• How To Leave Robinhood App For Investing

    There are a lot of reasons to leave Robinhood and move to another investing platform. In the last week or two the reasons have increased and more and more people are abandoning Robinhood for good reasons. Reasons To Leave Robinhood When I previously posted about starting a dividend portfolio on Robinhood, I was very excited […]

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  • How To Get A Custom YouTube Channel URL

    Custom URL for Your YouTube Channel (Step By Step Tutorial) | How To Change Your YouTube URL 2021

    The process for changing your YouTube channel URL changed recently so this tutorial shows you how to change your YouTube channel URL in 2021. Having a custom URL for your channel helps with branding your channel and makes it easy to remember and share with potential viewers. In this video and tutorial post I show […]

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  • How To Run A Sale On Etsy

    how to run an etsy sale with coupons

    Using Etsy sales and coupons can help you make more sales and earn more money on Etsy. Learning how to run a sale on Etsy could increase your shop profits instantly. In this tutorial I’m going over all the things you need to know about sales and coupons on Etsy so you can start running […]

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  • Do You Need A Business License For Etsy?

    do i need a business license to sell on etsy

    Etsy is a fantastic platform where you can sell a number of different things and even make a full time living. Many people starting an Etsy shop want to know the answer to this question: Do you need a business license to sell on Etsy? What do you need business wise to get started? Do […]

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