What Does Etsy SEO Mean?

What does Etsy SEO mean?

Etsy SEO can be a powerful way to bring in customers and generate sales. But too often I find Etsy sellers completely unaware or confused about SEO. What does Etsy SEO mean? How can SEO help a shop? What is SEO? What is Etsy SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO on Etsy is the process of … Read more

Blog Monetization Challenge – Update 1

Blog Monetization Challenge

In 2022 my goal is to monetize this blog. I’ve decided to track the progress as a Blog Monetization Challenge. This will give me the opportunity to share what I’ve learned as I discover if it’s possible to still grow a blog/website in 2022. Welcome to the first update! Where We Started I started this … Read more

Blog Monetization Challenge For 2022

Blog Monetization Challenge

In 2022 I have a goal to better monetize this blog so I’m doing a Blog Monetization Challenge. I’ll be tracking it here on the blog itself as well as on my digital marketing tutorial channel on YouTube. Before I get into the 2022 Blog Monetization Challenge details and what I plan to achieve, let’s … Read more

How To Get Sales on Etsy For New Sellers

Do you want to increase your sales on Etsy and get more sales in your Etsy shop? It can seem overwhelming as a new seller on Etsy so in this post I want to share tips on growing on Etsy shop when you are a new seller. In 2021 and beyond it can feel impossible … Read more

How To Get Sales On Etsy

How To Get Sales On Etsy

After teaching new Etsy sellers how to create an Etsy shop their next question is always some variation of how to get sales on Etsy. If you’ve landed on this guide you probably want to know the secrets too. How do you get more sales on Etsy? How do you increase the number of sales … Read more

Sticker Business Startup: How To Start Selling Stickers Online


One of my favorite businesses that I don’t run myself is a sticker business. I have multiple friends running full time sticker businesses that they began as a side hustle. In this article I want to share some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of a sticker business startup and specifically share what you need to start … Read more