How To Get Reviews On Etsy

Do you want to know how to get reviews on Etsy? Are you a new seller struggling to get sales and reviews? You’re not alone. 

Reviews for your products on Etsy are essential for success because people like to buy from proven shops. The more 5 star reviews an Etsy shop has the more comfortable buyers are when shopping there the first time. 

It’s also a huge part of the new Star Seller program Etsy introduced in 2021. This Star Seller badge gives customers an indication that you provide great service consistently. One of the ways you can earn the Star Seller badge is by having at least 95% of your reviews be positive.

For these reasons and many others, it will great benefit you to get more positive 5 start reviews on Etsy.

How To Get Reviews On Etsy

Shop credibility is built through reviews but getting reviews on Etsy can be a challenge at the best of times. It is even harder when you are a new shop without any momentum. However, you should not give up hope because there are ways to generate more reviews on Etsy.

In this post I will share a few strategies you can try for getting Etsy reviews. 

Provide Amazing Products & Service

The foundation of getting reviews on Etsy is providing an amazing product with outstanding customer service. This will naturally garner you multiple 5 star reviews over time as you go above and beyond your competition on Etsy.

Ways To Provide Great Service

Here are a few ways to provide amazing service on Etsy:

  • Ship orders on time or earlier than the customer expects
  • Provide the best product possible and make sure there are no mistakes
  • Include a bonus or something extra

When you go above and beyond in the product you offer and how you interact with customers you will see positive reviews roll in naturally.

Ask Customers For Reviews On Etsy

Getting reviews for amazing products can be a slow process. Another strategy on how to get reviews on Etsy?

Just ask for them! You can encourage people to leave you reviews by asking them to do so in various points of contact.

Places to Ask For Reviews

Here are some of the ways you can ask people for reviews when they make a purchase from your Etsy shop:

  • Ask for reviews in your order confirmation email
  • Request an Etsy review in an order follow up email
  • Send a thank you discount for future orders and also ask for a review

Asking for reviews should be a standard part of your process when contacting a customer. It doesn’t have to be the main part of your message and you don’t have to include it each time. Choose one follow up message to include your review request in and allow that to be the way you ask customers for reviews.

Send Insert Cards Asking For Reviews

This method does not apply if you sell digital products on Etsy, but for physical products it is the best way to get reviews on Etsy. 

Most sellers include some kind of insert card in the product packaging when orders ship. (If you don’t do this currently then you should!) 

Insert cards are a great opportunity to thank your customer for the purchase and also ask them to leave a review. There are many different printable thank you cards that you can purchase on Etsy that make this process super easy. 

Here are a few examples of ways you can get reviews on Etsy by asking with insert cards included in your orders:

From TrendyFoxStudio on Etsy
From AWildBloomPrintables on Etsy
From Angelic Art Shop on Etsy

How To Ask For Reviews

If you’ve never encouraged buyers to leave a review it can be awkward at first to nail down the messaging. It works best when you are using your shop’s unique voice to ask for reviews, but a template can get you started.

How To Phrase Your Review Request

Here are a few ways to phrase it when you are trying to get reviews on Etsy: 

  • We would be thrilled to hear your feedback. Leave us a review!
  • If you are happy with everything we will be very grateful for your review!
  • Love your purchase? Let us know!
  • Thank you for your order! If you loved what you bought, we would appreciate it if you left a review.

Those are just a few different ways you can ask for reviews from your customers. If you have a specific style and voice you should definitely use that when you ask for reviews. It doesn’t have to be super formal and something fun may even encourage more reviews.  

Building Etsy Reviews Over Time

Hopefully this has helped you understand how to get reviews on Etsy in several different ways.

You will naturally build more reviews over time as the number of sales you have increases. This is especially true if you consistently provide a good product and outstanding customer service.

Because Etsy has sends automated emails to customers for a review you will naturally gain reviews over time. If you are asking your customers for feedback via reviews you will increase the velocity of this process.

Once you have a good amount of reviews you won’t have to worry as much about increasing the number because they will continue to flow in naturally.

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