Home Mortgage Closing Costs Explained


Do you understand home mortgage closing costs? Do you know what is included in these fees? Let’s look at an example of real life mortgage closing costs and what these fees cover. I love using real numbers to show how much things like real estate cost because it’s helpful for new home owners and soon … Read more

10 Ways To Take Control Of Your Finances

frugal living tip: money goals calculate budget and plan for financial goals

When you are not in control of your finances things can feel very overwhelming. Struggles with money are very common but in your own situation things can feel daunting and depressing. Let’s look at 10 ways to take control of your finances and improve your life and money. Why Take Control Of Your Finances? When … Read more

6 Money Tips For Starting A New Job

Have you recently started a new job? Are you entering the workplace for the first time? If you want to make the most of your opportunity then these money tips for starting a new job are for you. Starting A New Job Off Well Financially When you are starting a new job you likely have … Read more

How To Add A Referral Code On Fetch Rewards

how to enter a referral code into fetch rewards

Do you want to get a sign up bonus for using a grocery app to save money? Fetch Rewards is an awesome way to save money on groceries and very easy to use. Let’s look at how to add a referral code on Fetch Rewards to get a bonus when you start! Use referral code MV7RR when … Read more

Sinking Funds For Beginners

how to use sinking funds for beginners

Sinking funds seem confusing when you’re new to budgeting. They actually make budgeting easier and this guide to sinking funds for beginners will show you how. This sinking funds for beginners guide covers: what sinking funds are reasons to love sinking funds how to set up your sinking funds how to figure out what to … Read more

M1 Finance Free Stock


Since I use M1 Finance every week on my personal finance YouTube channel people often ask, does m1 finance give free stock to new users? Some investing apps like Robinhood give out a random free stock when new users sign up. Does M1 Finance do this too? Can you get a free stock by signing … Read more