How To Share Canva Templates

One common question I get from new Canva designers creating digital products is how do you share Canva templates with customers? Sharing Canva templates is an easy process in your Canva pro account. These templates are a very popular digital product that sells well. With this easy process you can create templates once that can … Read more

How To Save Money On Dog Food & Expenses


My dogs are my babies and they take up a significant percentage of our monthly budget. I’m always looking for ideas on how to save money on dog food and other expenses. Americans spend a ton of money on household pets. In fact, each year we spend over $50 billion on pet expenses. That’s a … Read more

100 No Spend Challenge Ideas To Save Money

tips for paying down debt

During a no spend month challenge you vow to spend no money outside of your essential bills and necessities. Doing a no spend challenge month can save you money but it will also test your creativity. You’ll need to come up with no spend challenge ideas and activities to keep yourself busy. This list of … Read more

7 Money HABITS Keeping You Broke & In Debt

tips for paying down debt

Do you know the money habits that will keep you broke and in debt? Do you know what financial habits prevent you from saving as much money as you would like? We’re all creatures of habit and those habits can be either good or bad. Those bad habits might not seem so bad in the … Read more

M1 Finance Review: Pros, Cons, Features


I’ve been using M1 Finance for over a year and wanted to share my experience in a review. In this M1 Finance review I’ll be sharing my experience using M1 Finance, why I like using it, and the pros and cons I’ve encountered. What Is M1 Finance? M1 Finance started as an investment platform but … Read more