22 Cheap Ways To Have Fun

Cheap Ways To Have Fun

I drastically cut back my spending when I was paying off debt. I realized I had to cut back to make any major progress on my financial goals. Because I still wanted a social life that just meant I needed to find cheap ways to have fun. The biggest hurdle I had to overcome was … Read more

What To Do When Your Friends Make More Money Than You


I’m blessed to have many hardworking, intelligent friends and family who make more money than I do. All of my friends went to school for longer than I did and many have graduate degrees. They have all made great career choices which are now paying off. My best friend makes 3 times what I normally … Read more

Best Bank Account For Your Etsy Business

best bank account for etsy business

Are you trying to stay legit with your Etsy business? Then you need to open up a business bank account! In this guide to the best bank account for Etsy businesses we look at my top pick, how to choose the right bank account, and options for Etsy sellers. Short on time? Let’s look at … Read more

30 Day Saving Challenge: Save $1,000 This Month

30 Day Saving Challenge Save 1,000 Dollars This Month - PenniesNotPerfection.com (1)

Sometimes you need to pile up cash fast. This $1,000 30 Day Saving Challenge can help you set aside $1,000 in the next month so you’re ready for whatever is in front of you. Whether you need the money for an unexpected expense or an emergency fund or another reason, savings challenges can be an … Read more

Fetch Rewards Fortnite V-Bucks: Does It Work?


The popular Fetch Rewards app allows people to turn receipts into free gift cards. Fortnite players have discovered they can use Fetch Rewards to turn their receipts into free Fortnite V-Bucks. In this Fetch Rewards guide we will show Fortnite players how to use Fetch Rewards to earn free V-Bucks for the game. What Is Fetch … Read more

20 Things Rich People Do Daily

20 Things Rich People Do Daily

I was reading Dave Ramsey‘s blog and came across the post about what the rich do daily. It lists 20 things rich people do daily that poor people don’t do. The premise is that we can all improve our own net worth by learning and then implementing the 20 things rich people do. For instance, the wealthy carefully … Read more