45+ Money Affirmations That Work For Financial Abundance

Money Affirmations That Work For Financial Abundance

Need a little boost in your financial journey? Sometimes you just need to work on your mindset. These positive money affirmations can help you improve your mindset and bring about financial abundance in your life. In this post we look at the money affirmations that work for building positive money mindsets. They can help you … Read more

Passive Income Ideas for Students

Passive Income Ideas for Students

As a student, you’re probably looking for ways to make some extra money. And if you’re like most people, you want to find a way that doesn’t require too much work. Why else would you be searching for passive income ideas for students? Passive income is a great way to make money without putting in … Read more

Best Cash Back Apps To Save Money

best cash back apps to save money

Getting money back for things you already plan to buy is one of the most satisfying things in the world. It’s an easy way to automate every day savings. Here I’m sharing the best cash back apps I personally use to save money. Using cash back apps has been the best way I save money … Read more

111 Quotes About Paying Debts To Motivate Your Debt Free Journey

Quotes About Paying Debts To Motivate You On A Debt Free Journey

Need a bit of motivation on your debt free journey? These motivational quotes about paying debts might help. Let’s be honest: paying off debt is difficult. Even with encouragement and extra income it can be hard to stay on track while chipping away at balances. That’s why you need to continually find motivation in things … Read more

Dave Ramsey Budget Percentages (2022)

Dave Ramsey Budget Percentages

When I first started budgeting, I followed the Dave Ramsey approach. Years later I still think the Dave Ramsey budget percentages and debt payoff advice is worth using. If you’re new to budgeting and feel overwhelmed, consider starting with a plan like Dave Ramsey’s. There are many personal finance and budgeting opinions out there but … Read more

Best Bank Account For YouTubers

Top Business Bank Accounts For YouTubers

Are you trying to stay legit with earning income on YouTube? Then you need to open up a business bank account! In this guide to the best bank account for YouTubers we look at my top pick, how to choose the right bank account, and options for YouTube content creators. Short on time? Let’s look … Read more