4 First Time Home Buyer Mistakes We Made

We love our house but we made several big mistakes when we bought it. As first time home buyers we thought we were prepared but we unfortunately still made several mistakes. Today I’m sharing those 4 mistakes we made buying our first house so that you can avoid these common first time home buyer mistakes. … Read more

25 Frugal Living Tips

frugal living tips I've learned

Are you looking for frugal living tips that actually work? Want to save money without reusing ziploc bags? You’re in the right place. You may want to live frugally to achieve a big financial goal like paying off debt or buying a house, or maybe you have to live frugally to survive. Being frugal isn’t … Read more

Is A Low Down Payment Mortgage Worth It?


When we purchased our first home we went with an FHA mortgage loan that allowed us to put down just 3.5% of the home price. This low down payment mortgage option allowed us to buy our first home without saving up much money, but was it worth it? Today I’m looking over the pros and … Read more

12 Frugal Beauty Tips | Beauty On A Budget

Do you love beauty products and makeup but don’t want it to destroy your budget? Welcome to the beauty on a budget club! Today I’m sharing my frugal beauty tips and my own personal favorite budget beauty products as a collaboration with Cents and Purpose and Kate Kaden! Makeup and beauty is one area where … Read more

Investment Tips For Beginners

Investing can be intimidating so a lot of people put it off until too late. It’s better to find investment tips for beginners and start early than wait. If you’re not investing, especially if you are a woman, then you are losing ground financially.  Today we are going to talk about our personal investments, tips … Read more

50 Things To Do Instead of Spending Money

When you’re trying to live on a budget then it is essential to cut spending in certain areas. Cutting expenses isn’t always fun but there are lots of things you can do instead of spending money. Since I still like to enjoy life and have fun, I’ve created a list of 50 fun things to … Read more