M1 Finance Free Stock

Since I use M1 Finance every week on my personal finance YouTube channel people often ask, does m1 finance give free stock to new users?

Some investing apps like Robinhood give out a random free stock when new users sign up. Does M1 Finance do this too? Can you get a free stock by signing up for M1 Finance?

M1 Finance Referral Link (I also get a bonus!)

M1 Finance Free Stock

Technically M1 Finance does not give you a single stock when you sign up like Robinhood or some other apps do. Instead they give you a cash bonus that will invest in ANY stock slice you pick.

Depending on the current M1 Finance promotion you can get anywhere from $10 to $50 in free stocks.

The stocks you get will be whatever you pick to be in your M1 Finance pie.

This is actually the best possible way to get free stocks from an investing platform because YOU get to pick what free stock you get. Instead of getting a throwaway stock from a company you’ve never heard of you can pick the stocks you want. If you get $30 when you sign up then you can by $30 of Apple stock or Tesla stock or an ETF of the whole market like VTI.

Because M1 Finance allows for fractional share investing you can buy a fraction of whatever stock you want with the sign up bonus.

What Is M1 Finance?

M1 Finance started as an investment platform but their tagline now is M1 Finance: The Finance Super App™.

You can invest, borrow, and spend your money in one easy-to-use platform. At M1 Finance they are striving to have all of your financial needs taken care of in one place.

M1 blends the best of modern financial technology with personalization and automation. They allow you to take control so you can make your own money moves easily.

It is designed for long term investors who want a simple design with powerful automation. M1 has been very clear that they are focused on long term investors not day traders. It’s a great place to invest long term and offers retirement accounts like Roth IRAs.

M1 Finance is regulated and safe to use. Your investments are covered under Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) in case of the firm’s insolvency or misconduct. You can feel secure that your M1 Finance investment account is covered.

Feel free to read more about the details of SIPC insurance here.

For all the details behind M1 Finance you can look them up on FINRA’s Broker Check.

You can see my full M1 Finance review here.

Review of M1 Finance

M1 Finance Free Stock Bonuses

M1 Finance offers many different bonuses for people signing up to use their services.

There is almost always a M1 Referral Bonus. These bonuses have ranged from $10 – $50 bonus when someone signs up and opens a new account through a referral link.

The most common free stock sign up promotion is $30 for using a referral link. (It changes often so double check to see how much they offer at the moment.)

M1 Finance has also offered rollover bonuses in the past. This is where you get a cash bonus for rolling over an account to M1 Finance. You can then use that cash that you get to buy stock for free. If you roll over an account to M1 Finance from another platform you could get up to $4,000 for their recent transfer bonus.

You can check out there current bonuses and promotions on the website.

How To Sign Up For M1 Finance

How To Open A M1 Finance Account Via Referral Link

Sign Up For M1 Finance

Here are the steps you should to take to get the M1 Finance bonus:

  1. Click on this referral link to open M1 Finance
  2. Enter your email and password and then click “Sign up now”
  3. Follow the sign up instructions to open the account type of your choice (the video above walks through the setup if you want to watch how to do it)

Account Funding Requirements

You must contribute a specific amount per account type to get the referral bonus:

  • Individual brokerage – $100
  • Joint brokerage- $100
  • Custodial account – $100
  • Trust account – $5,000
  • Retirement (Traditional, Roth, or SEP IRA) account – $500

Important M1 Account Notes

  • You must fund the account after opening in order to get the bonus. Always double check the amount you must contribute to get the bonus to make sure the requirement hasn’t changed.
  • The bonus can take a few days to show up in your account. It will automatically drop into your investment account once it is processed. If you have auto invest on then it will automatically invest into your investment pies. Otherwise you can invest into the stock or ETF of your choosing.

M1 Finance Sign Up Bonus

How much will you get as a sign up bonus when you join M1 Finance with a referral link?

The standard sign up bonus with a M1 Finance referral link is currently $50.

You can only get this bonus if you are referred to M1 Finance. If you just go to the website without a referral link you will not get it.

The referral has changed multiple times. It has been $10, $30, and $50. The have periods where the amount changes and increases.

The same is accurate for how much you can earn by referring people with your own referral link within the app. The amount can range from $10-$50 for what you can earn when you refer your own friends.

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M1 Finance is one of my favorite platforms to use and recommend because of their mission and how easy the app is to use. I also love that they have given out major amount of free money via sign up bonuses!

I hope this M1 Finance review was helpful to you! If you’d like to support my work feel free to do one of the follow:

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