How To Share Canva Templates

One common question I get from new Canva designers creating digital products is how do you share Canva templates with customers?

Sharing Canva templates is an easy process in your Canva pro account. These templates are a very popular digital product that sells well. With this easy process you can create templates once that can be shared and sold to many customers creating passive income for you.

How To Make & Share Canva Templates

In this video and post I’ll share how to create a Canva template and share the template link with your buyers.

Canva Templates Tutorial

Creating Canva templates is incredibly easy. You can watch the video above or follow the step by step instruction below.

Create Canva Templates

  1. First sign up for a Canva Pro account
  2. Now open up Canva and choose the design size. (In the video example I used Instagram posts, which is a popular digital product idea for Canva templates that sell.)
  3. You can design templates at any size and in this example I chose 1080 x 1080 px for an Instagram post template
  4. Create your design from scratch using elements, text, and photo frames people can fill in when using your Canva template
  5. Change the name of your design to describe what it is for your customers and for your own organization

Share Canva Templates

  1. Click the three dots button in the top right corner
  2. In the search bar type “Template”
  3. Select the Template icon that pops up under the search bar
  4. Click the dropdown to add a template to a folder
  5. Select the folder you want to keep this template in
  6. Or click the “+Create new” link at the bottom to create a new folder inside Canva to organize your templates for sale – I named mine “Etsy Templates For Sale” in the example
  7. Then click “Add to new folder” purple button
  8. Once the folder is selected then click the “Publish template” purple button
  9. This will publish your design as a template! Now you can either view your Canva template, continue editing, or share the template.
  10. To sell your Canva template you’ll need to share it and grab the link for your future customers
  11. You can view your template by going to the folder you created and to share you can click on the design to get the share link
  12. Or to share the template you can go to edit the original design and then click the “Share” button in the top menu
  13. In the Share dropdown you will go to the bottom drop down that says “Share a link to edit” click this and select the “Share a link to use as a template” option
  14. This will automatically create a link to the right. Click “Copy link” to copy for sharing
  15. You can then paste the link wherever you need to share it for your customers – in a pdf, in a message, on a thank you page!

That is all you need to do in order to create, share, and sell Canva templates as a digital product.

Sharing Canva Templates On Etsy

Since many Canva template sellers use Etsy to sell their digital products, I’ve included the current best practices for sharing Canva templates on Etsy.

Here’s how to share Canva templates on Etsy:

  1. Get the shareable Canva link with the instructions above
  2. Create a PDF file that contains the shareable link and instructions on how to use a Canva template
  3. Upload this PDF instruction file to Etsy as your digital product file

This is the current process more Etsy digital product sellers use so customers will be most comfortable with it. Having the link combined with instructions helps cut down on customer service questions making the process more passive.

If your customers need help downloading the PDF you can refer them to instructions on how to download a digital product on Etsy.

You can use a similar process on other e-commerce websites but they generally have more flexibility in sending a link to customers directly whereas Etsy requires the roundabout method of uploading an instructions file with the Canva template link.

Where Can You Sell Canva Templates?

There are many places to sell Canva templates. The most popular is Etsy or on your own website.

There are multiple places you can sell Canva templates:

You can use one of these or list your templates in multiple places to take advantage of existing traffic on a site like Etsy.

Want to learn more? Check out How To Sell Canva Templates

Want to keep learning?

Creating digital products you can sell is a wonderful online business and I enjoy sharing how to do the very same thing I’ve done to create a full time income!

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Sharing Canva Templates

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