How To Start An Etsy Shop

Starting an Etsy shop in 2020 to earn more income is a great idea! Etsy is a huge marketplace for sellers as you can sell both physical and digital products to a huge audience.

If you want to start an Etsy shop in order to earn part time or full time income then this tutorial for beginners will help you get started! I know a lot of people who have never sold online before can feel intimidated which is why I created this tutorial on how to set up an Etsy shop step by step. It is very easy and seeing someone else do it makes it feel much easier!

Starting Your Etsy Shop

In order to start an Etsy shop you will need an idea of what you want to sell and a name picked out for your new Etsy store. If you haven’t already decided this before starting to watch the video you will want to think about what you will sell in your new Etsy store and what brand you want to build around your shop.

Once you’ve got a general idea you are ready to watch this video tutorial on how to create your new Etsy shop!

You can start your shop with this link for 40 free listings to jumpstart your shop without having to waste money on those first listings.

Why Start Selling On Etsy

Creating an Etsy shop is a great way to have an outlet for selling in the beginning when things are new and you don’t have an audience. Etsy is a great platform for beginners because it is a marketplace which means it already has buyers who are looking for items to buy.

When you open a new shop on Etsy you instantly have the same access to all those buyers and don’t have to drive traffic to your listing like you would on your own website. This is why I highly, highly recommend Etsy for beginners who want to sell items online.

I personally love selling on Etsy and have made hundreds of sales in my first 6 months of selling digital downloads online. Starting my Etsy shop was one of the best things I ever did online which is why I want to show others how to do it and encourage you to take the step to creating your dream of selling online!

Beginner Etsy Success Tips

Starting from scratch on Etsy can be hard. There are some ways to speed up the process like learning from a course or following best practices from successful Etsy shops.

Because I know how hard it can be to start an Etsy store and grow it, here are my best tips for building a successful Etsy shop from the beginning:

  • have a strong niche where your products are very focused on either one niched area or style
  • create a strong brand story and share that in your shop and listings
  • continue your brand elements throughout the shop via colors and fonts
  • share photos that clearly show your items and how they can be used
  • make your descriptions clear and very descriptive – the more the better when you are explaining what comes with your item and how it can improve someone’s life
  • clearly articulate your shop’s policies if you don’t offer refunds or have specific policies that a buyer needs to share
  • build your shop with more listings to bring in new buyers and more traffic
  • make sure you promote your listings both on Etsy with seo and ads and off Etsy with social media

Those are tips that can get your Etsy shop started and off the ground in less time. Making sure you start off strong from your very first listing means you won’t have to spend time later going back to fix your early mistakes.

Growing A Business On Etsy

Etsy has downsides but it’s also an amazing place to build a business and earn an income.

If you want to grow on Etsy I recommend my friend Sharon’s Etsy Entrepreneur course where she walks you through the process of setting up an Etsy shop and growing it to make $1,000 a month or more. She grew her Etsy store of digital downloads to more than $1,000 a month and has inspired many people to do the same.

Remember that your Etsy growth will depend on being consistent and growing over time. Very few people start their Etsy shop and go full time the very same month. For most of us we begin with one product and grow over time.

Over time you will learn tips and tricks to grow your Etsy shop and find that success on Etsy can be far beyond you expected. I personally know multiple full time Etsy sellers who started as a fun side hustle and now make a full time living selling on Etsy.

Mary is the founder of Pennies Not Perfection where she shares her journey to build wealth through online income. She quit her day job in 2021 after she paid off her debt and doubled her 9-5 salary.

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