Etsy SEO Tips

Etsy SEO Tips from Pennies Not Perfection

After creating tons of Etsy seller videos and hanging out in Etsy seller groups to share Etsy SEO tips, I’ve realized many sellers do not understand Etsy SEO. I see variations of the question “what is SEO on Etsy” way too often. This means many sellers are missing out on the most powerful sales tool … Read more

Net Worth Tracker Options

If you want to calculate your net worth there are multiple net worth tracker options available. Net worth is one of the most motivating things to track during a financial journey. Every debt you pay off, every dollar you save will reflect in your growing net worth numbers. How To Calculate Net Worth Calculating your … Read more

Roth IRA 101

roth ira explained

Roth IRAs allow regular people to save for retirement and become tax-free millionaires. In this Roth IRA 101 guide I share all the resources and tools I recommend for investing in a Roth IRA. Roth IRA Explained This guide to Roth IRAs for beginners goes over a few things: Remember: I am not a financial … Read more

52 Week Money Challenge $10,000

52 Week Money Challenge $10000

Are you looking for a 52 week money challenge with $10,000 as a savings goal? You’ve found it! Using a money savings challenge can help you save up $10,000 in 52 weeks for whatever goal you have from an emergency fund to a down payment. Each week you save the amount listed and after 52 … Read more

No Spend Challenge Rules

tips for paying down debt

Are there no spend challenge rules? Yes… and no. No spend challenges can be great for cutting back your spending and saving money for big financial goals. Whenever I mention them online people always want to no what the rules are and how to do one. The thing I love about no spend challenges is … Read more

The Simple Path To Wealth Review

Money Lessons From The Simple Path To Wealth Review

In this The Simple Path To Wealth review I’ll share some of the lessons I learned and why I think this book is essential reading for most people. Learning money lessons from books like The Simple Path To Wealth helps many of us in our financial journeys. As we move from paying off debt to … Read more