Ibotta Sign Up Bonus 2022

Do you plan to use Ibotta and want to start your account with an Ibotta sign up bonus? You’re in the right place!

ibotta sign up bonus

Use referral code vernepp when you sign up for Ibotta for $10-$30 for free!

How much is the Ibotta Sign Up Bonus?

The sign up bonus for Ibotta fluctuates between $10 and $30.

The sign up bonus at the time of this post was $20 when you use referral code vernepp. However, the most common sign up bonus is $10 when you use a referral code.

Since the sign up bonus is constantly changing it may be anywhere from $10 to $30 when you sign up with the referral code. The amount of the bonus is up to Ibotta and they regularly change promotions to draw in new users to the app.

Check the sign up bonus at the time you join to see how much you will earn from using a referral code like mine (vernepp)!

Ibotta Sign Up Bonus Referral Code

Ibotta Sign Up Bonus Referral Code

This referral code for Ibotta will get you between $10-$30 for free when you sign up.

The most common referral bonus is $10 which is double what Ibotta offers on their website: $5 if you sign up directly without a code.

Using a referral code when you sign up to Ibotta is the quickest way to earn more with the app. Since the Ibotta payout starts at $20.00 you will want to kick off your account with as much as possible.

How To Get The Ibotta Sign Up Bonus

Signing up for Ibotta is easy!

Here’s how to sign up:

  1. Download Ibotta – you can download the free browser extension and mobile app 
  2. Sign up – sign up for an account with your email and personal information
  3. Enter a referral code – Make sure you enter referral code vernepp when you sign up for a bonus
  4. Use the app – Start using the app and redeeming offers! You’ll get your referral bonus once you redeem one offer on the app.

It’s really that simple! As soon as you sign up and download the app you are able to start earning.

How Does Ibotta Work?

Ibotta is super easy to use and generates a good amount of cash back compared to some other cash back apps.

According to Ibotta, the average user earns $150 a year cash back on groceries, online purchases, and more!

So how does Ibotta work? It’s really easy!

Here are the steps to using Ibotta:

  1. Download Ibotta – you can download the free browser extension and mobile app 
  2. Sign up – sign up for an account with your email and personal information
  3. Enter a referral code – Make sure you enter referral code vernepp when you sign up for a bonus
  4. Link loyalty accounts – Link your accounts on sites like Target to Ibotta to automatically scan digital receipts and make things easy
  5. Find offers – Search and browse offers on hundreds of products at your favorite retailers
  6. Select an offer – Choose the offer for the items you plan to purchase anyway by clicking the plus sign to add an offer to your Ibotta account
  7. Shop – Shop at your chosen store for the things you need either in person or online
  8. Confirm your purchase – After selecting in the app you’ll take a photo of your receipt (or it works automatically with online purchases when you link accounts)
  9. Get cash back – You get cash back as soon as your order is confirmed!
  10. Redeem your earnings – After you earn $20 in cash back you can redeem it as a deposit in your bank account or as gift cards

It’s really one of the easiest apps to use to get cash back for shopping. If you shop mostly online like I do then it is a no brainer because there is hardly any work required beyond selecting offers.

Ibotta also offers more generic cash back options than other apps. This means you can earn cash back on things like submitting a receipt with any brand of an item.

If you want to get some money back but don’t want to do a lot of work then it is ideal for you.

Is Ibotta Legitimate?

Ibotta is a legitimate USA based company with an app that has millions of users and hundreds of thousands of reviews.

Most people question if Ibotta is legit because they don’t know how the company makes money.

So how does Ibotta make money? It gets paid by earning a small commission whenever an item is purchased throough the app. This is a form of affiliate marketing which many companies and influencers use to earn an income. Want to know more about how content creators use affiliate marketing? You can read Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

I’ve used Ibotta and recommended it to friends as well for a few years now. All of us have earned and cashed out hundreds of dollars from using Ibotta.

How much can you make with Ibotta?

Ibotta earnings depend on how active you are with the platform.

Ibotta has said before in interviews that the average Ibotta user earns between $10 to $20 per month.

More active users earn anywhere between $100 to $300 per month.

This is obviously a wide range but shows that you can earn hundreds to thousands per year just by logging purchases in Ibotta.

I’ve used Ibotta personally for a couple years and have earned hundreds of dollars. Since starting with Ibotta I’ve now earned over $750 with minimal work involved.

With inflation causing grocery prices to rise quickly it helps to get any amount of money returned for these purchases.

How do you get your money from Ibotta?

Ibotta pays out directly to either paypal or a bank account via direct deposit.

You can also select gift card payouts as well. But one of the reason why I love Ibotta is because they payout in cash instead of just gift cards. Some apps like Fetch Rewards only pay in gift cards. With Ibotta you get cash directly sent to you that you can use immediately.

It’s truly the best option since you can only use so many gift cards in life!

There is a $20.00 minimum to withdraw money from your Ibotta balance. If you only have $10 or $15 in your earnings you’ll need to redeem more offers to get your money.

Personally I withdraw my earnings directly to my bank account every time I hit $20 earned on Ibotta.

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