How To Handle Uncertain Times

I recently shared a video with some of my thoughts about how we plan to weather the potential effects of the coronavirus as it sweeps through the United States. There is a lot of uncertainty right now and people are panicking and buying unnecessary supplies and generally don’t know how to act. While there is … Read more

Starting A Supplies Stockpile For Emergency Preparedness

Are you prepared for an emergency? Do you have supplies to last multiple days if you lose power or must be quarantined? Most Americans don’t and until a few weeks ago – we didn’t either. Recently we decided to start a stockpile of supplies and emergency needs in order to weather different emergencies – from … Read more

No Spend Challenge Tips & Printables

no spend challenge month

Have you tried a no spend challenge? In many personal finance and debt free communities online you will encounter the idea of doing a no spend month in order to save money more quickly. Many people use no spend challenges to save money quickly to pay off debt or save for a goal. If you … Read more

Starting Dividend Investing For Beginners

I love watching investing videos on YouTube about dividend stock investing, but I’ve put off doing it myself for almost two years. But no more, because I’ve got a goal and taking action toward that goal is more important than fear. I’m starting dividend investing! Why Start Dividend Stock Investing Now? I’ve put off investing … Read more

11 Money-Saving Tips For College Students

I’ve spent years paying off debt accumulated during my college experience so these days I spend a lot of time trying to help young people not make the same mistakes. Student loan debt has surpassed the trillion dollar mark and student graduating with student loan debt have to delay purchases like buying a home or … Read more

How To Get A Reluctant Spouse On Board With Budgeting

getting your spouse on board with paying off debt

How do you get a reluctant spouse on board with budgeting? How does everyone convince their spouse to pay off debt? Why does it seem like everyone is working together on their finances except you? If you’re like me and my husband, it wasn’t easy to get on the same page with money instantly. While … Read more