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  • How To Use Fetch Rewards Tutorial & Review

    My mom recently signed up for a Fetch Rewards app to scan grocery receipts. I’ve been using it for years and she finally joined me, but she had a lot of questions about how to use the app. To help her out I made some tutorial videos that I’ve also shared on YouTube to help others.

    Fetch Rewards Referral Code

    If you want to join Fetch Rewards and get the free bonus points but don’t have a referral code you can use mine: MV7RR

    Fetch Rewards referral code: MV7RR

    how to enter a referral code into fetch rewards

    This referral code will get you between $2 – $4 worth of free gift cards when you use it upon signing up. Fetch Rewards regularly changes the amount that new members can get but you’ll at least get $2 for using the code!

    You will enter the code when you sign up as shown in the video below. You have to enter the code before scanning your first receipt to get the free points.

    How To Sign Up For Fetch Rewards

    Signing up for Fetch Rewards is easy! In the video above I show you how to use sign up for a Fetch Rewards account and use a referral code to get points you can use to get free gift cards to your favorite stores.

    This Fetch Rewards tutorial video shows:

    • how to open an account on Fetch Rewards
    • how to enter a referral code (MV7RR) on Fetch Rewards
    • how to scan your first receipt on Fetch Rewards to get points

    If you skip the chance to enter in the video, you can enter a referral code later on by tapping on the Me tab and selecting Refer a friend.

    Important!! You MUST do the referral code before scanning your first receipt. If you scan a receipt before entering a referral code then you will not get the bonus points.

    How to sign up instructions:

    1. In the App store search for Fetch Rewards
    2. Download the app to your phone
    3. Open the Fetch Rewards app
    4. Click sign up with email button
    5. Enter personal info for your account details
    6. Click the orange sign up button
    7. Enter your birthday and gender
    8. Enter your phone number and state
    9. Click the “Start saving” button next
    10. Click “Okay” or “Maybe later” to enable notifications
    11. Click “Okay” or “Maybe later” to enable location notifications
    12. Enter referral code MV7RR
    13. Click the “Enter code” button
    14. To get your free points you will need to scan a receipt
    15. Skip through the intro slide to go to the home screen
    16. Click the orange camera icon at the bottom right corner
    17. Grab any grocery receipt you have within the last 14 days
    18. Line up the receipt with the lines on screen
    19. Click the orange camera icon in the center of the screen
    20. Your receipt will upload while you wait
    21. Your points will automatically be added to your account

    And that’s how you sign up for a Fetch Rewards account and start off with enough points to redeem your first gift card!

    How To Earn Points In Fetch Rewards

    Fetch Rewards is all about earning points that you can then use to get gift cards for free. They have made it a game that incentivizes you to take actions in order to get these points. It’s fun and there are also many different ways to earn points.

    Here are the six ways you can earn points covered in the video:

    1. Sign up using a referral code. You can get $2 for signing up with a code.
    2. Scan receipts. The main goal of Fetch Rewards is to get you to scan your receipts. Take a pic and let it upload automatically!
    3. Get special offers. Some companies choose to give you bonus points when you purchase a specific product. When you buy these products and then scan the receipt you get more points!
    4. Add digital receipts. You can link your Amazon account and email account to earn points when Fetch Rewards scans your accounts for purchases.
    5. Use Single Care for prescriptions. Single Care is a card inside Fetch Rewards you can use to save money on prescriptions and get more points in Fetch Rewards.
    6. Refer your friends. You can get $2-$4 for every person you refer to use the app. When they sign up using your code and scan their first receipt you both get extra points!

    Want to learn more? Here is some more detailed descriptions of the ways you can earn points:

    Use a referral code when signing up. When you sign up you can get between $2-$4 worth of points by using a referral code. If you don’t have a friend already using Fetch Rewards you can use my referral code MV7RR

    Earn over 1,000 points for scanning your first receipts. Fetch Rewards has high bonus points for the first couple of receipts. You can earn at least 1,000 just for using the app and scanning the first receipts! It only takes a second so get those initial points!

    Earn 2,000 points for referring a friend. Once you are using the Fetch Rewards app you can also earn points for getting your friends and family to sign up. Earning $2 per friend you refer can be a nice bonus for sharing about this useful app! A friend must create an account, use your code, and scan a receipt for you to earn the points.

    Earn points for your emailed receipts. Fetch Rewards works with online shopping not just physical receipts! In the app there is a blue “e” icon where you can upload e-receipts. You can add your email and your Amazon account to link to Fetch Rewards so receipts will automatically upload and you’ll be credited the points.

    Earn points when you buy specific brands. You’ll get some points for every receipt you upload but the big bonuses will come when you make a purchase on a qualifying brand or product. You can browse the current bonus opportunities that offer extra points for your spending. Even if you don’t plan for it you will still automatically get points any time you upload a receipt and have purchased a brand giving extra points.

    Earn extra points when you buy specific products. Just like the brand purchases you can earn extra on specific products. You can find the Special Offers on products on the home screen if you scroll down. These have expiration dates so the ones with high points values don’t last as long!

    Keep looking for new ways to earn. Fetch Rewards continually adds new ways to earn points to keep both users and advertisers happy. Things like getting 5,000 points for picking up a prescription using SingleCare or scanning receipts to drug stores not just grocery stores have all been added since I started using the app. Make sure you open it and look for new opportunities every so often.

    There are many videos and sites that encourage unethical ways to game the system and earn points in Fetch Rewards fast with hacks. I recommend not trying these because they will get your account shut down and you will be unable to earn gift cards. You can still earn a lot of points by doing the things listed above!

    How To Redeem Gift Cards On Fetch Rewards

    Redeeming gift cards on Fetch Rewards is a simple process once you know how to navigate the app. This video tutorial is the first one I made for my mom since she was eager to redeem her free points for a gift card after signing up!

    In this video I show you how to use the points you have earned in Fetch Rewards to get free gift cards to your favorite stores.

    How to redeem a gift card instructions:

    1. Open the Fetch Rewards app
    2. Click the Rewards tab in the lower menu
    3. Or you can click the points balance in the top menu
    4. Scroll through reward options by category or you can search for the reward you want
    5. Select the reward at the retailer you want (options available to you will have a gold circle based on points balance)
    6. Click the amount circled under the retailer name
    7. Click the “Get my $$ reward” orange button
    8. Fetch Rewards will send you a security code to your phone or email
    9. Enter the code you received by tapping the box and entering the 4 digit code
    10. Click the “Validate” button to finish
    11. Congrats, Fetch Rewards has created your gift card!
    12. Click the “Go to my rewards” orange button or click the Rewards tab in the bottom menu and go to the “My Rewards” tab
    13. In the “My Rewards” tab you can view current gift cards
    14. Click on the reward in the “Current Rewards” section to get the code to use for redemption
    15. Tap on the code to copy
    16. Close Fetch Rewards app to go redeem the gift card code on the appropriate site
    17. Either add the code to your gift card balance in your account or apply it when checking out

    Hopefully these steps make it easy to understand how to use Fetch Rewards to earn points and redeem gift cards!

    Is Fetch Rewards Legitimate?

    You might be wondering if Fetch Rewards is legitimate or if its a scam. How do you get gift cards for free?

    Fetch Rewards is a safe and legitimate! It is a real company that gives users real gift cards for points that you can collect for free. They do this by then selling the data from the receipts to companies as valuable market research.

    Fetch Rewards does ask for a minimal amount of personal information to determine your age and location that makes the receipt info and your spending habit info valuable. This app is not for anyone who does not want to freely give up that information.

    If you are concerned about safety and protecting yourself you can do a couple things. First, create an account from scratch using your email instead of connecting via Facebook or Google. Second, use an unique password for your account. Third, do not connect your email or Amazon accounts for the e-receipts portion of the app.

    While Fetch Rewards is legitimate and safe it is up to you to determine what information you are comfortable giving to them in the exchange for gift cards.

    Fetch Rewards Review

    If you haven’t used Fetch Rewards yet I truly believe it is the best app for scanning your grocery and other store receipts. For each receipt you scan you’ll earn points which you can then redeem for gift cards. There is no need to select items before hand or scan barcodes – it’s the easiest grocery scanning app out there!

    Reasons why I like Fetch Rewards:

    • easy to use and scan receipts
    • free points when you sign up
    • lots of opportunities for bonus points
    • easy to redeem gift cards
    • no need to do extra work like scanning barcodes
    • no need to research what you buy before – it’s all automatic
    • can do physical and digital receipts
    • earn 1200 points ($1.20) minimum just for the first receipt
    • earn 2,000 points ($2) for referring a friend
    • earn bonus points when you buy certain brands
    • lots of special offers to earn extra for certain purchases
    • you can monitor spending in the app based on receipts

    Downsides to Fetch Rewards:

    • can’t use receipts if it’s past 14 days
    • some receipts don’t earn much so it’s not worth the time spent
    • bonus opportunities aren’t usually things I would buy

    One of the cool things that has happened since I’ve been using Fetch Rewards is that they’ve added way more opportunities.

    Fetch now accepts receipts from the following:

    • Grocery stores
    • Convenience stores
    • Drug stores
    • Big-box retailers

    There are so many ways to earn points to redeem for free gift cards!

    Clearly it has a lot of benefits that other apps lack! I use Fetch Rewards in addition to other grocery scanning and digital coupon apps but it is by far my favorite because it’s so easy and mostly passive.

    You can get $2-$4 for free by using my referral code when you sign up, code: MV7RR.

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  • New Mortgage Payoff Plan + Mortgage Payoff Update Q1 2021

    Welcome to my first official mortgage payoff update!

    I’ve definitely shared about paying off our mortgage before and even done infrequent mortgage payoff updates just to show how a biweekly schedule pays off your mortgage faster.

    But this is the first official update where I’m starting with a clear goal: paying off the mortgage much faster than planned.

    Let’s go!

    Mortgage Payoff Update Details

    In this video I’m comparing our mortgage balance from Dec 2020 to the end of March 2021. Covering the first quarter of 2021 shows how much progress we’ve made so far this year.

    This mortgage payoff update shows what we’ve done in the first quarter of the year to reduce our mortgage balance without doing anything extreme. We haven’t been attacking our mortgage super aggressively because we are saving and investing heavily but I wanted to show how our biweekly payment schedule still helps us pay down the loan a bit faster thanks to extra principal payments.


    Our previous mortgage balance in December of 2020 was $135,434.00.

    Since then we made several months worth of payments and in March we made our $650 biweekly payment that went straight to the principal of the loan.

    We also made our first principal only payment from side income which further reduced the balance.

    The new loan balance on our home mortgage was then $132, 698.53.

    From December 2020 to the end of March 2021, we reduced the mortgage balance by $2,735.47.


    New Mortgage Payoff Plan

    This also marks a major turning point in both my YouTube channel and the mortgage payoff journey because…

    I started using money from THIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL to help pay down the mortgage faster!

    This was the first update where I also made a specific mortgage payment toward principal only simply from my extra income on YouTube. Since I have talked about debt payoff and our mortgage so much on my YouTube channel, I felt like it was a good fit to use the income for that. I also had a ton of support on my previous video about paying down the mortgage so I will be doing a split plan for now.

    Our new mortgage payoff plan involves using one of our multiple income streams to help pay down the mortgage faster.

    My YouTube channel and the related income is an income stream that I will be using to help fund all our housing needs current and future, which involves paying off this mortgage!

    The new plan for the income on my YouTube channel involves splitting the income three ways:

    • 50% to my M1 Finance investing account to grow the money for a future downpayment in several years
    • 25% to my M1 Spend account (checking with 1% apr) which acts as our house fund
    • 25% to the mortgage principal to pay off the mortgage faster

    This split allows me to hedge our bets since we don’t know for sure when we will truly want to buy our next home. All we know for now is that it won’t be within the year and most likely not within the next two years. Taking the pressure off myself to buy a new home sooner has meant we can work toward giving ourselves more options.

    This new plan for the extra income gives us options and focuses the money where it will get the highest returns but also still allows us to payoff the mortgage. So many online arguments over mortgage payoff center around not getting the best return for your money and this split plan allows us to pursue both options – the higher investment returns and the peace of eventually paying off our home.

    What Has Helped Pay Off The Mortgage Faster

    I mentioned that we have not been aggressive yet with our mortgage payoff, but we have still been working toward the goal. I’m all about making big moves without a ton of extra effort so the things we’ve done have barely affected our lives but they have made a big difference to the mortgage balance reduction.

    Things making a big difference in our mortgage payoff include:

    • new refinanced loan (we refinanced our mortgage in 2020)
    • 30 year loan moving to 15 year loan
    • changing interest rates from 3.625% to 2.75%
    • dropping monthly PMI payments
    • paying biweekly payments
    • paying a tiny bit extra each month

    None of that really made a huge difference in our normal lives and budgets but it made a huge difference in how fast this will be paid off! Each little addition towards paying off the mortgage adds up to make the timeline much shorter overall.

    Many small steps and tiny changes do not feel like they are doing much at the time financially, especially when you are staring at a big goal. But they do actually add up and lead you closer to where you want to be.

    Never discount a step in the direction you want to go no matter how small it may be.

    Mortgage Payoff Tracker Progress

    In this video I caught up on tracking my mortgage payoff progress by coloring in both my tracker printable and my amortization schedule.

    Having visual reminders of your progress is one of the keys to debt payoff motivation and one of the biggest ways we managed to pay off debt previously.

    I’m very excited to be tracking our mortgage payoff progress in a visual way so that I can easily see how far we’ve come!

    Mortgage Payoff Tracker Printable

    If you are also on the journey to paying off your home, check out this mortgage payoff printable!

    Mortgage Payoff Tracker Printable | Mortgage Debt Payoff Tracker

    This home mortgage payoff printable was designed to help you stay motivated on the long journey of paying off a mortgage and it’s one of the tools I’ll be using in my own payoff process! Tracking your progress visually can help keep you on track and motivated!

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  • How To Buy Commercial Use Elements For Digital Products At Creative Market

    If you are creating digital products to sell then you may need to purchase design elements like images, fonts, and other items to create the best products possible. Buying these creative elements for your printables and other digital products can elevate your offerings and save you time as well.

    In this post we will look at how to buy commercial use elements from Creative Market to use in your digital products.

    How To Buy Commercial Use Elements

    The video above walks you through the process of buying commercial use items on Creative Market.

    What is commercial use?

    Commercial use describes any activity where you use a product to then make a financial gain. If you are using something with the purpose to earn money then that is commercial use.

    In terms of making digital products, it means when you use a product like a graphic in your own product that you intend to sell for profit. Commercial use applies to activities including creating products, designing merchandise, and creating images for ads and more.

    If you plan to use something commercially to make money then you will need to purchase the appropriate commercial license agreement in order to do so. You pay the owner of the original item in order to use it commercially.

    If you are using elements in your designs that you plan to sell for profit without obtaining a license to do so then you are doing so illegally.

    What is Creative Market?

    Creative Market is a marketplace for design. Artists and designers contribute their work to the site in order to sell to a wider audience and make their business profitable.

    Creative Market works well for everyone as it empowers creators on both sides of the transaction to make their dreams a reality. Shop owners are able to make money with their work and buyers are able to save time and effort in their work through purchases on the site.

    Creative Market gives you the option to purchase design elements for commercial use (meaning you can use them within your products for sale). I frequently use things found on the site in my digital products in my Etsy shops.

    In this video I walk through how to purchase creative elements for digital products on Creative Market with the correct commercial use license.

    What can you buy on Creative Market?

    One of the best websites for finding design elements, Creative Market is home to thousands of different design items.

    There are an endless array of styles for each of the item types carried on the website:

    • Graphics
    • Icons
    • Illustrations
    • Objects
    • Patterns
    • Textures
    • Web Elements
    • Fonts
    • Templates
    • Photos
    • Web Themes
    • 3D Items
    • Palettes
    • Brushes
    • And more!

    No matter what type of product you want to create you are sure to find elements to help with the design.

    What do commercial use licenses on Creative Market allow?

    There are multiple different license options for items sold on Creative Market. You’ll want to purchase the correct commercial use license for whichever item you are buying based on how you will be using it and the number of sales you are making.

    Below are examples of the licenses you can choose from on Creative Market:


    The licensed asset can appear in non-commercial project

    Can be used for

    • End Products Not For Sale
    • One personal social media account with non-commercial activities

    Cannot be used for

    • End products for sale
    • Business social media accounts
    • Physical or digital paid advertisements
    • Native apps, web apps, or games


    The licensed asset can appear in up to 5,000 end products for sale

    Can be used for

    • Up to 5,000 physical or digital end products for sale
    • One business social media account owned and managed by the licensee
    • Unlimited physical advertisements for local markets
    • Digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions
    • Broadcast and streaming for up to 500,000 lifetime viewers

    Cannot be used for

    • Native apps, web apps, or games

    Extended Commercial

    The licensed asset can appear in up to 250,000 end products for sale

    Can be used for

    • Up to 250,000 physical or digital end products for sale
    • Unlimited business social media accounts owned and managed by the licensee
    • Unlimited physical advertisements for local, national, and global markets
    • Digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions
    • Broadcast and streaming for unlimited lifetime viewers
    • One native app, web app, or game downloaded or sold up to 250,000 times

    Depending on how you plan to use an item and whether or not it is for personal or commercial use will determine which license you need for elements.

    There are also extended license terms you can read for these options on their website and look through the additional license options for things like fonts. Yes, there are different licenses for fonts!

    Get FREE Design Elements!

    The great thing about Creative Market is that they also offer 6 completely free items every week.

    You can get free items from their Free Goods Of the Week section each week.

    They include 6 different things each week and every week is different. The free goods include things like:

    • Graphics
    • Fonts
    • Holiday items
    • Photos
    • Canva templates
    • And more!

    I’ve been using Creative Market specifically for the weekly free items for a long time and my collection of items I can use has grown over time.

    You’ll have to be careful when you select things from the Free Goods section because they don’t all come with commercial licenses. Some will only offer the personal license meaning you can’t use it in things you create to sell. Others will offer the commercial license option you need for commercial projects.

    Always confirm and keep track of which license you have for items you will be using in digital products.

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