Welcome to my April 2020 monthly online income report! Each month I share how much I make from my part time online content creation hobby.

I’m diving into how I make money online selling digital products and making videos about our personal finances on my YouTube channel. These are passion projects I’ve done since before I made any money so it’s amazing to see the income rising.

Each month here on the blog I go into more detail about what I earned from online endeavors like this personal finance blogmy YouTube channel, and my Etsy shop. I like sharing real numbers to inspire myself and others and I value transparency which this report allows me to give you.

I’ve been slowly building online income over the last two years while working on my blog and YouTube channel part time during my off hours after working a full time job. This is a hobby and a part time side hustle for me.

Growing my online income has helped me achieve financial goals like paying off debt faster! I use all of my income from these endeavors to pay off debt. I’m building an income producing asset to help pay for the liability of debt.

It’s been a lot of work in terms of a side hustle but I’ve enjoyed both earning income and helping people by sharing what we’ve done financially.

Why Share An Online Income Report

I’m sharing my online income reports as a YouTuber, digital product creator, and blogger to show people that it is possible to make money online in a non-sleazy way that helps people.

Lots of people want to know how much small YouTube creators make with videos and if you can make money from a small audience online. Fellow YouTubers want to know how I make money with affiliate marketing and digital products not just ad revenue because they know it is hard to survive on YouTube ad income.

Income reports allow me to share what I’m doing with Etsy and YouTube while building my online income so other creators can benefit and it lets me be fully transparent with my audience about how much I am making.

It’s amazing that we can earn money creating and sharing content online.

Previous Online Income Reports

If you’re interested in past income reports, you can see all of them here:

As you can see from past income reports, my online income in the first few months of 2020 trended much higher than my income last year. The growth is not viral or explosive but it has moved up and is consistently over $1,500 each month.

I’ve been consistently earning $1,500 a month now which is far beyond my original goal of earning $600 per month with my YouTube channel.

I like sharing these numbers to show small YouTubers what is possible with a channel that isn’t huge or growing by hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a year. While that would be amazing, it is possible to still earn income as a small channel and blog.

You can find ways to monetize outside of ads in order to build an income and diversify it.

April 2020 Online Income Report

Here are the main income sources broken down by what I earned for the month of April. I’ve included referral links to each if you want to join too!

Advertising Income – $856.72

  • YouTube Advertising Channel 1 – $741.23
  • YouTube Advertising Channel 2 – $100.36
  • Adsense & Sponsored – $15.13

Affiliate Marketing Income – $706.78

  • Shareasale – $2.63
  • Awin – $40.51
  • Robinhood – $130.17
  • Amazon – $148.47
  • Impact Radius – $385.00
  • Rakuten – $0.00
  • Capital One – $0.00

Product Sales Income – $480.59

  • Etsy Products – $355.44
  • Website Sales – $125.15

Patreon – $10.25

  • Patreon $10.25

Total Income: $2,054.34

This is the amount earned in April 2020 before any fees, expenses, or taxes.

That means I don’t keep all of it it and at least 25% will be gone for taxes before it hits my personal bank account. I also won’t be paid all of it in the month it is earned since each source pays out at different times. In the video you can see the difference between what I earned and what I received in April.

There are multiple expenses I’m now paying for each month:

However, I must say with much excitement: I finally hit $2,000 in a month!

I’ve consistently made $1,000 a month then $1,500 a month and now this is my first month earning $2,000. I can barely believe it.

I hit the goal of earning $2,000 in a month from mostly YouTube generated activity which is insane and exciting and worth all the work that has gone into it. I’ve been making videos for over 2 years now and not a single one has gone viral.

It’s amazing to me that I’m able to earn $2,000 in a month WITHOUT going viral. It just goes to show that consistent and steady work does make a difference.

What I Worked On In April 2020

I have been continuing to work on a few different priorities growing income sources and I even added a new one this month too!

Diversifying Income

In March I started selling on my own website to get off of relying completely on Etsy (I am still selling on Etsy since so many people love and use the platform!). Etsy has been a great place to start a digital download shop, but it has some downsides as well, mostly high fees, which I hope to combat with my own website sales.

(I’m testing out multiple platforms to sell with like Podia, SendOwl, WooCommerce, and Shopify too in order to see which I like the best currently for selling digital products.)

In April 2020 I decided to test out another revenue source: Patreon!

I started a Patreon to include my monthly budgeting printables along with some of the future printables I plan to create around different areas of life like meal planning, online business, and planning. I’m hoping the Patreon offers another revenue source for me an also allows people to get MORE for their money since they will get access to a large library of items for just $10 a month.

The Patreon will also allow a lower level $2 per month option for anyone who just wants to support my work. I ended up with $10.25 for the month which is a decent start for a new revenue source! I’m hoping it continues to grow.

Creator Pennies Academy

Another great thing about Patreon is that I’m adding a level for creators!

I’ve been sharing content about creating content recently and since everyone has a lot of questions I’ve decided to add a “Creator Pennies” level on Patreon where I can do weekly prompts, tips for earning, monthly live videos answering questions, and answer your questions via messaging.

I’ve set this price point at $20 which is still pretty low compared to most similar academy type programs so I’m very hopeful people are interested and want to learn about and grow with me.

Made for videos for two YouTube channels.

In April I decided to use my second channel more frequently by uploading more content. I decided to start making and adding at least a couple videos a month with a goal of one per week.

For so long I only had my second channel with very old videos and no strategy. I’m now going to test out a new strategy that is very different from my main channel where I talk about financial topics.

In April I made videos for both channels.

Added new affiliate marketing partners.

I have continued with my implementation of ideas learned from Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course and in that regard I’ve added a couple new affiliate marketing partners.

I don’t plan to add too many or add any I don’t actively use myself. I find it is easier and more authentic to only promote programs I actively use. It’s similar to how I only buy stocks of companies I actively use and adore. It’s just easier to be myself and share what I truly use and love than try to make quick cash (gross tactic anyway).

Adding new partners that I’m loving will be so helpful in growing the affiliate income because it is not hard to share these products.

What I’m Working On Next

So what’s on tap for next month? I’ve got a few things planned:

Grow the products in my shops. I plan to create more items and also promote what is already there on both Etsy / my website / Patreon. I still have a goal of having 100 listings on Etsy and I want to get to that by the end of the year.

Create more affiliate focused videos. These videos tend not to kill it in ad revenue but they are great income producers with affiliate marketing income.

Looking for sponsors. I’d like to start doing sponsored videos where a good company I love and have vetted sponsors all of my videos about budgeting for a month, or my 4-5 Transfer Tuesday videos in a month. I’d like to try to start doing a bundle of sponsored videos to provide more value to the sponsor and also bring in more income.

Popular Content

Here are some of my top videos for the month of April

April Monthly Budget | Big Emergency Savings & Investing Small Amounts | Budget With Me

$2,900 Stimulus Check Arrived!! Save & Pay Off Debt With Me

How We Budget $3,000 | April Paycheck Budget Planner | Budget With Me

I’m glad to see these videos did well and hope to create more that are also doing well. A lot of the top videos in April had to do with the corona shutdown and stimulus checks which was a very popular topic.

Looking forward to sharing my May online income!

Mary is the founder of Pennies Not Perfection where she teaches how to make online income to build wealth and gain freedom. She quit her day job in 2021 after she doubled her salary.

Mary's favorite free financial tool is Personal Capital. She uses their free tools to track investments, grow her net worth and work toward to financial freedom.

Her favorite investment platform is M1 Finance, where she built a custom portfolio for free with no fees. She shares her portfolio growth and savings progress every month on YouTube.