTube channel without showing your face or voice!

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