7 Money HABITS Keeping You Broke & In Debt

tips for paying down debt

Do you know the money habits that will keep you broke and in debt? Do you know what financial habits prevent you from saving as much money as you would like? We’re all creatures of habit and those habits can be either good or bad. Those bad habits might not seem so bad in the … Read more

M1 Finance Review: Pros, Cons, Features


I’ve been using M1 Finance for over a year and wanted to share my experience in a review. In this M1 Finance review I’ll be sharing my experience using M1 Finance, why I like using it, and the pros and cons I’ve encountered. What Is M1 Finance? M1 Finance started as an investment platform but … Read more

40 Faceless YouTube Video Ideas

Faceless YouTube video ideas to make money on a YouTube Channel without showign your face or voice

Every month I earn $3,000 on a faceless YouTube channel where I create content without showing my face. I make useful faceless YouTube videos that earn money every single day. It’s my favorite side hustle. I love to help others do the same which is why I’m sharing this list of faceless YouTube video ideas. … Read more

Do I Need Life Insurance For A Mortgage?

Do I Need Life Insurance For A Mortgage?

Because I’ve shared all the details of our mortgage and our mortgage payoff plan, I get a lot of questions about mortgages. One of those questions is less common but still important: do I need life insurance for a mortgage? What Is Life Insurance? Life insurance is one thing that many people avoid until they … Read more

How To Sell Canva Templates


Want to turn your creativity into passive income? Did you know learning how to create Canva templates to sell for passive Many people online are currently utilizing the Canva templates function to make thousands of dollars each month by making and selling their unique Canva templates. What Is Canva? Canva is one of my favorite … Read more