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  • Things To Sell On Etsy For Extra Money

    Selling on Etsy is an incredible side hustle that even becomes a full time income for some sellers. If you want to take advantage of this e-commerce platform keep reading for ideas of things to sell on Etsy for extra money.

    Things to sell on Etsy for extra money -

    What Is Etsy?

    Etsy is the top marketplace where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items. 

    It’s a gift giver’s dream and the most popular place to buy unique products in several categories like handmade items, printables, invitations and more.

    Since it launched in 2005 Etsy has grown and over 4 million sellers use the marketplace to reach over 30 million customers.

    Why Sell On Etsy?

    With so many options for e-commerce sellers, what makes Etsy special?

    Etsy is the go-to marketplace for unique items from custom to vintage to craft products. Unlike the mega-corporations Etsy is all about keeping the human touch in e-commerce.

    It focuses on bringing together customers and sellers who want an alternative to the cold practicality of normal e-commerce experiences.

    This means customers shopping on Etsy are looking for unique, personalized, custom items made by real people that are not mass products. The site draws customers who want a unique experience and product.

    This unique situation means to succeed on Etsy you have to understand the customer experience along with the best things to sell on Etsy.

    How To Find Products To Sell On Etsy

    How do people find products to sell on Etsy? For many, they do Etsy keyword research!

    Etsy SEO is the process of researching, selecting, and optimizing Etsy product listings based on keywords people use to search. This process also helps many sellers decide what they want to sell.

    In the video above we walk through how to find things to sell on Etsy using a research tool called Sale Samurai.

    With SaleSamurai you are able to discover new ideas, find keywords, and track your competition to see where you will rank for things you want to sell.

    Sale Samurai - Etsy SEO, Analytics, & Keyword Research Software

    Sale Samurai's powerful AI driven keyword tools help you find and implement long tail keywords that bring in Etsy traffic and generate more sales.

    For a 20% discount on Sale Samurai use my code penniesnotperfection

    I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

    It allows you to:

    • Uncover keywords that shoppers are using to make their purchases so you select things that will actually sell
    • Brainstorm your next product idea based on sales of related products and niches
    • Learn the real search volume behind the keywords that are leading to sales of products
    • Spy on your competition and learn what they are doing to make sales and which products are selling enough for you to sell as well

    In this video about finding things to sell on Etsy we look at:

    • how to brainstorm Etsy product ideas
    • how to look up keywords for things to sell on Etsy
    • ways to track your competition on Etsy
    • how to generate ideas from the built in calendar
    • how to determine the profit of your products
    • ways to evaluate ROI on advertising on Etsy for your products

    Understanding how to evaluate product ideas and select the right things to sell will help you succeed as a seller on Etsy.

    Things To Sell On Etsy For Extra Money

    If you want a list of things to sell on Etsy then look no further than this list of ideas!

    1. Jewelry (handmade, personalized, etc.)
    2. Jewelry supplies
    3. Craft supplies
    4. Stickers
    5. Printables
    6. Wedding items
    7. Wedding clothing & accessories
    8. Party decorations
    9. Party supplies
    10. Invitations
    11. Personalized gifts
    12. Handmade clothes
    13. Vintage clothes
    14. Vintage items & decor
    15. Notebooks and Journals
    16. Homemade bath products
    17. Handmade beauty products
    18. Zero-waste products
    19. Ready made craft kits
    20. Food & gift baskets
    21. Wall decals
    22. Plants
    23. Baby accessories
    24. Children’s toys
    25. Mugs
    26. Candles
    27. Digital art
    28. Art prints
    29. Pet treats
    30. Pet accessories
    31. Greeting cards
    32. Enamel pins
    33. Seasonal gifts

    These are some of the popular things to sell on Etsy but there are hundreds of other categories and things you could sell successfully!

    My Experience With Selling On Etsy

    I’ve sold digital products on Etsy for several years and earned tens of thousands of dollars.

    What began with one small printable that earned $25 in the first month eventually became a side hustle of $1,000+ per month. It has been an incredible side hustle to sell things on Etsy.

    After selling on Etsy for a few years I’ve noticed a few keys to success:

    • Selling items that are well priced in your niche compared to competitors
    • Creating and selling items people are looking for based on keyword research
    • Giving customers good customer experiences with your shop
    • Cultivating great reviews from customers for your products

    Using these guiding principles has helped me make thousands of sales on Etsy.

    Pros & Cons Selling On Etsy

    As with any e-commerce platform, there are pros and cons to selling products on Etsy.

    You can sell all the details in the video above but there are many pros and cons to selling things on Etsy.

    Some pros to selling on Etsy:

    • traffic to your shop immediately from the marketplace
    • easy to get started and open your shop quickly
    • lots of built in tools and resources for sellers

    Some cons to selling on Etsy:

    • numerous fees from transaction fees, listing fees, etc.
    • fees increase over time without your input or control
    • no way to opt out of advertising if you sell $10,000 per year

    Etsy has been a great platform to learn and grow on even as I eventually transferred over to primarily selling on Shopify.

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    Etsy Seller Resources

    Here are some Etsy seller resources that can help you start, run, and grow your Etsy shop:

    Adobe Creative Cloud

    Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the world’s best creative apps and services so you can make anything you can imagine, wherever you’re inspired.

    I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
    eRank - FREE Etsy SEO, Keyword Research Tool

    Get helpful tips on how to improve your Etsy listings and how your shop measures up to the competition.

    If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
    Canva - An Online Graphic Design Tool

    Canva makes it easy to create professional designs quickly. They include tons of free templates, photos and fonts to make your design perfect.

    I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

    Marmalead uses machine learning to help you get found on Etsy. Use it to research, analyze, and implement keywords in your Etsy listings.

    Sale Samurai - Etsy SEO, Analytics, & Keyword Research Software

    Sale Samurai's powerful AI driven keyword tools help you find and implement long tail keywords that bring in Etsy traffic and generate more sales.

    For a 20% discount on Sale Samurai use my code penniesnotperfection

    I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
    ConvertKit: Email Marketing For Income Creators

    Grow, nurture, and monetize your audience on ConvertKit.

    I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
    The Etsy Entrepreneur Course

    Learn how to make an extra $1,000 per month in passive income by selling digital downloads in Etsy.

    I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
    E-Printables Course

    Learn everything you need to know to create and sell printables online as a side hustle. Includes lessons, templates, and 24/7 support.

    I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
    Lasso Brag

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  • Sale Samurai Review

    Sale Samurai is a data analytics and keyword research tool for Etsy sellers. It helps you to skyrocket your Etsy sales with useful data and tools. In this Sale Samurai review we look at what it is, what it does, and who should use it.

    Sale Samurai - Etsy SEO, Analytics, & Keyword Research Software

    Sale Samurai's powerful AI driven keyword tools help you find and implement long tail keywords that bring in Etsy traffic and generate more sales.

    For a 20% discount on Sale Samurai use my code penniesnotperfection

    I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

    What Is Sale Samurai?

    Sale Samurai is a data analytics and keyword research tool for Etsy sellers that shows you how to skyrocket your Etsy sales.

    Over 1,000 eCommerce sellers use it with more signing up every day.

    Sale Samurai gives you the insights and analytics needed to skyrocket your sales on Etsy. It does this by giving you a clear overview of what’s working in your shop, where to find more customers, and how to boost revenue.

    The powerful tools included allow you to discover long tail keywords that Etsy shoppers are using to make their purchases. You will discover the search volume behind the keywords that are leading to sales in other shops.

    Armed with this keyword research data along with average shipping days, price distribution, and long tail keyword ideas, you can optimize your Etsy listings to increase your sales success.

    If you choose to use Sale Samurai you can click my affiliate link to support this review.

    What Sale Samurai Does

    Sale Samurai does the following things for Etsy sellers:

    1. It analyzes all of your products and tells you which ones are profitable and which aren’t.
    2. Sale Samurai tells you what keywords people are searching for that your products aren’t ranking for (but should be).
    3. It shows what best sellers are doing with regards to pricing, views per products, and likes to their Etsy shop.
    4. Sale Samurai gives you ideas for new products to create and sell based on what is selling well in your niche.
    5. The tools provided give you the ability to edit your Etsy listings for improved SEO success.
    6. Sale Samurai uploader tools allows sellers to upload and connect with Print On Demand services to increase their listings and make more sales.
    7. The chrome extension provides immediate data while you are browsing Etsy.

    All of this information provided gives your shop an edge.

    With these things you’ll find the results grow your Etsy shop via search traffic and increased profitability.

    Who Should Use Sale Samurai?

    Sale Samurai is a great tool for Etsy sellers who want to increase their sales.

    SaleSamurai is for you if:

    • You want to find out which of your products are selling the best and which ones aren’t worth your time. Sale Samurai shows you exactly what’s working in your Etsy shop. Then you can focus on promoting those winning items and stop wasting time with underperforming products.
    • You want more customers but don’t know where to find them. Sale Samurai’s “Keyword Research” tool tells you exactly which keywords people are searching for on Etsy that your products aren’t ranking for, so you can fill in the gaps and start getting traffic from those searches.
    • You want to increase your revenue but don’t know how. Sale Samurai gives you ideas for new products to create and sell as well. With Sale Samurai, you’ll never run out of ideas for new products to test and sell.

    Using the tools provided inside SaleSamurai you can gather insights that will help you reach the right people and increase your sales.

    How Can I Use Sale Samurai?

    Now that we know a little bit about Sale Samurai, let’s look at how you can use it.

    Here are a few of the things you can do with Sale Samurai:

    • research long tail keywords for your Etsy listings
    • analyze volume and conversion data behind keywords
    • apply keywords to your listings with Etsy SEO guidance
    • connect with uploading tools to speed up your process on additional listings

    These are the main ways you can use Sale Samurai but there are additional tools and ways as well. They also continue to add new tools and features that can help your Etsy shop.

    Sale Samurai In Action

    Let’s look at Sale Samurai in action and see how it can be used to find keywords and even brainstorm new product ideas.

    How To Find Etsy Keywords & Product Ideas With Sale Samurai

    Let’s take an example from the Sale samurai dashboard: Sale samurai tells us which products are getting sales and what keywords people are searching for each month.

    With this data you can adjust your keywords on listings to bring in more traffic.

    Sale samurai gives you ideas for new products to create and sell based on what is selling well in your niche. You can check what shops in your niche are making lots of sales and which products are the top sellers.

    Pricing Plans

    With any product you have to consider the pricing to determine if it is worth using or not.

    Remember that no software is worth paying for if you won’t use it enough to get the value out of it!

    Sale Samurai Review: Pricing plan options

    SaleSamurai has two pricing plans:

    1. $9.99 per month
    2. $99.99 per year

    With my discount code penniesnotperfection you are able to get 20% off for the life of your account.

    Each option comes with a 3 day trial so you are able to cancel within three days and not waste any money if you’re unable to get value out of Sale Samurai.

    Most people choose the monthly plan so they can also choose to cancel at any time. You may only need to use Sale Samurai for a couple months while you are researching product keywords, setting up your shop, or brainstorming ideas. You could use it for those purposes and always cancel later!

    Use this link or discount code penniesnotperfection for 20% off either plan!

    Sale Samurai Reviews

    I’ve used Sale Samurai and found it beneficial but I’m always curious about what other people have to say about their experience.

    Here are a few reviews and comments about SaleSamurai from around the web:

    • “Yep, I started using Sale Samurai last month, and it has helped a lot. Not that my sales increased dramatically because of it, but I sure as hell have been selling more more I ever did before. Lol. So, if we’re looking at % of increment in sales alone, I’d say that it’s been very helpful for me.” via reddit
    • “I like Sale Samurai the most. It shows me the search volume next to the keywords in the Etsy search and I don’t need to go to another site, it’s so fast and helpful.” via reddit

    Surprisingly there were not a ton of reviews for Sale Samurai online but I’m hoping people continue to add more. If you’d like to contribute, feel free to leave a comment on this post with your experience.

    Sale Samurai Reveiw

    Sale Samurai Pros & Cons

    Sale Samurai has pros and cons just like any other software you choose to use for your business.

    Sale Samura Pros

    Here are a few of the pros to using Sale Samurai:

    • Simple to use. Of all the Etsy keywords research tools I’ve tried, this is one of the simplest. This doesn’t mean it is not powerful but it gives sellers the chance to benefit from the very first day of use.
    • Provides actionable insights. With any tool you use you want to make sure you are able to take action and create changes (the main change being more sales). The data you gather from using Sale Samurai provides data you can take action on and improve your Etsy shop listings.
    • Dedicated to Etsy sellers. One huge pro for this tool is that it is focused only on Etsy. Many other keyword research tools include Google, YouTube, etc. and act as an all in one SEO tool. Sale Samurai’s focus on Etsy gives it an edge as the tool to use for Etsy sellers.

    No review is complete without acknowledging the imperfections of a product. This Sale Samurai review would be remiss to skip over the downfalls of the product.

    Sale Samurai Cons

    I believe Sale Samurai can be a helpful tool in assisting Etsy sellers but it does have some downsides as well.

    Here are a few cons to using Sale Samurai:

    • Keywords volume is estimated. Etsy API does not release it’s search data to third party sources so the actual keyword volume is an estimate. Sale Samurai can accurately track and compile things like number or sales and shipping days but the keyword volume is not directly from Etsy.
    • There is no free plan. With no free option, the cost could be prohibitive to new sellers. If you haven’t made a sale yet it is hard to invest in a monthly expense. You can try it for a couple months and quit but even $20 or $30 can feel like a lot when you have no revenue.
    • Only works with keywords. Keywords are incredibly important to Etsy SEO, but it’s not the only thing sellers should improve. Sale Samurai currently does not optimize photos or other listing elements.

    Sale Samurai Review Recap

    The Sale Samurai tool is an extremely valuable resource for any Etsy seller wanting to increase their sales.

    This Sale Samurai review is a positive one because it’s a tool I’ve personally used to improve Etsy listings. I also enjoyed the product so much that I joined the affiliate program and earn commissions for referrals.

    Not only does it give you a clear overview of what’s working in your shop, but it also tells you where to find more customers and how to boost revenue.

    With Sale Samurai, you’ll have all the data you need to make informed decisions about your Etsy shop and take it to the next level.

    If you are ready to try out Sale Samurai, click this link and use code penniesnotperfection for 20% off!

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  • How To Get Reviews On Etsy

    Do you want to know how to get reviews on Etsy? Are you a new seller struggling to get sales and reviews? You’re not alone. 

    Reviews for your products on Etsy are essential for success because people like to buy from proven shops. The more 5 star reviews an Etsy shop has the more comfortable buyers are when shopping there the first time. 

    It’s also a huge part of the new Star Seller program Etsy introduced in 2021. This Star Seller badge gives customers an indication that you provide great service consistently. One of the ways you can earn the Star Seller badge is by having at least 95% of your reviews be positive.

    For these reasons and many others, it will great benefit you to get more positive 5 start reviews on Etsy.

    How To Get Reviews On Etsy

    Shop credibility is built through reviews but getting reviews on Etsy can be a challenge at the best of times. It is even harder when you are a new shop without any momentum. However, you should not give up hope because there are ways to generate more reviews on Etsy.

    In this post I will share a few strategies you can try for getting Etsy reviews. 

    Provide Amazing Products & Service

    The foundation of getting reviews on Etsy is providing an amazing product with outstanding customer service. This will naturally garner you multiple 5 star reviews over time as you go above and beyond your competition on Etsy.

    Ways To Provide Great Service

    Here are a few ways to provide amazing service on Etsy:

    • Ship orders on time or earlier than the customer expects
    • Provide the best product possible and make sure there are no mistakes
    • Include a bonus or something extra

    When you go above and beyond in the product you offer and how you interact with customers you will see positive reviews roll in naturally.

    Ask Customers For Reviews On Etsy

    Getting reviews for amazing products can be a slow process. Another strategy on how to get reviews on Etsy?

    Just ask for them! You can encourage people to leave you reviews by asking them to do so in various points of contact.

    Places to Ask For Reviews

    Here are some of the ways you can ask people for reviews when they make a purchase from your Etsy shop:

    • Ask for reviews in your order confirmation email
    • Request an Etsy review in an order follow up email
    • Send a thank you discount for future orders and also ask for a review

    Asking for reviews should be a standard part of your process when contacting a customer. It doesn’t have to be the main part of your message and you don’t have to include it each time. Choose one follow up message to include your review request in and allow that to be the way you ask customers for reviews.

    Send Insert Cards Asking For Reviews

    This method does not apply if you sell digital products on Etsy, but for physical products it is the best way to get reviews on Etsy. 

    Most sellers include some kind of insert card in the product packaging when orders ship. (If you don’t do this currently then you should!) 

    Insert cards are a great opportunity to thank your customer for the purchase and also ask them to leave a review. There are many different printable thank you cards that you can purchase on Etsy that make this process super easy. 

    Here are a few examples of ways you can get reviews on Etsy by asking with insert cards included in your orders:

    From TrendyFoxStudio on Etsy
    From AWildBloomPrintables on Etsy
    From Angelic Art Shop on Etsy

    How To Ask For Reviews

    If you’ve never encouraged buyers to leave a review it can be awkward at first to nail down the messaging. It works best when you are using your shop’s unique voice to ask for reviews, but a template can get you started.

    How To Phrase Your Review Request

    Here are a few ways to phrase it when you are trying to get reviews on Etsy: 

    • We would be thrilled to hear your feedback. Leave us a review!
    • If you are happy with everything we will be very grateful for your review!
    • Love your purchase? Let us know!
    • Thank you for your order! If you loved what you bought, we would appreciate it if you left a review.

    Those are just a few different ways you can ask for reviews from your customers. If you have a specific style and voice you should definitely use that when you ask for reviews. It doesn’t have to be super formal and something fun may even encourage more reviews.  

    Building Etsy Reviews Over Time

    Hopefully this has helped you understand how to get reviews on Etsy in several different ways.

    You will naturally build more reviews over time as the number of sales you have increases. This is especially true if you consistently provide a good product and outstanding customer service.

    Because Etsy has sends automated emails to customers for a review you will naturally gain reviews over time. If you are asking your customers for feedback via reviews you will increase the velocity of this process.

    Once you have a good amount of reviews you won’t have to worry as much about increasing the number because they will continue to flow in naturally.

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