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Got questions but can’t afford to spend the time searching through the overwhelming sea of information and opinions out there for dependable answers? I give away a ton of free information and ideas every week on my blog and YouTube channel, but sometimes you might want specific advice for your situation. I have gotten several requests to “pick my brain” with specific questions and I just don’t have time to answer everyone without eating into my time creating content or being with my family.

Enter: a Pick My Brain Session!

What It Is

Pick My Brain Sessions are single private one-on-one sessions that are super flexible where you can pick my brain on anything you want to know. This is a place for brainstorming, quick fixes, suggestions on direction, and straightforward advice. You can work personally with me to resolve a specific financial issue in your life or talk through creating an online income.

Pick My Brain session includes:

  • one hour session to ask me anything related to your personal finances
  • recording of the session you can return to after the call
  • one follow email with any clarifications or follow up responses
  • privacy of session and I will not share any information about you with anyone

Money topics we can discuss*:

  • budgeting
  • hitting financial goals
  • expense tracking
  • debt payoff strategy
  • troubleshooting a money decision

Topics related to online business I can help you with:

  • digital product creation
  • YouTube – making videos, tools, growing a channel
  • making money on YouTube as a small channel
  • blogging / creating a blog
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • setting up an Etsy shop
  • setting up a Shopify shop
  • affiliate marketing ideas
  • sounding board for your ideas

Setting It Up

So, if you want to pick my brain, it’s very simple to set up a brain picking session:

  1. Order this product and confirm payment.
  2. Email me at penniesnotperfection@gmail.com once your payment has gone through.
  3. We will select a time for your session.
  4. You can send any questions upfront. We can typically cover a couple different questions.

*Please note that I am NOT a financial planner, therefore, I do not give specific investing advice on what stocks to buy. I can, however, educate you on how investing works and recommend investing platforms you can use.


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