Since I’ve been budgeting on paper my methods have evolved to include budget sticker kits made for planners. Stickers allows pen and paper budgeting to be more organized, beautiful and fun!

There are many different Etsy sticker shops creating and selling budgeting planner stickers and I’ve tried many of them! Here I’m sharing the ones I’ve tried and found to be the best budget sticker kits you can buy.

If you’re wondering where to buy budgeting stickers for your planner, then check out any of the shops below!

Where To Buy Budget Planner Stickers

The best source for unique monthly budget sticker kits is Etsy. Many budget planners have opened shops where they sell budget sticker kits for each month designed to help you track your budget and make it look good.

Below are some of my absolute favorite budget sticker shops! Since it’s hard to pick a favorite I’ve shared them in alphabetical order and included videos where I used the stickers for my monthly budget in my planner. This will give you a good idea of what the stickers look like in action.

Best Monthly Budget Sticker Kits

Below are all the awesome shops I’ve used monthly budget sticker kits from. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it does include some of the best budget stickers out there!

Caffeinated Cait

caffeinate cait budget stickers

Caffeinated Cait’s budget stickers are one the very first sets I used! Each set she comes out with has beautiful layers of rich colors and her style of creating a budget fits very well in most planners. She also offers printable budget sticker kits now that you can print and cut at home to save money.

Check out Caffeinated Cait’s budgeting sticker shop here!

Callie Pie

callie pie budget stickers

Callie Pie Stickers reached out to me to try a budget sticker kit one month and I was thrilled with the result! One of my favorite floral monthly budget kits ever came from Callie Pie stickers.

Check out Callie Pie’s budget sticker shop!

Erika LifeVlogs

erika life vlogs stickers

ErikaLifeVlogs sticker shop offers a variety of budget kits and stand alone stickers. Her bill due and monthly kits are some of the most vibrant ones I’ve ever used and the colors are always so fun. Erika not only makes beautiful budget sticker kits but she’s very supportive of fellow YouTubers which makes me personally love her even more!

Check out Erika LifeVlogs budget sticker shop here!

LaTruce Paperie

Cindy is a fellow YouTuber who opened a sticker shop and it’s as incredible as her channel. She offers beautiful floral stickers, monthly budget kits, and useful transparent budget related stickers.

Check out LaTruce Paperie’s budget sticker shop here!

Plan Heal & Be Mary

plan heal and be mary stickers

Plan Heal & Be Mary’s sticker shop on Etsy offers monthly budget kits perfect for an Ericn Condren or Happy Planner. You can see examples on her channel every month when she shares her budget.

Check out Plan Heal & Be Mary’s budgeting sticker shop here!

Shays Budget Shop

Shay’s one of the first budget YouTubers I saw start an Etsy store and she’s always produced amazing monthly budget kits. She’s also got lots of budgeting sticker extras and savings chart sticks too!

Check out ShayBudgets sticker shop here!