33 Money Saving Tips For A Frugal Christmas

Having a debt-free, frugal Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holidays but it does mean you’ll have an enjoyable holiday without feeling broke.  When you’re mindful and intentional about your spending during Christmas you can have a frugal season and enjoy everything the holidays are meant to be about.  There are many ways you … Read more

Budget Categories List

Are you a budgeting beginner? Trying to revamp your budget after time off? This budget categories list can help give your budget a refresh! Sometimes it helps to see a list of expenses and budgeting categories to help find all the expenses you might have in a month. The following is a long list of … Read more

13 Free Self Care Ideas


Unfortunately we’ve been sold the idea that self care must cost money. Self care is shown as luxurious items, spa days, and things that often don’t fit in the budget. But honestly there are many free self care ideas that make more of an impact on your mental health than any luxurious purchase. If you … Read more

How To Get Sales on Etsy For New Sellers

Do you want to increase your sales on Etsy and get more sales in your Etsy shop? It can seem overwhelming as a new seller on Etsy so in this post I want to share tips on growing on Etsy shop when you are a new seller. In 2021 and beyond it can feel impossible … Read more

How To File An Etsy Copyright Infringement Report

How To File An Etsy Copyright Infringement Report

Do you know what to do when someone steals your work? Do you know why and how to file an Etsy copyright infringement report? Etsy unfortunately has a massive problem with unethical sellers who infringe on copyright materials and trademarks in order to make a quick buck. Thankfully Etsy has an Intellectual Property Policy that allows … Read more

How To Get Sales On Etsy

How To Get Sales On Etsy

After teaching new Etsy sellers how to create an Etsy shop their next question is always some variation of how to get sales on Etsy. If you’ve landed on this guide you probably want to know the secrets too. How do you get more sales on Etsy? How do you increase the number of sales … Read more