Voyager Referral Code & Link

Voyager is undergoing updates as they move through a voluntary bankruptcy restructuring process and work to restore services on mobile and web platforms.

For the latest information on Voyager’s restructuring, please visit our blog.

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Pre-Bankruptcy Information On Voyager

Use this referral code or referral link to get $25 of free Bitcoin on Voyager when you sign up and deposit and trade $100 dollars.


With Voyager you can use referral code E4BA06ADB or this referral link to earn $25 of Bitcoin when you sign up and make $100 in trades. When you sign up we will also get $25 in BTC so thank you for the support.

How to Use The Voyager Referral Code

Unlike some other investing apps where you can also buy Bitcoin like Cash App’s referral code program or Coinbase’s referral link system, Voyager offers both a referral code and a referral link.

This is great for users signing up and being referred because it gives more changes and makes it easier to get the sign up bonus.

The instructions show you how to sign up for Voyage and get the free $25 Bitcoin bonus.

The following instructions will show you:

  • how to open an account on Voyage
  • the referral link to get the bonus for signing up on Voyager
  • the referral code to get the bonus for signing up on Voyager
  • how to hit all the requirements to get your bonus money

The steps you need to get the referral bonus with Voyager:

  1. Click on the referral link here on mobile or download the Voyager app on your phone
  2. Open the Voyager app and tap “Sign Up”
  3. For referral code enter E4BA06ADB in the Reward Code field
  4. Enter your personal information requested during the guided sign up process
  5. The app will require you to verify your identity
  6. Once you complete this process you’ll wait to get a notification through the app letting you know the compliance verification is complete and your account is opened
  7. Fund your account with at least $100
  8. Purchase the crypto of your choice
  9. Keep the account open until your bonus arrives

Voyager Review

Voyager is not an exchange but is a cryptocurrency broker that facilitates trading across more than a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges. It uses proprietary technology called the Voyager Smart Order Router to give customers access to dozens of currencies across multiple exchanges.

Voyager sells itself on being a commission free way to buy crypto. So how do they make money? Voyager takes a small cut of the difference when it finds you a price below its quote. You get to keep the rest and they get paid only when they save you money on a crypto purchase.

Voyager is one of the best options for buying crypto with their commission-free pricing structure on trades. Their mission is to make crypto simple and they offer up to 12% interest and over 60 different cryptocurrencies.

Voyager Pros:

  • easy to use for buying and selling major cryptocurrencies
  • getting started is very quick and the sign up takes under 5 minutes
  • no commission fees
  • Voyager supports Bitcoin, top DeFi coins, stablecoins, and a wide variety of altcoins
  • you can earn up to 12% annual rewards on 30+ digital assets just for holding on voyager
  • Voyager is publicly traded, licensed and regulated – they are audited to ensure assets are accounted for
  • they have a secure system and work to prevent fraud and hacks
  • your cash on Voyager is protected by FDIC insurance

Voyager Cons:

  • No coin-to-coin trades so you can’t easily swap your crypto
  • Long verification process that takes longer than many other companies
  • You have to download the app, there isn’t a web based platform to login to and use
  • Limited ability to contact customer service team

Voyager is one of the publicly traded companies that has helped make crypto accessible and mainstream. It has many pros for those used to buying crypto and already knowledgable of how things work.

However, it is important to remember that while cryptocurrency is a new asset class it also has extreme volatility. Trading cryptocurrency is a highly volatile way to earn money and risks must be considered with Coinbase or any platform.

If you are ready to use voyager to buy cryptocurrency, sign up using this referral link for $25 in Bitcoin.

Voyager Referral Code Sign Up Bonus

How much will you get as a sign up bonus when you join Voyager with a referral code

  • E4BA06ADB?
  • The standard sign up bonus with Voyager is $25 paid in Bitcoin at the time of writing this.

    You can double this bonus by referring a friend. For each friend you refer up to 100 you can earn $25 in Bitcoin.

    Sign up to get the bonus with referral code

  • E4BA06ADB
  • .

    How to Refer Friends To Voyager For Bonuses

    The sign up bonus is not the only one you can get. You can also get free Bitcoin bonuses each time you refer a friend. You can do this up to 100 times!

    Here’s how to refer a friend for a bonus on Voyager:

    1. Open the Voyager app
    2. Tap the user icon at the top left of the app
    3. Select Refer a Friend
    4. Share your reward code or referral link by copying and pasting your code or clicking the share icons
    5. Tell friends to use your unique referral link to download the Voyager app or manually enter your reward code when creating an account in the Reward Code field

    That’s all you need to do! In order to both get the bonuses your friend will need to deposit and trade $100 or more.

    Voyager Referral Code FAQ

    Below are some of the questions I often get asked on videos about the Voyager referral program.

    Is there a referral bonus for Voyager?

    Yes, there is a referral bonus! This referral code

  • E4BA06ADB
  • gets you $25 in BTC from Voyager after you sign up and deposit and trade $100 dollars.

    What is the Voyager referral code?

    There are many options for using a referral code. If you want to use mine the code is

  • E4BA06ADB
  • . This will give you $25 BTC.

    Can you still get the $25 referral bonus after signing up? 

    YES! Great news from Voyager… you can submit a ticket through the Help section of the app containing the referral code

  • E4BA06ADB
  • that you meant to use. They can manually add it to your account so you get the sign up bonus. You still need to deposit and trade $100 dollars to reach the milestone in order to receive the $25 BTC bonus.

    When will I receive my Bitcoin bonus on Voyager?

    All Bitcoin rewards deposit into your Voyager account within 72-hours of qualifying for a bonus. Your referral bonus is available to withdraw within 14 calendar days of appearing in your Voyager account.

    Voyager Referral Code Problems

    My Voyager referral is not working. What’s wrong?

    There are times when referral links or codes do not work but here are a few of the common reasons why your bonus has not been applied to your account.

    1. You’ve not made a purchase or trade large enough to qualify (the minimum is $100).
    2. You are not in a country currently supported so you will not receive the new account bonus. Currently it is US only.
    3. You did not sign up through a referral link or use a code because you went to the site directly or through Google which does not give you the bonus. (You can email in to add a code after the fact if you missed it at signup.)

    Is the Voyager referral bonus always $25?

    Nope! It has been more before and has been a tiered amount based on how much you deposited.

    While the bonus is currently $25 at the time of writing this and creating my own account, Voyager has had different referral bonus amounts. The amount may go up or down in the future.

    Is there anything else to know?

    Be patient if things are taking a couple days when you sign up or put in an order. At times Voyager is exploding in growth and things can take time.

    Voyager retains the right to make changes to their referral program or eliminate it at any time in the future. You should always make sure to check their website or app for the most up to date information. If you are wanting to get free crypto you should take advantage as soon as possible.

    Use this referral code or referral link to get $25 of free Bitcoin on Voyager when you sign up and deposit and trade $100 dollars.


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    Why Am I Sharing These?

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    First of all, referrals earn me money too! For every sign up you get a bonus and so do I! It’s usually the exact same amount you are receiving.

    Second, because it helps you. I’ve been in the position where I wanted to use an app or service but didn’t have access to a connection where I would receive a referral sign up bonus. It is frustrating!

    Putting these referral codes and links out there can help others avoid that situation and I get a little bit of a kickback that helps me continue running this website to provide financial education. I love being able to give others free money!