How To Buy Commercial Use Elements For Digital Products At Creative Market

If you are creating digital products to sell then you may need to purchase design elements like images, fonts, and other items to create the best products possible. Buying these creative elements for your printables and other digital products can elevate your offerings and save you time as well.

In this post we will look at how to buy commercial use elements from Creative Market to use in your digital products.

How To Buy Commercial Use Elements

The video above walks you through the process of buying commercial use items on Creative Market.

What is commercial use?

Commercial use describes any activity where you use a product to then make a financial gain. If you are using something with the purpose to earn money then that is commercial use.

In terms of making digital products, it means when you use a product like a graphic in your own product that you intend to sell for profit. Commercial use applies to activities including creating products, designing merchandise, and creating images for ads and more.

If you plan to use something commercially to make money then you will need to purchase the appropriate commercial license agreement in order to do so. You pay the owner of the original item in order to use it commercially.

If you are using elements in your designs that you plan to sell for profit without obtaining a license to do so then you are doing so illegally.

What is Creative Market?

Creative Market is a marketplace for design. Artists and designers contribute their work to the site in order to sell to a wider audience and make their business profitable.

Creative Market works well for everyone as it empowers creators on both sides of the transaction to make their dreams a reality. Shop owners are able to make money with their work and buyers are able to save time and effort in their work through purchases on the site.

Creative Market gives you the option to purchase design elements for commercial use (meaning you can use them within your products for sale). I frequently use things found on the site in my digital products in my Etsy shops.

In this video I walk through how to purchase creative elements for digital products on Creative Market with the correct commercial use license.

What can you buy on Creative Market?

One of the best websites for finding design elements, Creative Market is home to thousands of different design items.

There are an endless array of styles for each of the item types carried on the website:

  • Graphics
  • Icons
  • Illustrations
  • Objects
  • Patterns
  • Textures
  • Web Elements
  • Fonts
  • Templates
  • Photos
  • Web Themes
  • 3D Items
  • Palettes
  • Brushes
  • And more!

No matter what type of product you want to create you are sure to find elements to help with the design.

What do commercial use licenses on Creative Market allow?

There are multiple different license options for items sold on Creative Market. You’ll want to purchase the correct commercial use license for whichever item you are buying based on how you will be using it and the number of sales you are making.

Below are examples of the licenses you can choose from on Creative Market:


The licensed asset can appear in non-commercial project

Can be used for

  • End Products Not For Sale
  • One personal social media account with non-commercial activities

Cannot be used for

  • End products for sale
  • Business social media accounts
  • Physical or digital paid advertisements
  • Native apps, web apps, or games


The licensed asset can appear in up to 5,000 end products for sale

Can be used for

  • Up to 5,000 physical or digital end products for sale
  • One business social media account owned and managed by the licensee
  • Unlimited physical advertisements for local markets
  • Digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions
  • Broadcast and streaming for up to 500,000 lifetime viewers

Cannot be used for

  • Native apps, web apps, or games

Extended Commercial

The licensed asset can appear in up to 250,000 end products for sale

Can be used for

  • Up to 250,000 physical or digital end products for sale
  • Unlimited business social media accounts owned and managed by the licensee
  • Unlimited physical advertisements for local, national, and global markets
  • Digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions
  • Broadcast and streaming for unlimited lifetime viewers
  • One native app, web app, or game downloaded or sold up to 250,000 times

Depending on how you plan to use an item and whether or not it is for personal or commercial use will determine which license you need for elements.

There are also extended license terms you can read for these options on their website and look through the additional license options for things like fonts. Yes, there are different licenses for fonts!

Get FREE Design Elements!

The great thing about Creative Market is that they also offer 6 completely free items every week.

You can get free items from their Free Goods Of the Week section each week.

They include 6 different things each week and every week is different. The free goods include things like:

  • Graphics
  • Fonts
  • Holiday items
  • Photos
  • Canva templates
  • And more!

I’ve been using Creative Market specifically for the weekly free items for a long time and my collection of items I can use has grown over time.

You’ll have to be careful when you select things from the Free Goods section because they don’t all come with commercial licenses. Some will only offer the personal license meaning you can’t use it in things you create to sell. Others will offer the commercial license option you need for commercial projects.

Always confirm and keep track of which license you have for items you will be using in digital products.

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